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Contact Dermatitis.

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1 Contact Dermatitis

2 Pathogenesis of Dermatitis
Irritants Allergens type 1&4 Infection Endogenous factors

3 Contact Dermatitis Acute -redness, itching, vesiculation
Chronic - scaly desquamation Site and morphology determined by causative exposure Irritant - caustic agents or detergents -hands ‘Allergic’ - rash 6-12 hours peaking at hours

4 Irritant contact dermatitis
Skin damaged directly by the irritant soaps, detergents, water, solvents, dry atmosphere etc very, very common at least 5% of the population suffer from hand dermatitis Treat with emollients/moisturisers

5 Delayed “allergy” Takes the immune system a few hours to react
Allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) Common causes: nickel fragrances rubber additives preservatives plants medicaments etc

6 Sensitizers Nickel - wear >18 carat gold
Rubber accelerators in elastic, gloves, shoes Permanent hair dyes -paraphenylenediamine Fragrances eg Balsam of Peru and cinnamic aldehyde present in cosmetics, soaps, perfumes and toothpastes - use ‘fragrance free’ products not just unscented. Adhesives and Varnishes Latex, Formaldehyde and Chromates Benzocaine and neomycin in topical medications

7 ACD Nickel allergy involves ears, skin under buckles and often the hands; accidental spread from the hands can affect the face Hair products - dyes and sprays - affect the face, neck and ears. Dyes in socks and shoes affect the feet. Medications for the treatment of leg ulcers can cause dermatitis of the legs

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