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Satori Ebedes Join me on a journey from your office or home, as we explore the secrets of living a balanced and reduced stress lifestyle. Be empowered.

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2 Satori Ebedes

3 Join me on a journey from your office or home, as we explore the secrets of living a balanced and reduced stress lifestyle. Be empowered to live in the present moment by shifting key aspects of your Physical, Mental and Spiritual life. It is my passion to assist each and every one of you to achieve your highest potential and to experience enduring health, happiness and maintain a higher quality of life.

4 Wellness programs need to include information on how to create and maintain a long-term healthy and balanced lifestyle. Employees are seeking long term solutions to be built into their health and wellness programs on a daily routine. Turning your employee wellness experience into a lifetime program with Satori. In addition to the webinars I recommend my services be available for the most stressed employees of White and Case. As a personal wellness coach, I can create a powerful one-on-one experience with employees.

5 In each Webinar I will be sharing a blend of breathing and visualization exercises as a tool for stress relief. Teaching employees how to meditate will be the fundamental journey I wish to introduce. Each PowerPoint will have educational and useful information to apply to employees every day life. Displaying high vibration art and images to enhance relaxation. Relaxing music will be played during meditations. An introduction to the Satori 21 day journey of empowerment will be shared. The following Earth, Water, Fire and Air slides are a brief outline of the half hour webinars, to enhance current employee wellness program.

6 The importance of nutrition for wellness will be discussed and how the vibration and color of food affect us physically and mentally A guided meditation and visualization exercise on grounding our energy and feeling more connected to the earth and our surroundings with coworkers Introduce planting seeds and or create a garden or pot plant in your kitchen for relaxation I will walk you through an easy brain stem calming breathing exercise to practice in the office and at home for relaxation Sharing healthy recipes with employees will be a real treat EARTH

7 I will discuss the benefits of drinking a good source of water and how vital it is for optimum health and wellness Introduce the studies of Dr. Emoto, who discovered that molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words and feelings Writing positive words on your water bottle, will shift and create an instant positive mood and enhance the vibration of the water you drink Focusing on the power of Affirmations and Invocations in our every day life will be discussed Meditation on the element on water and the soothing affects it can have in your life WATER

8 A discussion on how our mind can create the stress in our lives, and how quantum physics can shift our perception of the way we deal with stress A candle light meditation technique for assisting in calming the mind will teach us how to be grateful in the present moment Easy breathing and visualization exercise to release unwanted thoughts and feelings will be practiced Write down your feeling and create a ritual to put them behind you An Inner Smile meditation will be explored to bring awareness into our body and relieve physical discomfort FIRE

9 Our breath is one of the most powerful tools for relaxation, learn how to breath properly to reduce your stress The use of sage and or aromatherapy to enhance relaxation will be explored Super Hero Meditation to look at the big picture and not to sweat the small stuff The breath connects us to the essence of the divine and our awareness of your scenes help reduce stress and can enhance your creativity A uplifting visualization exercise on creating inner strength and personal empowerment will be shared AIR

10 A CHOCOLATE A DAY KEEPS THE STRESS AWAY Contains: Organic Cacao, Organic Coconut sugar and Ashwagandha Benefits: Increased stamina *Enhanced mental clarity * Ability to deal more effectively with stressful situations *Greater relaxation and calmness * Deeper concentration and focus *Harmonization of the two hemispheres of the brain *Improved creativity *Promotes whole brain thinking Stress, environmental toxins, and poor nutrition all have a detrimental impact on our nervous systems. Scientific studies support Ashwagandha’s ability not only to relieve stress, but also to protect brain cells against the deleterious effects of our modern lifestyles. This herb has numerous other important health benefits that can be a great addition to any natural health supplementation regimen. Cocalm Chocolates Natural adaptogen for effective stress management

11 Example of art images for webinar presentation

12 Example of high vibration images for webinar presentation

13 I am looking forward in being part of your employee wellness program. Satori Ebedes

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