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“ Mastery and Building Profitable Relationships”

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1 “Email Mastery and Building Profitable Relationships”
Developing the Skills of Writing Your s to Get the Results You Want

2 What is Email Marketing?
marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating to an audience. It is used to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business. marketing is done by sending s with the purpose of enhancing the relationship between you and your customers.

3 Advantages to Email Marketing
Distributes information to a wide range of “highly targeted” potential customers. Generates repeat business affordably and automatically. Can track your exact return on investment. Instant delivery. Lets you “push” the message to your audience. marketing distributes information to a wide range of “highly targeted” potential customers and generates repeat business affordably and automatically. With marketing you can track your exact return on investment. This return has proven to be high when done properly. It is instant. As opposed to a mailed advertisement, an arrives in a few seconds or minutes. marketing lets you "push" the message to your audience, as opposed to using a website that waits for the customers to come in.

4 Disadvantages of Email Marketing
It is getting more and more difficult all the time to distinguish between legitimate and spam marketing. CAN-SPAM Act Take time to read this. Nearly a third of respondents knowingly enter bogus addresses.

5 Deliverability List Segmentation Branding Marketing List Creation Analysis & Reporting Marketing Goals

6 Marketing Goals As your knowledge of, and experience with marketing grows, you'll want to re-think and change your plan to incorporate the new ideas that you've learned, and remove those that aren't meeting your expectations. Conduct a Competitive Analysis Find out what your competitors are doing Will give you the edge to make your communications more effective. Get on your Competitors' Lists Keep track of the types of s your competitors send, when they send them, and who the s are sent to. Look for strengths Look for weaknesses Look for opportunities

7 What are your marketing Goals?
What do you wish to achieve with your marketing campaign! What Products or Services will you Promote? Include anything that's relevant in as much detail as you can your products or services, features available, the benefits you provide over your competition, the special deals

8 Who are you wanting to reach and what are your goals with each?
Existing customers Subscription renewals Cross sells Up sells Perspective customers First purchase Brand awareness Relationship building Where will we find all that content? Affiliate products Outsourcing Own product creation PLR

9 Change to a name you will recognize
Setting Up Your List Change to a name you will recognize Money Making webinar registration Your Name Valid address Your company name and address will be here


11 Step 2 Click Step 1 Save your settings

12 Click Click

13 List Segmentation Definition of List Segment- subset of a mailing list consisting of records that match specific criteria For to be relevant, your lists need to be well targeted. Successful marketers understand that in order to get the best results, that list must be segmented and broken into multiple groups An optimal segmentation strategy can lead to better responses, providing you with higher open rates, and increased conversions that see subscribers turned to customers. No two consumers are identical, meaning you should not treat all the subscribers on your mailing list exactly the same.

14 The most important part of the process is to properly define the criteria to use for list segmentation. Whatever you decide on, make sure each segment has its own unique message lower unsubscribe rates than those who send the same to everyone on their list. Easiest list segmentation is: Segment by purchase activity Send an to people who have purchased a particular produc.t who have spent a certain amount of money. Send an to your most loyal customers. Send to those that signed up for your FREE offers.

15 Know Your Lists, Who’s On Them, and What They Bought
Sales Page No sale Free Offer Opt-In Free Offer List Sale Front End Thank You Opt-In Page for Download NO OTO Sale Front End Buyers List OTO Offer OTO Sale Thank You Opt-In Page For Download OTO Buyers List

16 Name & address



19 Deliverability deliverability is about ensuring requested opt-in is delivered to the intended recipient. Always Ask For Permission and BE Can Spam Compliant Use double opt-in Valid postal mail address Unsubscribe link Subscriber Addresses You Ask For Ask for “real” or “primary” address Message Formatting Text or HTML If sending HTML it is important to always send a plain text alternative message, also called text/HTML multi-part mime format.

20 Limit Use of Images: Avoid creating messages that are entirely images. Use images sparingly, if at all. Careful Use of Using Attachments: Many users are wary of attached documents due to viruses . Use a website URL to reduce recipient fear of attachments Words & Phrases You Choose: Choose your language carefully when creating messages. Avoid spam hot buttons such as dealing with medication, mortgages, making money, and pornography.

21 Branding In pre-Internet days, official company letterhead was used for all communications, external and internal. Typed on branded bond paper Placed in a branded envelope Included a business card with the company's logo on it. Fast forward to today when 87% and higher of a company's communications takes place through .

22 Understanding Email Branding
Why is branding important? You want to make an impression. People are busy, and having a good branding element enables its message to stand out or differentiate your in the recipient's crowded inbox. s present an opportunity to expand a company's image and awareness while demonstrating its professionalism addresses speak volumes about their owners and the image they are trying to portray. Consistency in your branding is important!

23 The Email Will Your Email Ever Get Read?
The biggest complaint we hear is, “My inbox is crammed full of hundreds of s every day because I am on so many lists.” Optimize with segmentation. Know who is on your list and what they are doing. Know buyers’ behaviors. This helps decide frequency and type of messages.

24 Why Doesn’t My Email Get Opened?
Ineffective subject line Bad timing List fatigue Poor list quality Your content just sucks Spam filters Ineffective subject line – It’s got to be relevant and compelling. Bad timing – Experiment by sending your campaign on different days (and times). List Fatigue – Sending your campaigns too frequently. Poor list quality – If you’re using a very old list, many addresses have probably gone bad. Your content just sucks – If you’re not providing compelling, content, people aren’t going to open it. They don’t just want to hear from you – they want something useful from you. Spam filters – Spam filters may be mistakenly throwing s into people’s junk folders!

25 The Email: From Field & Subject Line
Two main factors that drive the open rate are the From Field and Subject Line. “Who is it from and what’s in it for me?” Your recognition factor The 'from' field is at times the most important factor motivating your subscriber to open s. People are more likely to open an from a sender they recognize. The “from” field Keep the “from” field the same over time The subject line This single line is where the subscribers will determine whether they open the or delete. Your subject line has to grab their attention. Your recognition factor – The 'from' field is at times the most important factor motivating your subscriber to open s. People are more likely to open an from a sender they recognize. The “from” field – Keep the “from” field the same over time. If you're just starting out, your open rates may be low because you're unknown. As you develop relationships, keep the 'from' name the same over time so you can benefit from the brand you've built thus far. This should improve your open rate. Subject line – This single line is where the subscribers will determine whether they open the or delete. Your subject line has to grab their attention.

26 Subject Line Don’t mislead. Avoid 'promotional' words or phrases.
Personalize. Focus on what’s in it for the reader. Keep it short. The most effective subject lines are often not the ones a marketer would predict to win." Don’t Mislead – The CAN-SPAM Act prohibits deceptive subject lines. The subject needs to reflect your content. Avoid 'promotional' words or phrases – "Special offer", "Free", "Limited time", "Buy now" are all certain to get trapped by a spam filter or deleted by the reader. Personalize – {!firstname_fix} Focus on what’s in it for the reader – Focus your subject on the main benefit to the reader. Keep it short – Under 50 characters is best…. Studies show that subject lines with 50 or fewer characters have click-throughs 75% higher than for those subject lines with 51 characters or more.

27 If you segment your list ensure you test subject lines for each segment. You may find, for example;
long-serving, active subscribers react best to a simple branded subject line that focuses on recognition newer or more inactive subscribers may need a more benefit-laden subject line to get them to pay attention. Familiarity usually tends to breeds contentment with most subscribers but sometimes brings on contempt. Always using the same subject line approach might lose its performance over time. Always be willing to try something different now and then to mix things up and spark a little curiosity in subscribers.

28 The Role of Recognition In A Subject Line
Two reasons to use branded subject lines Transactional message from you Example: Business Name “Subscription Renewal Confirmation“ You have an excellent reputation for always delivering useful, valuable content. Your main priority may be to ensure people recognize your s.

29 Get it wrong from the first line - it will most likely go in the bin.
Name and salutations : most personal things in the communication piece and subscribers see them before they even get to the main feature. Get it wrong from the first line - it will most likely go in the bin. Fisrtname_fix Example: bOB or BOB - Bob

30 Reason To Not Personalize Subject Line
No real relationship with your subscriber and personalizing may seem as being artificial or spammy.“ A name takes away space you might use to greater effect with other copy. People typing anything in subscription box for first name just to get through the registration process Inaccurate or unreliable data will make it clear to readers that you really don't know who they are. That's worse than no personalization. Obvious typos Lots of spam puts first names in the subject line so perception (based on experience) that such s are either spam or marketing messages

31 Subject Line Examples Question form subject line – “Danny, are you sick and tired of your Boss?” Commands action subject line – “Act now, Patricia, and get this once in a lifetime opportunity!” Use a subject that says your contains teaching content – “Dottie, use this guide to get past the stumbling blocks.” Create curiosity – “Barbara, here's something you wouldn't expect....” Create scarcity and urgency – “John, the doors are opening again for only 48 hours….” Use breaking news as your subject – “Phil, my product just went LIVE!”

32 Message Personalize – This can increase sales by as much as 300%. Content of your (The Body) – Get your opt-in subscribers to trust you quickly. Remember – KNOW YOU, LIKE YOU, TRUST YOU. It has been tested by marketers all over that personalization can increase sales by as much as 300%. Make them feel they are part of your life. Give them the opportunity to get to know who “YOU” really are. It is a way for you to separate your name from the rest of the field.

33 Broadcast Messages

34 Broadcast Messages Scheduled Sending Follow-up messages are sent in
sequence, one after another. Broadcast messages are sent once at a specific date and time. Create a time/date-specific broadcast and schedule its sending. Send repeat broadcasts to reinforce your message. Messages can be sent to any or all of your lists, depending on the content or the intention of the broadcast. Send your newsletters, promotional sales offers, date- and time-specific mailings, just to keep in contact with your lists.


36 you decide your interval style.
Follow Up Series you decide your interval style. Two common interval styles: • RAPID FIRE: One after another. So you could possibly send a message out everyday or even twice a day or more. I wouldn’t recommend this unless your in a niche that tolerates aggressive marketing… (Make Money Online Niche) • SPACED: Sending out one or two messages a week, and then waiting 1or 2 weeks. When used correctly, people on the list begin to anticipate and wait for the messages. What these two styles have in common, is that they’re both consistent.

37 Follow Up Email Series Build Relationships First
It’s always important that you know how to create follow up messages in your autoresponder. The thing you should focus on is building your relationship with your list. Don’t initially think of selling first. Think “Pre-sell.” Before anything is sold, you have to establish yourself as a reliable source. Create With Confidence- Don’t sweat over follow up messages – your prospects are waiting for you!

38 Follow Up

39 Follow Up

40 Follow Up Email Series Follow-Up Email 1
Send immediately after your customer/subscriber takes action. Welcome them and re-assure that the right decision has been made. Mention the product or newsletter name again. Include any product download pages Your main goal is an introduction to you and to make sure the customer/subscriber gets what they opted in for. Again give product links and tell them where they can get support for any issues. The subscriber needs to be familiarized with the product or newsletter name. If you have an affiliate program, you can mention that as well, but make it a soft pitch.

41 Follow-Up 2 Start with mentioning the product or newsletter name again. Let the subscriber know what they can do with the downloaded files and how to actually download them. Assure them your there for them Ask them how they are doing with the product Give any additional resources you may have to offer. You can mention your affiliate program if you haven’t yet. By mentioning the product, you remind the customer what you are talking about. Let the subscriber know what they can use the downloads for. You may want to mention your affiliate program at this time if you have not yet, or remind them how they can sign up for it so they know they can make money with your product. Give some incentive to get things going.

42 Follow-Up Email 3 Ask if they have had time to work with your product.
Ask how your product has helped solve any problems for the customer, or what you may add to make it even better. You can recommend other products, resources, etc., that you have, but keep it a very soft pitch. Use related content in your follow up to presell your offer.

43 Follow-Up 4 Offer nothing else than your personal help. Build a relationship. Include something of value that relates to your original product or to an upcoming or previous offer. How many follow-ups in a series? You can continue it on as long as you want. The follow-up is all about building relationships and creating the right first impression. Focus on delivering and over delivering value No selling, no nothing. Just personal help…. You do not need to stop your follow-up. But this is the minimum of what you need to get started with.

44 Crafting Your Email Message
Remember to inject your personality and style as you are building your list. Promote the things that excite you. Keep your content light, creative and original. Provide good content. Focus on Value Outline the benefits of your product and services. Provide a clear image of what you are offering. Give a simple yet strong clear call to action If people aren't on the same wavelength as you, they won't be open to your offers – so promote the things that excite you. Honest enthusiasm will always come through in your offers. Explain why they need what you are offering. Don’t leave people guessing.

45 Use Social Proof…. Use Social Proof – This is a powerful psychological mechanism by which we look to others to guide our own actions. “If everyone else is doing it, so can I.” Example – “Product name” has now been labeled "the runaway hit of the summer." There have already been over 5,000 copies of “product name” sold in the first 4 days. Use testimonials as social proof and credibility.

46 Use Urgency and Scarcity
Fear of loss is one of our biggest motivators. You will become effective when you become good at communicating that something is time-sensitive or quantity-bound. Take a look at your own action: What do you do when you feel the sense of urgency or scarcity? As human beings, we do not want to miss out on anything, or at least want to have the opportunity to find out about something.

47 Example of Scarcity and Urgency
Why is it so important for you to be ready the moment it goes LIVE? Not only do I not want you to miss out on the bonus package that I will be offering you, but also because of the fast action bonuses that “product owner” is getting ready for you. They will be as follows: First 77 Buyers (expected in first minute of going live) Bonus = TBA (To Be Announced) live on the sales letter First 7 Minutes Bonus = TBA First 77 Minutes First 7 Hours First 77 Hours First 7 Days You will have to act fast to get in on these AWESOME bonus deals. They will be gone soon. If you miss the deadline… then you have already missed out. Don't let them all get away from you. Why shouldn't it be you that gets the goods?

48 Eliminate Risk to Customer
The Money Back Guarantee: The clearer, stronger and more detailed the guarantee, the more credibility and impact it will have on a buyer. This will eliminate the feeling of taking some kind of a big risk if they purchase.

49 Call to Action Make sure you give a clear call to action – specific instructions prompting the reader to take specific action. You must lay out exactly what you want the recipients of your message to do.

50 Provide an Unsubscribe Link
To unsubscribe or change subscriber options, visit: com/z/r/?LAwc jEyMwszGyM What the Law Requires – The CAN-SPAM Act requires that your give recipients an opt-out method, and you must honor it. You don’t want to have a lot of unhappy subscribers on your list – or worse, a high amount of SPAM complaints.


52 Signature File The text you insert at the end of all your emails.
Identifies you, your company, and your products and services. Should contain company name, contact details, website address and marketing tag line. Can also be used as a marketing or sales tool. A signature file is a powerful marketing and communication tools available to businesses. Make sure you use one! A signature file is the text you insert at the end of all your s which identifies you, your company, and your products and services. At a minimum, it should contain your company name, your contact details, your website address and your marketing tag line. Signature files should be a maximum 6 lines of information. In addition to providing contact information and establishing your credentials, signatures can also be used as a marketing or sales tool. Using signature files to promote your business is a great way to advertise your products and services for free. A signature file is a powerful marketing and communication tools available to businesses. Make sure you use one!

53 Mailing Address of Your Business
You must provide a mailing address and contact information for your business. Your message must include your valid physical postal address. your current street address, a post office box you’ve registered with the U.S. Postal Service, or a private mailbox you’ve registered with a commercial mail receiving agency established under Postal Service regulations

54 Test Your Okay, the last point in this section of marketing is *VERY* important. Check and test your . Check formatting Check all the links. Check the spelling.

55 Check & Test Your Email Step 2 Step 3 Click Step1Click
Fill with your address Step 3 Click Step1Click

56 Spam Check Look for a score of 5 or lower (the lower the better).


58 Using the Canned You just spent a good deal of time and effort (and maybe even some ad dollars) to get subscribers. You then put even more time and effort into building a relationship with them. So why would you want to send them a canned pitch? It might be great copy and has been tested for conversion, but they are not you. We are not saying that you can’t take advantage of the pre-written s. Copying their structure and using some of the power words they include is totally okay! It might be great copy and has been tested for conversion, but they are not you. We are not saying that you can’t take advantage of the pre-written s. Copying their structure and using some of the power words they include is totally okay!

59 It is crucial to put your personality into the message.
We are all extremely busy and it is really easy to just copy and paste. Take the time to craft your own copy, in your own writing style. Remember, your personality is what makes your mailing list unique. It is crucial that you change the message to reflect your own writing style, and that you put your personality into it. Stop for just a second and think about what you have seen in the past when a new product has launched. How did you feel about getting the same copy-and-paste from 20 different marketers? You will get far, far better results with your own copy than by trying to pitch your list with some cookie-cutter ad that every amateur marketer on the web will be using.

60 What to Promote to Your List
Be picky about what you promote. Be HONEST when making your recommendations! Know exactly what you are promoting and that it is actually worth the value. The Affiliate products you promote often come with their own articles and swipe s for promotion. You can use these also in your follow up messages when promoting through your follow up series. Take the time to be sure that everything you recommend is of legitimate value. Nothing will turn your subscribers away more quickly than a blatant attempt to fill them full of hype and hot air just so you can make a few quick bucks. Take time to go through the product that you are trying to sell your list on ahead of time. (Especially if it is a marketer or a product you are not familiar with.)

61 In Summary Let your voice shine through. After all, you are the list owner and responsible for building the relationship. Over-deliver. Stay in contact. Build credibility and become the marketer of choice. Do this by always delivering great content that will benefit your list and help them succeed. Always test and look for ways to improve. Don’t let fear hold you back! Develop the skills of writing your s and getting the results you want.

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