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Write Down Whatever is in PINK!

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1 Write Down Whatever is in PINK!
Re-Discovering Theme Course Target: I will read and analyze a variety of short stories, non fiction, novels, technical selections, and classical works of literary merit Write Down Whatever is in PINK!

2 Why are we re-looking at theme?
Because now that you are in 10th Grade you are expected to discover and defend arguments about themes presented in literature on your own!

3 Many begin analyzing literature by confusing subject with theme, below are the stated differences:
Subject: The general topic discussed Theme: What the novel implies we should think about the subject To discover theme, it is helpful to recognize a work’s subject first, then think about how the author feels about the subject.

4 What is the subject of this art?
What is the theme/what does the picture imply we should think about the subject?

5 Theme: The general idea or insight about life that a story reveals
Theme: The general idea or insight about life that a story reveals. The theme usually is not stated directly. You must develop your own idea about the theme based on the story and the characters’ actions.

6 Step-By-Step Theme Strategy
Read the passage. Note any repeating words, images, or ideas. Think about the story and how it ends. Then, select one word that you think is the most important and write it down. (Do not choose a character’s name.) Next, think about why the word is important. Write down how the word relates to The characters: What are the characters like? How do they change? The conflict: What causes the conflict? Who is involved in the struggle? The resolution: How is the conflict resolved? What do the characters learn from their struggles? 4. Review your ideas about the word/subject, and write a statement of theme. Remember that themes should always be written as complete sentences.

7 Example of the Step-by-Step Theme Strategy
Most Important Word Discipline Characters; Helen Keller is an undisciplined child who throws temper tantrums and tries to drive Annie off by misbehaving. Helen’s parents don’t discipline Helen because they feel sorry for her. Annie Sullivan is determined to discipline Helen so that Helen becomes self-reliant and open to learning. Conflict: Annie Sullivan wants to teach Helen to communicate, but Helen lacks the discipline to learn. Resolution: Annie teaches Helen self-discipline, and Helen begins to learn. Theme: One must learn self-discipline before one can learn anything.

8 Tips After you read the selection, look at the title to see if it provides any clues about the theme of the story. Don’t worry if the theme you identified is different from someone else’s. Selections of literature usually have more than one theme.

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