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Hovering Solar Concentrators A Low Cost Design for Large Scale Solar Power Generation By Dr. Brian Glassman.

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1 Hovering Solar Concentrators A Low Cost Design for Large Scale Solar Power Generation
By Dr. Brian Glassman

2 Cost Per Installed Watt is Key
Investing in a Solar power system is a business decision which must be financially justified Payback Time Return on Investment Total Cost Maintenance /Replacement Cost Being Green is nice, but it ultimately will not make solar popular as an alternative

3 Lower Cost Designs To be adopted by large utility companies, solar must compete against electricity prices generated by gas, coal, and oil. Current Solar Voltaic Cells are around $2.5 per installed watt small quantities New gas, coal, and oil electric plants are: Coal $2.0 to $3.3 per installed watt LNG $1 to $2 per installed watt Oil Fill in

4 Solar Concentrators Photo Voltaic Concentrating Solar Cells Thin Film
Thick Film Concentrating Photo Voltaic Concentrating Solar Cells Linear Concentrator Systems Dish/Engine Systems Power Tower Systems

5 Components of Solar Concentrator Designs
Dish/Engine Systems Individual Sterling Engine (Collector) Mirror’s Supporting Structure Support Structure for Collector Individual Mirrors Rotating Gimble & Heavy Motors High efficiency, but expensive at $10 to $25 per installed watt The fundamental of the design will always make it expensive!

6 Dish/Engine Systems Multiple or Curved Mirror Significant cost item
Mirror Supporting Structure Heavy Motors and Gimble 2 axis Significant cost Individual Sterling Engine Collector Significant cost Support Structure for Collector Very Efficient, but to expensive to be considered for full scale power generation.

7 Power Towers (lots of design components)
Link Single Large Solar Collector Large Expensive Tower Expensive Steam Generator Mirror Support Structure Motors & Gimbles One large investment ($0.8 to 1.4 billion) , highly efficient, but the number of components make it expensive!

8 Components of a Power Tower
Large tower & Collector (single large expense) Expensive Steam E/Generator (single large expense) Large Mirror Array Mirror Support Structure Heavy Motors & Gimbles Power towers can greatly reduce installation cost by being placed next to an existing power plant and use that plants existing steam to electric generator

9 Solar Concentrators Cheaper Mirror Support Structure Cheaper Radiant Heat Concentrator Simple Flat Mirrors Simple Support Structure Different Mirror Angles Require Multiple Motors Getting better, but still many moving parts requiring motors

10 Solar Trough Arrays Mirror Support Structure Cheap Collector Tubes
Expensive Curved Mirrors One Axis Gimble with Motors Support Structure

11 2 axis gimble with Motors
PV Arrays Expensive PV panels PV support Structure 2 axis gimble with Motors

12 Current Designs are Insufficient
All current design have significant cost elements inherent to their design I.E. You can make them as cheap as possible, but they will still not break the $2 per watt barrier because of their base designs A new type of design is needed!

13 Move the Collectors! All designs assume the collector must stay stationary to the mirrors, but moving them makes the design cheaper! Morning Noon Late Afternoon

14 GreenVineSolar’s Design
Collectors suspended by cables Collectors Suspension Cable Angle of Light Rays Fixed Mirror

15 GreenVineSolar’s Large Array (Called Hovering Solar)
Collectors suspended by grid of cables Grid can translate and elevate

16 Components of Hovering Solar
Large tower & Collector Expensive Steam Generator Large Mirror Array Mirror Support Structure Heavy Motors & Gimbles Light Motors to move collectors Multiple or Curved Mirror Mirror Supporting Structure Rotating Motors and Gimble 2 axis Individual Sterling Engine Collector Support Structure for Collector

17 Components of the Hovering Solar Design
Solar collectors Cables to suspend collectors Support structure for cables Motors to move cables & collectors Flat Mirrors Steam Turbine (if using Radiant heat collectors) DC to AC converters (if using PV cells collectors)

18 Mirrors Because the mirrors do not move they can be made out of cheaper materials Aluminized sheet metal Cheap glass mirrors Cheap polycarbonate mirrors Stretched aluminized fabrics

19 Collectors Different types of collectors can be used
Radiant heat collectors Generates steam (phase change) Heats gas or other fluid Photo Voltaic But one must be careful not to over heat PV cells.

20 Applications Utility companies Large Scale Power Generation
(100+ MW class) Medium size power generation (5 to 100 MW class) Large factories with sufficient land Small utility companies Will not work well in: Urban or City Environments Areas of heavy snow fall or high wind

21 Utility Applications Supplement utility’s electrical production
Can use existing steam turbines

22 Contact Information Currently Looking to License this technology to installers or researchers Dr. Brian Glassman All information of this presentation is copyrighted ( ) all rights reseved

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