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Summary of Wireless Engineering Services

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1 Summary of Wireless Engineering Services

2 Services Offered Single Site Wireless Coverage Maps. Multiple Site Combined Service Area Plots. View Shed Maps. Line of sight and Microwave path studies. Demographic Reports and Market Studies Overlays of above on aerial photographs, topographic and street level maps. Interactive Map Servers and Google Earth files. Intermodulation Studies. Network Configuration and Planning.

3 Data Used Terrain and elevation data used is the latest 10 meter resolution, tree and clutter files are 30 meter. Mapping data used from multiple sources. Aerial Photography used from various sources. Propagation computed using the Longley Rice model.

4 Samples of products available

5 Detail Level of Terrain Data This is Mercer Island in Washington where I-90 crosses. You can see the details of the bridge overpasses in the terrain data.

6 Single Site Example This is an example of a single 2.4 ghz wireless internet site with signal strength shown. The map is the terrain data with a street overlay.

7 Same area with Topographic Map This map shows a single site coverage plot overlaid on a topographic map.

8 Simple Coverage Map This is a map designed for a web site or publication to show in simple terms where you can offer service and where you dont.

9 Site Map with Contours This map shows site coverage combined with street data and elevation contours.

10 Visual Coverage Studies This is a map of the area that would be able to see the structure in the middle of the map if you were 5 feet tall.

11 Aerial Photography Example This is a USGS aerial photo showing the viewable area of a tower site. The yellow shows the locations that could see the tower.

12 Microwave Path Analysis This shows a terrain profile to investigate microwave path viability including tree clutter data.

13 Visual Path Analysis View The window shows a vantage point view from a fixed point to the transmitter site. The terrain is an actual representation view.

14 Full Screen View of Path

15 Actual Photo of the Same Path

16 Demographic Reports Once the transmitter range has been determined a demographic report can be generated based on the area the transmitter covers. Population, number of households, broadband competition and other demographic data can be generated. This allows network operators to determine if a particular wireless site will be financially profitable before construction begins.

17 Interactive Map Server Web browser based map server. Allows you to compare a street address to the wireless coverage area of your system. Reduces the need for truck rolls to investigate signal strength at potential customer locations. Simple to use, coverage signal in background. Color coded, Green = strong coverage, Yellow = marginal coverage were field verification is needed, and White shows no coverage.

18 Map Server Screen Shot

19 Pricing Single Study Wireless Coverage Maps are $180.00, quantity discounts are available. Demographic reporting is based on total market area and scope of work. Pricing can be adjusted for large projects based on volume. Options include site by site or hourly rates.

20 Contact Information Brian Webster Consulting 214 Eggleston Hill Road Cooperstown, NY 13326 (607) 643-4055 Voice (208) 692-1898 Fax

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