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The History Of Gum By Emma Bandos. 1869 1 st patent for chewing gum was awarded.

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1 The History Of Gum By Emma Bandos

2 1869 1 st patent for chewing gum was awarded

3 1870 Adams makes black Jack, the 1 st mass production of chewing gum

4 1871 Adams patents the first gum-making machine

5 1886 William white finds a way to make flavors last longer in gum.

6 1888 Vending machines appeared at subway stations in Manhattan offering dif varieties of chewing gum.

7 1893 The William Wrigley Company introduced Juicy Fruits and Wrigley's Spearmint, some of the best selling chewing gums in the world still today

8 1899 American Chicle Co established – Yucatan gum, adams gum, beemans gum, and kiss me gum Franklin V.Canning introduced Dentyne Gum and Chiclets

9 1914 Wrigley introduced Doublemint gum Thomas Adams introduces Adams Clove Gum

10 1938 two brothers started a co, Topps Gum. The gum was sold at cash registers and is considered to the first "changemaker" as the marketing strategy was to get consumers to spend their change. Bazooka Bubble Gum. One of the best selling gums of all time

11 1940s Leaf Confectionary co introduction of Rainblo Bubble gum Wiliam Wrigly Jr. Co. introduced Orbit

12 1950 Topps introduced the first trading card but it wasn't until two years later when Sy Berger, a baseball enthusiast, decided to make a card focusing exclusively on America's pastime.

13 1953 topps decided to include the first comic in each piece.

14 1950s Sugarless gum was introduced

15 1970 FDA banned the active ingredient, Cyclamate. Wich was used in sugarless gum

16 1977 Introduced Wrigley Freedent Gum – Designed not to stick to dentures

17 1978 Wrigley Big Red

18 1979 Hubba Bubble Bubble Gum

19 1980 Big League Chew

20 1984 Wrigley introduces Extra sugarfree gum

21 1985 Susan Montgomery Williams blows a twenty- two-inch bubble, the biggest on record.

22 1988 Concord Confections, the largest manufacturer of bubble gum balls, purchased the rights to Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum.

23 1994 Introduced Wrigley Winterfresh Gum

24 2006 Stride gum

25 Making gum

26 Made of gum base w/ added food coloring and flavoring. The exact composition of gum bases is usually a trade secret common ingredients – latexes which are commercially produced – paraffin wax or beeswax – polyethylene – polyvinyl acetate – stearic acid – various natural gums.

27 Old gum bases were based on… – Latexes – vegetable gums like chicle – spruce gum – Mastic gum. manufacturing methods are fairly constant between brands The gum base is melted at temp of about 115°C – until it has the viscosity of thick maple syrup – Filtered through a fine mesh screen. Further refined by separating dissolved particulars in a centrifuge, and further filtered.

28 Clear base put into mixing vats. – Still hot and melted – Other ingredients are added powdered sugar – whose amount and grain size determines the brittleness of the result corn syrup glucose – which serve as humectants, coat the sugar particles and stabilize their suspension, and keep the gum flexible various softeners food colorings flavorings preservatives Other additives.

29 homogenized mixture poured onto cooling belts – cooled with cold air extrusion optionally rolling and cutting Other mechanical shaping operations follow. chunks of gum are put aside – Set for 24 to 48 hours. Coated chewing gums then undergo other operations

30 The chunks are wrapped with optional undercoating – For better binding with outer layers then immersed into liquid sugar The pellets are then colored and coated with a suitable glazing agent – Usually wax.

31 The End

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