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RF Components & Circuits VE3KL Session 1

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1 RF Components & Circuits VE3KL Session 1
Ferrite and Powdered Iron Toroids Transformer, SWR Bridge, Low-Pass Filter Ferrite Ferrite SWR Bridge Kit FT :1 Transformer Kits and Parts

2 Low-Pass Filter… Powdered Iron Cores T50-6
9 Turns 8 Turns Input Output 8 Turns #24 9 Turns #24 Circuit Board and BNC Connectors in Kit Two T50-6 Toroids 9 and 8 Turns

3 Hardware Tools Required
60 Watts Very Important With new blades Plus a small vice, optical magnifier, laptop PC

4 Software Tools & Links : Free
Filter Design Software Elsie: Zplots: (Optional: uses Excel) Can use VE3KL Software Kits and Parts for SWR Kit Manual and Data Sheets, Download the Toroid Calculator (include VB6 Runtime) Look under Toroids button

5 Materials Selection T50-6 Powdered Iron FT50-43 Ferrite
Low Loss Transformers Transmission Line Transformers EMI Filters High Q Coils/Resonators Band Pass Filters

6 T50-6 Powdered Iron Core

7 Inductance Formula L = AL*N2/1000 uH N = nr. of Turns
AL = 4 for T50-6 Iron Powder Core AL = 440 for FT50-43 Ferrite Core These numbers from Micrometals Data Sheet

8 Fair-Rite 43 Material

9 Micrometals Powdered Iron Cores

10 FT 50-43 & T50-6 Make 1 ferrite coil (9 Turns)
Make 2 powdered iron coils (8T and 9T) 8 Turns, 9 Inches: 9 Turns 10 Inches Measure L {Low Frequency with L/C Meter} Check Measurements against Formula Record data for filter design Ferrite Iron

11 End of Session 1 Clockwise Ferrite Iron

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