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RE Revision Believing in God.

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1 RE Revision Believing in God

2 Believing in God (a) What does omnipotent mean? (2)
(b) “The first cause must be God” Do you agree? Give two reasons (4) (c) Explain the response of one religion to the problem of suffering(8) (d) “God gives meaning and purpose to life” Give reason for your view (3) Give reasons why someone might disagree with you (3)

3 What does Omnipotent mean?
Omnipotent means that God is all powerful (2)

4 Outline response to suffering
Islam considers suffering to be the result of inequality and injustice in the world. (2) They believe that the devil is tempting people away from God and the right path in life.(4) To ease suffering Muslims give money to charity throughout the year and at special occasions and they fast once a year at Ramadan to remember what it is to be poor. It also shows equality as hunger is the same for everyone. (6) They also try to ease suffering by giving money (Zakat) each year which is sent to Muslims charities and can support those suffering after natural disasters. (8)

5 Causation I think that God is the first cause. Aquinas argued that life is a chain of cause and effect. Everything needs to be made to happen. If we trace back the causes of everything there must be a first cause that started everything off. This first cause must have existed before everything else. The only thing that could have done this is God. I think that God didn’t need to be the first cause as scientists have proved that the Big bang created the universe and it didn’t need God to do this.

6 God gives meaning I disagree as if you do not believe in God you can still live an exciting life with meaning. You can create your own goals and achievements in life without the guidance of religion. For example I want to be a teacher and this will mean my purpose in life is to teach young people and help them reach their potential. Christians would agree with the statement as they believe that God has a plan for everyone and in the Bible it says he knows them before they are born. Muslims would agree with this as in the Qur’an it tells them their purpose for life is to be a good Muslim and to have children. By knowing God and living a life devoted to him they believe that they will receive their reward in heaven which also gives them a goal.

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