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Recent Accomplishments of the Derelict Vessel Task Force

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1 Recent Accomplishments of the Derelict Vessel Task Force

2 Major Accomplishments
Ch 9030 of NWACP - Derelict Vessel Best Mgt Practices Standardization of Terminology Abbreviated Authorities Matrix Standardization of Reporting Standardization of Risk Matrix Improved Notice Sticker and New Warning Letter Expansion & Maintenance of Database Draft Training Presentations Development of Draft Ideas & Recommendations

3 Chapter 9030 I Purpose II Acronyms & Abbreviations III Definitions IV Background V Operations A. Prevention B. Assessments C. Safety D. Response Operations E. Points of Contact VI Federal & State Authorities

4 Defining the Problem w/ Standard Terminology

5 Abbreviated Authorities Matrix

6 Standard Reporting Form

7 Standard Risk Matrix

8 Improved Notice Sticker & Letter of Concern
Use std terminology found in “Defining the Problem Graphic”, Reporting Form & Risk Matrix Sites specific conditions of concern Provides opportunity for corrective action Outlines potential consequences of inaction

9 Database Now reflects terminology & data fields of improved reporting form and risk matrix

10 Draft Training Presentations
Data Base Training USCG Auxiliary Training Job Aid for Law Enforcement Agencies Presentation for NGO’s All found on RRT/NWAC DVTF Tab

11 Draft Ideas 9 ideas w/ varying ability for action by RRT/NWAC
All within Area of Concern due to potential consequences of inaction All ideas are well within area of influence One is within the direct control of the RRT/NWAC

12 National Level Ideas Require all vessels of concern & all commercial vessels to carry a bond or insurance to cover the cost of removal and disposal if left derelict or abandoned Establish a Federal Mitigation Bank, funding maritime government agency’s capacity to remove and dispose of Abandoned Derelict Vessels

13 Regional Level Ideas Amend vessel registration requirements to provide for more efficient tracking and designation of Vessels of Concern Establish clear definitions relative to the life cycle of a vessel that is on the glide path to become a derelict or abandoned vessel which eventually puts a removal burden on the public Enable public officials to intervene proactively and effectively upon designation that a boat is a Vessel of Concern Establish State-Owned Aquatic Lands Leasing application review process

14 Regional Level Ideas Continue Program Alignment
Strengthen Inter-Agency Investigation Cooperation Disposal Guidance (DEQ, DOE)

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