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Paul Bernardo: A Serial Killer Analysis

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1 Paul Bernardo: A Serial Killer Analysis
By Robert Yarbrough

2 Early Childhood Born in 1964 in Scarborough, Ontario
Kenneth Bernardo, Bernardo’s mother’s husband, was not biological father; mother was impregnated by her first love Kenneth raised Bernardo and was very abusive (even to his own daughter, Bernardo’s half-sister), but as a child he appeared unaffected by his father’s abuse Father was charged with child molestation in 1975; would also spy on different women in Bernardos’ neighborhood When his mother revealed to Bernardo the identity of his real father, he began to cruelly insult her for her unfaithfulness

3 Schooling & Marriage Graduated from Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate Institute, seeking after a career in sales at Amway so he could make money quickly After graduating from Sir Wilfrid Laurier, attended University of Toronto and began to show telltale signs of father’s abusive traits At the university, had numerous abusive sexual fantasies, took joy from humiliating several different women in public places, and abused the women he went out with Once out of college, got job as junior accountant; instead smuggled cigarettes over Canada-America border to make more money to accommodate his extravagant lifestyle Met future wife, Karla Homolka, in October of 1987; immediately fell in love and got married in 1991

4 Tammy Homolka & “Jane” Upset that Karla was not a virigin when they met, Paul wanted to take the viriginity of Karla’s younger sister Tammy As a Christmas gift, Karla helped Bernardo drug her sister (with the sedative Halcion and alcohol) and held a halothane soaked rag to her sister’s face while Bernardo videotaped himself raping her Eventually Tammy threw up, so Karla held her upside down to clear the vomit from her throat She eventually choked to death, so the couple called an ambulance; they told Karla’s family and authorities that Tammy had died from choking on her own vomit Resembling Tammy greatly, Karla gave Jane to her husband as a wedding present Jane idolized Karla, so accepted her invitation to the couple’s newly rented home on June 7, 1991 Karla took her to dinner, took her back to the couple’s new home, and gave her alcoholic beverages laced with Halcion After the couple undressed her, Karla was ordered to have sex with her, Bernardo took her virginity, and had brutal anal sex with her After cleaning the blood off of he Karla put Jane to bed, and the next morning she met Bernardo for what she thought was the first time Jane visited the sadistic pair again in 1992, but left after being pressured to have intercourse with Bernardo

5 The Scarborough Rapes After meeting Homolka in 1987, Bernardo began to commit numerous rapes and sexual assaults in the Scarborough area Fourth victim caused the term “Scarborough Rapist” to be used by many Eleventh victim enabled police to make composite of Bernardo (from the victim’s detailed description of her attacker) Composite was published in newspapers 3 years after initial attack on the 19 year-old Interview with Berardo was conducted by police 2 months after they were notified he resembled the composite Police were convinced that Bernardo was not the rapist due to his pleasant manner; after being released, Bernardo moved St. Catharines with Karla and raped his 12th victim, a 14 year-old

6 Two Murders: The Path to Trial and Conviction
The murders of Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy eventually led to Bernardo’s trial in 1995 Bernardo found Leslie Mahaffy after she discovers that she is locked out after getting home from a funeral late at night; he was searching for license plates to steal Bernardo blindfolded Mahaffy and threw her into his car after telling her he is looking for a house to rob (she is unphased by this statement) He took her to Port Dalhousie, where Homolka met them and the couple videotape themselves performing various sexual acts on Leslie, including anal sex once again (it was one of Bernardo’s personal favorites) The next day, Leslie told Bernardo that her blind fold was slipping, so the couple decide that it is unsafe for them if Leslie is allowed to live

7 Path to Trial, cont. After murdering Leslie, the couple then cut her body into pieces and encased them into cement Piece by piece, the murderous couple then dumped her remains in Lake Gibson (located about 18 miles south of the port) As with many of the couple’s other victims, the videotape of Leslie’s rape and torture was played at Bernardo’s trial With no attempt to hide their identity, the couple abducted Kristen French on the Thursday before Good Friday of 1992, and proceeded to rape her over the course of the Easter weekend French cooperated with the couple’s outrageous demands because she knew if was her only chance of survival (however, the couple intended to kill her from the very beginning because they did not hide their identity from her) Kristen French was murdered on Easter Sunday of 1992, and the couple dumped her body in a ditch

8 Trial and Conviction On February 19, 1993, police carried out their search warrant for the couple’s home and found an incredible amount of evidence-more than enough for a conviction A plea bargain was then made with Homolka by the Canadian authorities that gave her a 12-year sentence for manslaughter if she testified against Bernardo at his trial From the insurmountable evidence found in the multiple horrific videotapes coupled with Homolka’s testimony, Paul Bernardo was convicted of the kidnappings, rapes, and murders of Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy, and was sentenced to life in prison in September of 1995; additionally, he faced the trials of Tammy Homolka and the Scarborough rapes Homolka was released from prison in 2005 The deal Homolka made with the Canadian authorities has since received much criticism from many: it is thought of by some as “a deal with the devil.”

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