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Robinson Smith Research Group, Inc. An Introduction to Robinson Smith Research July 2006.

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1 Robinson Smith Research Group, Inc. An Introduction to Robinson Smith Research July 2006

2 Robinson Smith Research Group, Inc. 2 Sharing long tenures at Marketing Corporation of America, our principals have extensive experience in consultative marketing research. Paul Robinson was president of MCAs marketing research group before leaving to start his current practice in 1997. Pauls skills emphasize qualitative research and ideation/facilitation of decision-making processes. One of the first investigators into brand and trademark equity, Paul has developed his own unique insights, skills, and experienced context to uncovering a brands leverageable points of differentiation. Christopher Smith, who left MCA Research in 2001 as managing partner, heads up our quantitative research practice. In recent years, Chris has developed considerable experience in online quantitative research (when MCA Research was merged with NFO WorldGroup, now TNS), particularly in the area of new product/service optimization and modeling. Principals Recent Clients Experienced Marketing Research Consulting

3 Robinson Smith Research Group, Inc. 3 Paul and Chris have assembled a team of outstanding researchers. Laurie Miller. With a total of over thirty years experience at major supplier, agency, and client research organizations, Laurie is supremely well- qualified to provide Robinson Smith clients superior project support. Robert Walker. Bobs our multivariate specialist. As president of Surveys and Forecasts, Bob particularly talented and experienced in multivariate analysis and supports our ongoing relationship with TNSs DataWorks. Ellen Muskus. Ellen, another alumnus of MCA, is our business manager. Gazelle International. This well-known New York City field management organization manages our quantitative back room. TNS Custom Research. TNS is our premier data collection partner and leverages our seniors- experience with unparalleled domestic and global cope of resources. With Superior Bench Strength Recent Case Histories RSResearch recently developed a highly sophisticatedand actionablediscrete choice model to help optimize its healthcare insurance portfolio. Robinson Smith and DataWorks designed an incomplete block discrete choice model based on over 1300 consumer and BTB interviews. The results: A new point-of-service product whose early results exceed client expectations. Robinson Smiths qualitative research was the genesis of GMCs professional grade positioning and its execution in marketing and communications efforts. RSResearch discovered what being professional really connotes and which symbols best communicate this characteristic most effectively.

4 Robinson Smith Research Group, Inc. 4 Brand Targeting Brand Equity Brand Positioning Brand Tracking 1. Begin with a comprehensive understanding of brand equity--what the brand stands for and means to its franchise Assess brand equity in light of competitive frame Identify real drivers of purchase behavior 2. Target market segments with affinity to these equity elements and who deliver superior economic value 3. Reinforce and evolve brand equity over time by positioning in accordance with a long-term brand vision 4. Track brand equity and affinity over time Four Steps to Strategic Branding Starting with a brands intended brand equity as the foundation for all branding decisions provides an integrated, strategic orientation. And a Point-Of-View

5 Robinson Smith Research Group, Inc. 5 Strategic branding decisions should start with the core values of a brand and how they provide differentiated value to the consumer. Key Principles 1. Brands create value for customers Create identification, security and trust Provide tangible and intangible benefits Reduce risk 2. Brands provide economic value to companies Allow price premiums Build customer loyalty Create consumer resistance to new category entrants Sustain or increase access to distribution channels 3. Brand equities can be leveraged in new product categories Create entry to new categories and business Provide permission to extend service and offerings About Branding, Our Specialty

6 Robinson Smith Research Group, Inc. 6 BranDNA, our proprietary approach to brand research, allows us to first identify implicit as well as explicit brand perceptions qualitatively. Which of the eight brand personality photos best captures the personality of BRAND? Which would never use BRAND? If brand were giving an award to its Employee of the Month, what would it be for? What did she/he do really well? What does she/he know a lot about? What would you call her/him for? If you were to draw brand, what would it look like? What does brand sound like? Imagine brand, as a member of your family, what would she/he be like? How would she/he dress? Walk? Talk about? BranDNA Qualitative Techniques Illustrations of Qualitative BranDNA BranDNA Focus GroupsMinis, Standard, Super Groups Depth Interviews, Dyads, Triads Observational / Ethnography We Offer Insight as a Differential

7 Robinson Smith Research Group, Inc. 7 Our partnerships with Gazelle International and TNS Custom Research provide us unsurpassed scope for BranDNA quantitative research. Brands Considered within Competitive Framework Brands Assessed Among Category Drivers Brand Assessed Among All Facets of Equity Methodological Breadth and DepthBranDNA Quantitative Principles BranDNA But Not at the Expense of the Science In-/Out-Bound Telephone Personal and Intercept Online Research Panel Experimental Design Multivariate Analysis Structured Equation and Choice Modeling Domestic or Global

8 Robinson Smith Research Group, Inc. 8 Paul Robinson Christopher Smith Partners Robinson Smith Research Group, Inc. 50 Abbey Road, Easton, CT 06612 (203) 659-1600 F: (203) 286-1292 Can We Help? We would greatly appreciate an opportunity to discuss your brand research needs.

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