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PCRRT meeting June 22-24, 2000 Timothy E. Bunchman Professor Pediatrics.

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1 PCRRT meeting June 22-24, 2000 Timothy E. Bunchman Professor Pediatrics

2 bunchman Conception of the PCRRT meeting zDiscussions from intensivists and nephrologists need for a forum for discussions of issues unique to PCRRT zGrowth of the San Diego meeting of Dr Mehtas that is now in its 5 year zA realization that PCRRT it more then just for ARF but may be helpful in sepsis, ECMO, hepatic support

3 bunchman Pediatric Choice of RRT UMHS # on RRT/yr Year of RRT

4 bunchman Why more CRRT? zImproved access zImproved or adapted machinery zCombined interests of Pediatric Nephrologist and Intensivist zCRRT identified as more gentle due to more severe illness of disease in children with more hemodynamic instability

5 bunchman Etiology of need of RRT (Parekh et al, Adv RRT, Vol 3, 326-336, 1996 ) zPrimary renal failure-44% zSepsis-17% zCongenital Heart Disease-16% zBone Marrow Transplant-7% zUrea Cycle Defects-6% zHeart/Liver Transplantation-5% zHemolytic Uremic Syndrome-3% zRenal Transplantation-1%

6 bunchman Organizers of the PCRRT meeting zAndree Gardner: Administrator Peds Dialysis zDiane Hilfinger: Administrator Peds Nephrology zBrad Wise: Office of CME-UMHS zTim Kudelka RN, BSN yformer Peds Critical Care nurse, presently Peds Dialysis nurse and more importantly THE WEB MASTER

7 bunchman Speakers at the PCRRT meeting zIntensivists zNorma J Maxvold MD yKalamazoo MI zPeter W Skippen MD yVancouver BC zJoe V DiCarlo MD yStanford Univ zTheresa Mottes RN yformer Critical Care z Nephrologists z William R Clark MD yAdult Neph IN U z Patrick D. Brophy MD yPeds Neph Fellow UMHS z William E. Smoyer MD yUMHS z Theresa Mottes RN ypresent Dialysis Nurse

8 bunchman Support for the PCRRT meeting zGambro Health Care zFresenius Medical Care zB. Braun Medical Inc zEdwards Life Sciences zBaxter Health Care Corp z Arrow International Inc z Cook Critical Care z Kendall (Quinton) z Med Comp z Amgen Inc.

9 bunchman Endorsement of the PCRRT meeting zDr Ravindra Mehta: Organizer CRRT meeting zIra Greifer MD yInternational Pediatric Nephrology Association zTim Yeh MD ySection of Critical Care of the American Academy of Pediatrics zThose of you who came, who called who said it was a good idea

10 bunchman What is the Goal? zTo learn from each other zTo improve the quality of care of children with need for PCRRT zTo improve communication between Intensivists and Nephrologist zTo have a good time

11 bunchman Folks that make my job easy zJohn Gardner RN, BSN zTheresa Mottes RN zTim Kudelka RN, BSN zLaura Dorsey RN zBetsy Adams RN zCritical Care Nursing z Patrick Brophy MD z Kevin McBryde MD z Norma Maxvold MD z Andree Gardner z Diane Hilfinger

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