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Solomon Islands.

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1 Solomon Islands

2 Government Danny Philip
The Solomon Islands have a Parliamentary Democracy and a Commonwealth Realm. Danny Philip is the current Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands Danny Philip

3 Economy The Solomon Islands has a basic primary trade for their economy.So it usaly trades natrul resorces. Their exports are timber, fish, copra, palm oil and cocoa.Their imports are food, plant and equipment, manufactured goods, fuels, chemicals. Very unsuccessful economy. Palm Oil Food (Banana)

4 General Geography World View Map

5 Physical Geography Physical Map

6 Political Geography Political Map

7 Climate Climate Graph The Solomon Islands have a tropical climate.
The Solomon Islands are close to the equator so the have tropical.

8 Country Flag Island Flag
The stars symbolize the five main groups of islands. Yellow stands for the sun, the blue for water and the green in for lands, its trees and food crops Island Flag

9 Currency 1 EUR = USD 1 USD = EUR Solomon Islands Money

10 Two Cultural Visuals In the Solomon Islands there is 65 languages but english is the official. Islander

11 Two Cultural Visuals Lavalavas
Dress in shorts, skirts, t-shirts and lavalavas, which are large rectangular pieces. Lavalavas

12 Video See the full video at

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