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The seven days of creation

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1 The seven days of creation
Caolán Flanagan

2 The First day On the first day God made light, which he named ‘day’, and darkness, which he named ‘night’.

3 The Second day On the second day, god made a dome in the heavens, which he named, ‘sky’.

4 The Third day On the third day, gad said, “Let the waters be gathered together and let dry land appear”. God named the water ‘sea’ and the land ‘earth’.

5 The Fourth day On the fourth day, god made lights in the sky to shine day and night. He named the lights ‘sun’ and ‘moon’.

6 The Fifth day On the fifth day, God made water filled with every kind of living thing, and air filled with birds. He named all the birds of the sky. God also filled the earth with every kind of animal, and He named them all. .

7 The sixth day On the fifth day god said let the earth be filled with every kind of animal and he named them all.

8 Also on the sixth day God said let there be man and women and children in my own image and likeness. And so it was.

9 The seventh day On the seventh day god rested. He looked at everything.

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