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RE Believing in God.

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1 RE Believing in God

2 Believing in God (a) What does agnostic mean? (2)
(b) Describe one religious experience(6) (c) Explain how a religious upbringing might encourage someone to believe in God (8) (d) There is plenty of evidence that God exists” (4)

3 (a) Marking Partially correct 1 mark Correct 2 marks

4 (a) answer Agnostic is someone who believes there may be something but is not sure whether to believe in God or not. (2 marks) Agnostic is not believing in God (1 mark)

5 (b) marking Level 1 an isolated example of relevant knowledge (2 marks) Level 2 basic relevant knowledge in limited structure (4 marks) Level 3 organised description of relevant knowledge using specialist vocab (6 marks)

6 (b) answer A miracle is an amazing event that defies the laws of nature and could only be explained as an act of God.(2) Christians believe in miracles because in the Bible (Gospels) it explains how Jesus healed a paralysed man.(4) Christians believe miracles can happen today. If someone is terminally ill and prays for help and then they recover they would believe it was God who made them recover. (6)

7 (c) marking Level 1 isolated example of relevant knowledge. 2 marks
Level 2 basic relevant knowledge in a limited structure. 4 marks Level 3 organised description of relevant knowledge using specialist vocab. 6 marks Level 4 comprehensive description of relevant knowledge with specialist vocab. 8 marks

8 (c ) answer A religious upbringing might encourage someone to believe in God because they see worship and belief as a normal part of life. (2) A Muslim upbringing involves being taught to pray five times per day and going to the Mosque.(4) Children would also go to the Madrasah to learn Arabic in order to read the teachings of the Qur’an properly. (6)The children would then fully understand them and follow the Islamic guidelines. The parents would also ensure that children keep to the food and dress laws and fast once a year in Ramadan. (8)

9 (d) marking Level 1 an opinion with 1 relevant reason. 1 mark
Level 2 basic for and against. 2 marks Level 3 reasoned evaluation, using a religious argument refers to another point of view. 3 marks Level 4 coherent evaluation based on religious arguments, balanced account with personal conclusion. 4 marks

10 (d) answer A Christian would agree with this as they only have to see how beautiful and complex the world is to realise it must have been designed and made by God. This is the teleological argument as stated by Paley. He argued that if you found a watch you wouldn’t assume it was there by chance. You would know it was designed and made. (2) A Muslim would agree with the statement as the Qur’an is the word of God and therefore give them evidence that Allah exists. (3)I disagree as it could be argued there is no evidence for the existence of God as the Big Bang has proved an explosion created the earth not God (4)

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