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Presentation for the National Press Club Collections Management Software for Museums and Archives January 25, 2005.

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1 Presentation for the National Press Club Collections Management Software for Museums and Archives January 25, 2005

2 PRESENTATION OVERVIEW Re : Company Profile Product Overview Technical Overview Services Optional Add-ons Selected Client List Why Choose Re:discovery? Product Demonstration Questions

3 COMPANY PROFILE Re : Core Products Visual Re:discovery (database application) Rediscovery for Internet (web interface) A Single Application for All Your Collections Needs Founder David L. Edwards: 1988 -- Software Engineer Company Overview

4 Re : COMPANY PROFILE 1988: Collections Management Prototype: The Thomas Jefferson Foundation (Monticello) Company History Collections Archives & Research Library Archaeological Records Slide Library Results: A Complete Collections Management System Product Development and Updates: Based Upon Client Feedback & Technological Advances

5 Re : COMPANY PROFILE Company History: Recent Years 1997: Re:discovery for Internet introduced 1999: New database technology supporting Microsofts SQL server database 2000: Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) Accreditation (re-accredited in 2003) 2001: Z39.50 Implementation introduced 2003: GSA Information Technology Contract 2004: Re:discovery Training Module introduced

6 Re : COMPANY PROFILE Personnel & Divisions Overview Personnel Backgrounds: Museum Curatorial Positions Software Production Positions Four Divisions: Technical Support & Client Services Team Software Engineering & Research Team Administrative Services Team Marketing and Sales Team

7 Re : COMPANY PROFILE Central Office: Charlottesville, Virginia Two Offices Western Regional Office: Boise, Idaho

8 Visual Re:discovery Re:discovery for Internet Re:discovery Training Module Re : PRODUCT OVERVIEW

9 Research Library/Archives Collections Management Archaeology Slide Library Images Structured Lexicon Conservation Services Re : PRODUCT OVERVIEW Visual Re:discovery Modules:

10 Describe archives and manuscripts at the collection, series, file unit, and item level. View collections hierarchically. MARC Compatible: - Import, export, create, view, & update MARC records Export data in SGML or XML format. Re : PRODUCT OVERVIEW Archives Module Features

11 Re : PRODUCT OVERVIEW Archives Module Features Use Quick Report to create report formats and output data in HTML Print a cross-referenced index for the collection. Import scanned text to selected fields. Search across all levels of the archival hierarchy.


13 Re : PRODUCT OVERVIEW Image capture, display, & browsing Attach up to 999 digitized images to a record. Display up to 12 thumbnail images at once with options to print and zoom images. Using an integrated Interface, link to image management software such as Adobe Photoshop. Imaging


15 Re : PRODUCT OVERVIEW Standard Features Data Entry Tools -Autofill/Set Default Values -Copy Records/Fields -Variety of Field Types Authority Controls Export/Import Data Word Search Report Generators Security Settings Help System Screen Appearance

16 Web interface for searching & browsing data Public access for research Customizable templates Match graphic standards to current website design Designate fields and records for public viewing. Re : PRODUCT OVERVIEW Re:discovery for Internet


18 Re : PRODUCT OVERVIEW Computer-based, user driven, interactive training tool. Complements & reinforces on-site training courses. Menu of lessons for learning selected tasks. Available anytime to train new staff or as a refresher for current staff. Re:discovery Training Module


20 Re : OTHER ADD-ON MODULES Conservation Services Provides full tracking of conservation activities. Barcode Update Use barcode technology to track object location changes in database and to conduct collection inventories. Core of Discovery Enhanced search based on a unique matrix of related words derived from the clients data. z39.50 Server Search across databases from different institutions simultaneously.

21 Database Options: SQL Server 7 SQL Server 2000 Oracle 8 Visual FoxPro Network Operating Systems: Windows 2003 Windows 2000 Windows NT 4.0 Re : TECHNICAL OVERVIEW Technical Information

22 Re : SERVICES Database Conversion End User Training System Configuration On-Going User Support Technical & Programming Services Services Offered

23 Archives Clients Rockefeller Archive Center, Sleepy Hollow, NY Florida State Archives, Tallahassee, FL Bostonian Society, Boston, MA Tufts University Archives, Medford, MA Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC National Park Service, Washington DC MacArthur Memorial Foundation, Norfolk, VA Bates College Archives, Lewiston, ME Greensboro Historical Museum, Greensboro, NC Re : SELECTED CLIENT LIST

24 Joanne Avant, Chief Curator, Texas Parks and Wildlife …in carefully examining (Visual Re:discovery) compared to five other software packages, the best value for us was Re:discovery Software Re : WHY CHOOSE RE:DISCOVERY Kathleen Byrne, Museum Registrar, National Park Service …I have had a close working relationship with the company since 1995…it has been a pleasure to do business with them. Re:discovery is honest, responsible, and truly concerned about customer satisfaction… Martha Battle Jackson, Registrar, North Carolina Historic Sites …I have been very pleased with how easy it (Visual Re:discovery) was to learn, how user-friendly it is and how easily I have been able to train others in its use.

25 Re : WHY CHOOSE RE:DISCOVERY Powerful and Flexible Solution for all Collection Types: Archives, Reference Library and Museum collections can be managed within a single system. Field Tested Product Software: Reliable product that can be configured to meet the specific needs of the National Press Club. Ease of Use: Re:discovery offers an intuitive & efficient end user interface. Excellent Customer Service: Technical Questions answered quickly, expertly & courteously.

26 Re : WHY CHOOSE RE:DISCOVERY Cost Effective: Staff works efficiently with streamlined data entry and research capabilities. A dedicated system administrator is not required. Commitment to Continuous Research and Development: RSI provides and implements new technologies as they emerge. Interactive Training Tool: Cost effective, self-paced end user training for staff, volunteers, and interns.

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