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Welcome to the New World of INNOVAS. Why are YOU here today? Increase Sales? Save time/become more efficient? Increase your coverage expertise?

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1 Welcome to the New World of INNOVAS


3 Why are YOU here today? Increase Sales? Save time/become more efficient? Increase your coverage expertise?

4 Increase Sales Who makes too much money? Focus on growth: Small Private Firms Cant Dodge Risk Bests Newswire December 1, 2011 Small Businesses Launch Amid Wobbly Economy USA Today November 30, 2011 $15B Private D&O Market Largely Untapped Advisen Report November 11, 2011

5 Did you say $15B? As in Billion??? Insurance historically = replacement business $3B is currently in force ($12B to go) 9,000,000 small businesses Impediments to addressing the White Space Knowledge – secret to success Efficiency – kryptonite to insurance industry

6 How Can Innovas Increase Sales? Knowledge/Education/Awareness – Innovas will be building an unrivaled library of articles, claims examples, limits models, etc. Comfort – brokers sell coverage they know Efficiency – Innovas saves hours per account so you can focus on sales!!!

7 Save Time/Become More Efficient Current Process Broken and Unprofitable On average 4.92 person-hours per account Typically, T+61 days for completion Innovas Process Revolutionary On average less than ten minutes per account Typically, T+1 day for completion

8 Current Process Receive and Review Submission – 1 day/10 minutes Send submission to marketplace – 1 day/10 minutes Follow up with underwriters to get quotes – 5 days/15 minutes Follow up again with underwriters who didnt respond – 3 days/15 minutes Receive quotes and review coverage items – 1 day/1 hour Renegotiate quotes to remove exclusions, add endorsements, remove subjectivities, amend premium – 2 days/30 minutes Put together proposal for client – 1 day/1 hour Review proposal with client – 1 day/1 hour Bind coverage, receive binder, review binder – 1 day/20 minutes Send binder to client – 1 day/5 minutes Follow up for policy with underwriter – 30 days/5 minutes Receive policy – 10 days Review policy – 3 days/1 hour Send corrections back to underwriter – 1 day/5 minutes Receive accurate policy by driving over to carrier office and sitting at their desk until issuance – PRICELESS (sorry couldnt help it) Total time – 61 days have elapsed. 4:55 of non-client facing time to procure coverage

9 Innovas Process Receive submission from client Enter submission into Innovas system – 5 minutes Compare policies using Intuitive Coverage Evaluator – 15 seconds Receive Quotes from Innovas system – 15 seconds Utilize pre-selected proposal format from Innovas – 15 seconds* Review proposal with client – 1 hour Bind coverage in Innovas system – 45 seconds (includes log-on time) Receive policies – 75-90 seconds Pay online via Premium Finance (Credit Cards and E-Check/EFT/ACH will be offered in the future) Total time – however fast you want to go and 7:45 to 8:00 minutes *in progress – want to build a proposal format based on retail input

10 Increase Your Coverage Expertise Lets take a coverage test……. Exclusions The Insurer shall not be liable to make any payment for Loss, in connection with any Claim made against an Insured: (1) Conduct arising out of, based upon or attributable to any: (a) remuneration, profit or other advantage to which the Insured was not legally entitled; or (b) deliberate criminal or deliberate fraudulent act by the Insured; if established by any final, non-appealable adjudication in any action or proceeding other than an action or proceeding initiated by the Insurer to determine coverage under the policy;

11 Increase Your Coverage Expertise RPS – EL is dedicated solely to the placement of Executive Liability We utilize our Project 10k scoring process Review of every carrier in the marketplace Over 80 issues reviewed per policy Manuscript endorsements built with nearly all major carriers based on our knowledge, expertise, and critical mass Innovas provides you with the ICE for every account (Intuitive Coverage Evaluator) Innovas will provide you with a Top 25 items comparison for every account

12 Details on Innovas Lines of coverage D&O, EPL, Fiduciary, Crime (K&R coming soon) Underwriting Appetite Up to $100,000,000 in revenue/sales Up to 350 employees Private Companies Non-Profits will be ready shortly

13 Innovas Participating Markets Current Markets Hiscox (Lloyds of London) ERisk (Scottsdale) Monitor (W.R. Berkley) All carriers are admitted in most states Markets in the queue Liberty, Beazley, RSUI, AWAC, Hudson, Markel

14 Future Lines of Coverage Cyber and Privacy Miscellaneous Professional Liability (E&O) Workers Compensation? General Liability? Business Owners Package? Personal Lines? Surety Bonds? What else do YOU want?

15 What Does the Future Hold? Renewal Process – three clicks? Worlds largest repository of claims examples and settlements Worlds largest database on buying behavior such as limit, retention, and premium

16 In todays tough economic times its important to increase your capacity with existing resources.



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