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Using Strengths to Build a Strong Residence Hall Community

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1 Using Strengths to Build a Strong Residence Hall Community
Amy Bockelman Maximizer Woo Developer Communication Positivity Christina Hurtado Activator Empathy Strategic Communication Command Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas

2 You know you’re a Resident Advisor when…

3 EDCEP 311 Guidance for the Paraprofessional
Every spring, prior to first semester of employment 8 week course Importance of role as campus leader vs. day-to-day tasks as RA May or may not have staff members from team in class Focus Areas (Developing identity and confidence) Personal growth Responsible community membership Academic achievement

4 EDCEP 311 Utilizing Strengths Quest
Values exercise prior to Strengths How have you developed morals/values? Strengths is only required text Taught over two class periods Individual reflection Team dynamics and the role they play

5 EDCEP 311 Utilizing Strengths Quest – Day 1
Why Strengths? Thoughts on taking the survey First year students Creating a community using Strengths “Always Me, Sometimes Me, Never Me activity” “Picture of Excellence Worksheet” Programming for residents

6 EDCEP 311 Utilizing Strengths Quest – Day 2
Spectrum Activities How clean is your desk? Going to a party Your themes and academics Academic conversations with resident Relationship/Career/Future

7 EDCEP 311 Evaluation of Strengths
72% response rate Strengths Quest was a helpful tool in the development of my leadership skills. Strongly Disagree 2 (4.55%) Disagree Neutral 9 (20.45%) Agree 10 (22.73%) Strongly Agree 21 (47.73%) N/R 0 (0%)

8 What was the best part of EDCEP 311?
Knowing that we as RAs are going to be able to use Strengths Quest in ResLife to creative a more inclusive environment. the open atmosphere and strengths-quest Strengths Quest was a very beneficial activity. The strengths quest activity and the interactive class activities we did. strengths quest and learning how to use our strengths effectively and learning what struggles we may have because of those strengths Campus Resources Project, Strengths Quest, and the book "How to Lead and Still Have a Life" that I read for my book report.

9 Fall Training Planning and implementation of programs
1st six weeks of community building model How strengths will fit into day-to-day Bulletin Boards Door Decs Roommate/community conflict Working with your hall staff

10 Plan for the year Providing professional staff with team builders for the year All campus leader training Semester Evaluation Continued training in the winter

11 Student Quotes “It was interesting to compare my themes to academics. I think knowing your strengths could be a good tool in discovering what you want to do with your future. I think it will be interesting to utilize next year.” “I have been very excited about realizing my strengths and learning how to use them to benefit the people around me and also the strengths of my fellow staff members. I am also glad that K-State is becoming a strengths Quest university because I think it would be extremely beneficial to my residents to do a program that involves Strengths Quest so that the [residents] can create a strong community!”

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