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Fitness Improvement Training Program (FIT-P) Targeting

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1 Fitness Improvement Training Program (FIT-P) Targeting
CPT K.J. Huenink State Fitness Coordinator

2 MONG Strategic Plan “Institutionalize physical fitness as a organizational core competency NLT Oct ”: Combined APFT/HW flags 8% or less NCOES eligible NCOs 5% or less Leader flags 3% or less Consecutive leader APFT failures = separation Build FIT-P grad tracking database 3-years post graduation

3 FIT-P The MONG Fitness Improvement Training Program consists of a 15-day residence course, 6-day resident course, and 6-day MTT. The program includes an overall health and fitness assessment, and provides training on lifestyle, nutrition, health, and physical fitness. The training is structured to be motivational and physically challenging. Program includes physically demanding warrior tasks and lanes training. FIT-P includes a comprehensive follow-on program

4 Height/Weight flags by Senior Command
# seats per class (15-day FIT-P+) 13 8 7 3 2 2 Senior Command (assigned strength/% flagged)

5 APFT flags by Senior Command
# seats per class (6-day FIT-P) 30 25 17 20 2 5 1 Senior Command (assigned strength/% flagged)

6 FIT-P enrollment guidelines
FIT-P (6-days) Flagged for APFT FIT-P+ (15-day) Flagged for weight control AND APFT ETS not within 2 years of course start date No temporary PT profiles Soldier nominated by Commander (focusing on “career” Soldiers who will benefit from this training) Limited exceptions may be requested via J3/Training (example: Soldier very close to passing weight standards requests FIT-P (6 day))

7 FY 12 Class dates FIT-P+ (15-days) FIT-P (6-days) January 13-27
June 8-22 August 10-24 FIT-P (6-days) March 25-30 April 15-20 September 9-14 September 16-21

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