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Michael Mabie Senior Applications Engineer Stratasys, Inc.

2 Thermoforming Simple, inexpensive process Wide range of industries
w Aerospace w Electronics w Packaging  Medical Broad application range Low-volume and high-volume Small and large parts Photo: Courtesy of NASA

3 Thermoforming Process

4 Thermoforming Process

5 Thermoforming Opportunity
Traditional tooling Can be expensive Can be time consuming Vent holes Tedious Labor intensive Photo: Courtesy of Flickr KP Choo

6 FORTUS for Thermoforming
Alternative tool making process Reduces labor Reduces lead time Reduces cost FDM® process Industry leading Production-grade thermoplastics Extruded, deposited in layers

7 FDM Process

8 Applying Fortus Key items Benefits Additive process Materials
Build controls Benefits Simple 5 step process Materials for speed/tool life Process controls

9 Application Brief 50% 86% 29% 75% Consumer packaging CURRENT FORTUS
SAVINGS Lead Time 3 days 1.5 days 50% Labor Time 14 hours 2 hours 86% Total Cost $700 $500 29% Story: Machined tooling: prototype only so easy to machine material. But 1 man-day to drill vent holes (1 – 2 thousand for the multi-cavity tool) FDM: simple in and out Stress the labor savings. For some, reduction in labor is much more important that lead time (e.g. not enough people to get the job done). Also the reduction is much more impressive. labor rate $35 for Current method and $62 for FDM. Assumed more highly skilled labor for machine ops, etc. Note that the labor line (indented) represents the labor portion of the total listed in the row above. The story Time and money not biggest value. Process change was. Could be prototyping vacuum forming tool while part still being designed. Off the critical path! Also, maybe, add another embellishment….after prototyping, vapor smooth and prick surface to come up with beautiful marketing samples. (story from our most recent vapor smoothing guided) Labor Cost $490 $125 75%

10 Fortus Process Design mold Process in Insight™ Select FDM material
Apply larger air gaps Apply sparse fill style

11 Fortus Process Manufacture mold Prep mold Mount mold
Start thermoforming

12 Application Brief 75% Aerospace (defense) 93% Engine cowling 44%
Photo: Courtesy of NASA CURRENT FORTUS SAVINGS Lead Time 10 days 2.5 days 75% Labor Time 30 hours 2 hours 93% Total Cost $2,700 $1,500 44% Photo: Courtesy of Flickr srharris

13 Return on Investment 62% 36% CLIENT 1 CLIENT2 SAVINGS Lead Time 50%
75% 62% Labor Time 29% 44% 36%

14 When to use FORTUS Prototype package design Low-volume production

15 Summary Thermoforming tooling option Reduces Little process change
Time Labor Expense Little process change

16 More Information Test it, Prove it. Download Application Guide
Send file for benchmark Download Application Guide Request Consultation Michael Mabie, Senior Applications Engineer Tel


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