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Rotary Year 2009-2010 Path Ahead Joe Bergantz. Rotary Year 2009-2010 Board of Directors Past President – Doug Barclay President – Joe Bergantz President-Elect.

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1 Rotary Year 2009-2010 Path Ahead Joe Bergantz

2 Rotary Year 2009-2010 Board of Directors Past President – Doug Barclay President – Joe Bergantz President-Elect – Ray Baker Secretary – Jennie Robinson, Asst. Secretary – Susan Griffin Treasurer – Ron Wainwright, Asst. Treasurer – Cheryl Smith Club Service – Billy Bell, Asst. Club Service – Camilla Canty Community Service – Jake Jacobson, Asst. Community Service – Johnny Ozier International Service – Mary Grace Evans, Asst. International Svc – Don Palmer Vocational Service – Loren Traylor, Asst. Vocational Service – Melanie Buford Sergeant at Arms – Bill Renfroe Other Leadership Positions Rotary Foundation Board – Marcia Elkins, Randy Blackwell, & Bob Broadway Gala Co-Chairs – Dorothy Havens & Tom Baxter Rotary Youth Leadership Awards – Gary Andrew Global Student Exchange - Stephanie Walker

3 Rotary Year 2009-2010 Other Service Positions Rotaract Young Professionals – Charlie Seely/Susan Griffin Rotaract – Virginia College - ?? – Dr. Charlene Nixon is now with ITT – start a club there or – Start another club at UAH or A&M?? Interact – Lee HS ?? – Status Membership – – Ray Baker will head up a committee to recruit new members and retain the ones we have – Stacy DeSmet and Camilla Canty will assist Monthly Leadership – Retain the POD system – PODs responsible for making all meeting arrangements New member goal this year is for every POD to recruit 2 new members!!

4 Rotary Year 2009-2010 POD Leaders MonthPOD LeaderTheme July 2009Gary AndrewLiteracy August 2009John ComoMembership September 2009George LewisNew Generations October 2009Art MeierVocational Service November 2009Chuck GreerRotary Foundation December 2009Michele McDanielFamily January 2010Alan JonesRotary Awareness February 2010Art HargroveWorld Understanding March 2010Jimmy HillRotaract/Interact April 2010Paul FreemanRotary Magazine May 2010Dave HargroveYou Pick June 2010Randy BlackwellRotary Fellowship

5 Avenues of Service Club Service Continue recognizing Rotarians Borthdays and Anniversaries the first Weds of each month Provide the Rotary Magazine Minute the second Weds of each month – Billy Bell Provide the Rotary Minute – 4 th Weds of each month – Tom Baxter Reserve HSV CC rooms for board meetings, etc Other Duties as Required

6 Avenues of Service Community Service Director – Jake Jacobson Asst – Johnny Ozier – REAP – Andy Trice – needy school kids and foster children – Water Project – Bob Burkett – Madison county 4 th graders – CASA TEMP$ Winterization – Larry Creech – elderly First Saturday in November – Habitat for Humanity – Myra Sanderson – needy families Plan two days in Fall and one in Spring – Rolling Hills Reading Program – Mary Moreillon – 5 th graders – Army Support Programs – Jake Jacobson – Army family school children – CASA Wheelchair Ramps – Jake/Johnny – disabled Planning two in Fall and two in Spring

7 Military Operation School Supplies (MOSS) Latest Community Serviced Project Supporting Military School Age Children

8 The MOSS Program A School Supply drive Organized by the leadership Huntsville / Madison county Focus on children of our local military families Partnering with Army Child Youth and School Services (CYSS) All local Rotary clubs are participating

9 What We Need From You Donation of school supplies – Notebooks, Paper, Pencils & Pens, Crayons, etc Collection Bins available at meetings in July Focus to collect supplies – not money Distribution of supplies will be in August

10 Avenue of Service International Director – Mary Grace Evans, Asst – Don Palmer Major Project – Rodger Qualls – Humanitarian Grant - $XXX – Uganda School Books for an entire District – And/or Water Catchment/Latrine for X villages in an entire District

11 Avenue of Service Vocational Director – Loren Traylor, Asst. – Melanie Buford Projects – – Quarterly Vocation forums at a meeting – Work the RYLA with Gary Andrew and increase the Huntsville participation

12 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Director – Gary Andrew Increase the District 6860 participation to greater than 100 attendees Provide quality speakers Teach the attendees about Rotary and its values – the Four Way test, service above self Provide a learning forum for attendees to learn about many different vocations

13 Global Student Exchange Exchange this year is with Maharashtra, India, District 3132 Travel Dates Dec 27/28 2009 thru Jan 24/25 2010 Stephanie Walker is our coordinator Applications must go in NLT 31 Jul for leaders and 14 Aug for members

14 Questions/Answers

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