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Prairie State Network CallKate Tomford October 16, 2013Illinois Energy Office DCEO.

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1 Prairie State Network CallKate Tomford October 16, 2013Illinois Energy Office DCEO


3 Consumer benefits Environmental benefits Economic development benefits EVs

4 Strong manufacturing base Commuting distances well-suited to EV range Leading-edge battery research Low electricity prices vs. gas prices National hub for the transportation industry

5 Illinois Electric Vehicle Advisory Council (EVAC) How do we promote use of EVs in Illinois? How do we grow the EV industry in Illinois? ICC Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) Initiative How will EVs impact the electric grid? What new regulations may be necessary?


7 Charging Station Rebate Funding Rebates cover 50% of equipment and installation costs. Max of $3,750 per networked single station; $3,000 per non- networked single station; $7,500 per networked dual station; and $6,000 per non-networked dual station (as defined in guidelines). Max award of $49,000 or 50% of the project costs for 15 stations. Open until December 19, 2013 (extension in discussion) Eligibility Eligible applicants include: units of government, businesses, educational institutions, non- profits, and individual residents. Station must be Level 1 (120V AC) or Level 2 (208-240V AC), SAE J1772 compliant, UL-listed. Installer must be licensed and insured. Must purchase and install station prior to submitting application. Application must include proof of purchase documentation.

8  Projects and stations 55 funded projects; 79 funded stations (16 dual, so 95 plugs) 2/3 of funded stations are non-residential  Average project costs per station Non-residential: $11,854 (up $7,650 from Spring 2012) Residential: $1,722 (down $150 from Spring 2012)  Average rebate amounts Non-residential rebate per station: $4,694 Residential rebate per station: $873  Total rebates awarded: $271,481.80 91.6% non-residential; 8.4% residential





13  Federal tax credits for charging stations and EVs  DCEO grants for EV industry and infrastructure  IEPA rebate for EVs  ICC rulemaking on EVSE installer certification  Secretary of State registration discount for EVs  IDOT EV signage

14  Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Tax Credit Tax credit for 30% of the cost, not to exceed $30,000 Fueling equipment for NG, propane, electricity, E85, or B20+ Installation from January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2013 Tax credit up to $1,000 for consumers  Federal Tax Credit for EVs Tax credit up to $7,500 per EV Amount varies based on battery capacity

15 Eligibility Projects related to production of EVs or EV charging stations. Equipment producers and component manufacturers may apply. Grant covers manufacturing equipment and associated installation labor costs, and upgrades to manufacturing facilities. Industry Development Grant Funding Maximum award of $1,000,000. Covers up to 50% of eligible project costs. Applicant must fund at least 25% of project costs. Currently closed; expect to offer again in FY14. EV Infrastructure Grant – Under Construction!

16  Eligible vehicles/fuels: natural gas, propane, electric, E85, and diesel vehicles using B20+  Rebate for EVs is 10% of the listed base MSRP, before all options and fees, up to $4,000  Must purchase (not lease) new (not pre-owned) vehicle from IL dealership or do conversion in IL  Must register, plate, and operate the vehicle in IL

17  Objectives: Safe and proper installation, maintenance and repair of EV charging stations Compliance with applicable building and electrical codes and industry standards  Draft certification requirements: Businesses must pay $50 to apply and must list qualified employees with proof of qualification Employees must complete DOL-approved apprenticeship or 8,000 hours + EVSE training Certification requirement effective date is 1/1/2014

18 Fee Comparison$$ Regular 1-year vehicle license plate renewal fee $101.00 BEV 2-year vehicle license plate renewal fee $35.00 Annual savings$83.50 IL SOS Special Plates Division (217) 782-7758

19 Approved for use in Illinois by the USDOT Federal Highway Administration

20 Kate Tomford (312) 814-1985

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