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In “Night At The Museum”

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1 In “Night At The Museum”
A Dinosaur Skeleton Comes Alive!

2 TYRANNOSAURUS REX Written and Illustrated by ERIC AND POUYA
A Book Alive at the Henry Barnard School Museum

3 What Was Tyrannosaurus Rex?
T-Rex was a huge meat-eating dinosaur. A meat-eater is called a carnivore. It had pointed teeth to rip meat.

4 T-Rex’s bones were hollow like a bird’s bones
T-Rex’s bones were hollow like a bird’s bones. Most of the bones were in the vertebrae.

5 Tyrannosaurus-Rex had tiny arms.
They were only three feet long. Each arm ended with two fingers. Tyrannosaurus Rex walked on two powerful legs. Each foot had three large toes with claws. T-rex had a stiff, pointed tail for balance that allowed it to make quick turns while running.

6 How Big Was the T- Rex? The eye sockets were four feet in length.
Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the biggest of the meat-eating dinosaurs. They were 40 ft long. They were between 15 to 20 feet in height. They weighed 5 to 7 tons. Their eyes were three feet long. The eye sockets were four feet in length.

7 T-Rex had a huge head with large, pointed, teeth.
The jaw was 4 feet wide and six feet long.

8 When Did T-Rex Live? T-Rex was one the last of the
dinosaur species to evolve. T-Rex lived 85 to 65 million years ago. They lived during the Cretaceous period. The supercontinent Pangaea had broken up. The climate was warmer and there were no polar ice caps. The sea level was much higher than it is now. Some scientists think that a meteor crashed into the Earth and killed off all the dinosaurs.

9 Where Did T-Rex Live? • In the United States in Montana, Texas, Utah, Wyoming and in Arizona. • In Asia • In Canada

10 Has a complete T-Rex been found?
Thirty T-Rex fossils have been found. All of the skeletons are incomplete. One footprint complete. It was found in New Mexico.

11 T-Rex Facts and Myths No one knows what color T-Rex was.
T-Rex wasn't the biggest dinosaur. There were long-necked, plant-eating dinosaurs that were bigger. At least two other meat-eating dinosaurs were bigger than T-Rex. Giganotosaurus was the biggest dinosaur.

12 T-Rex Facts and Myths • The dinosaurs did not live at the same time that cave men did. • People lived 63 million years after T-Rex became extinct. All dinosaurs are extinct.

13 T-Rex Facts and Myths T-Rex was one of the smartest dinosaurs.
T-Rex was not the smartest of all the dinosaurs. T-Rex's brain was larger than the human brain, but the cerebrum (the part of the brain that we use to think) was tiny. T-Rex’s brain size was very small ,but it was larger than most other dinosaurs.

14 Tyrannosaurus Rex means
"tyrant lizard king"

15 The End

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