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Granules E-Ship / E-Receive (SE) Handheld Application (RF)

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1 Granules E-Ship / E-Receive (SE) Handheld Application (RF)
E-Ship Packing ( ) Scale ( ), Label Formatter ( ) US Only UPS ( ), FedEx ( ) Handheld Application (RF) ADCS Warehousing Basic ( ) ADCS Warehousing Dynamic ( ) ADCS Warehousing Pick/Pack ( ) ADCS Warehouse Ext. Features ( ) Outbound Warehouse Request ( )

2 E-Ship Packing Pack Line Scanning Standard Pack
Label Printing and Export Documents Handle Warehouse Documents Pack Multiple Orders Using Electronic Scales Add Shipping Charge to Sales orders US Only: UPS, FedEx, LTL and Airborne Manifest Uses a regular Navision Client (not a handheld application)

3 E-Receive Receive Multiple Orders Handle Warehouse Documents
Workflow for Serial or Lot No. Capture required information Print Barcode for items without barcodes Build Pallets for Palletized Put-away Create Item Cross References Uses a regular Navision Client (not a handheld application)

4 ADCS Warehousing Basic
Pick, Put-Away, Movement, Phys Inventory Like Navision's standard ADCS, but with options. Scan only 1 part of Warehouse Document. Change Bin possible per User. Bin Content Lookup Messaging General Options Change Document Sorting per User. User Menus and functions. Changed from Hotkeys to Menu driven functions. Handle Serial and Lot No.

5 ADCS Warehousing Dynamic
Create and handle documents directly from the Handheld Movements and Put-Away. Put-away by the received/build pallets No setup/scheduling inside Navision Bin Content Lookup Move Bin or Item Create Physical Inventory. Outbound Warehouse Request (on handheld). Create Pick from Handheld. Post Shipment from Handheld. General Data Capture (very easy to customize).

6 ADCS Whse. Pick/Pack (E-Ship)
Pick and Pack at the same time Paperless Outbound Warehousing, No Printing of Pick Tickets needed Interface to E-Ship Pack Line Scanning Create Packages while Picking. Use captured details in E-Ship. Serial and Lot No. Quantities. Will require E-Ship Packing Label printing

7 ADCS Warehouse Ext. Features
Wave Pick Pick Multiple Orders to Staging Bin Requires using Outbound Warehouse Request Creates a combined pick to a staging bin and then the picks for the orders from that bin Requires Internal Pick in Navision WMS Combined Pick and Extra Pick Auto Break Bulk minimize locking inventory Optimize Unit of Measure Usage

8 Outbound Warehouse Request
Overview of orders to be processed Calculate available Quantity before creating Warehouse Shipment Calculate inventory in other Bin Types Create Pick per order with single function Required for Wave Pick Do not require ADCS/Handhelds to be used Warehouse Activity Groups

9 Warehouse Improvements
Serial and Lot No. can be entered on Warehouse Documents, when not required on the Warehouse Level Option to remove Warehouse Shipments with no outstanding activities Run the Application Server as a Client (useful for debugging) Debugging XML information can be saved

10 Base Navision Requirements
Depends on usage. E-Ship and E-Receive do not require WMS Require ADCS (Granule 4640) except for Outbound Warehouse Request Directed Pick/Put-Away require full warehousing (Granule 4180, 4190, 4200, 4210 and 4620) Inventory Pick/Put-Away (Granule 4180 and 4200) Very limited functionality Not matching physical process ADCS Warehousing is designed for Directed Pick and Put-away

11 Requirement for running ADCS
Navision version 3.70.A or later. Navision Application Server for ADCS Setup to use Windows Login

12 Requirement for Installing ADCS
Reseller must have attended ADCS Warehousing class

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