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February 2010

2 Target Consumer: Social Dynamos+
Key Demos 40/60 Male/ Female 21 – 40 YO Median Personal/HHI: $60K College Educated Heavy users of all media types Ethnically Diverse Values Life is about enjoying yourself Like to try new products Value friends and fun They appreciate quality Interested in what’s new and trendy Source: MRI/CCS Carat Data; PRUSA Consumer Segmentation

3 Why Malibu Cocktails? Why the Pouch?
Malibu Cocktails leverages the SSOM strategy by offering consumers more convenient ways to consume Malibu during key outdoor/summer activities Opportunity to steal share in a category that’s a perfect fit for Malibu Diageo dominates the category; 53% share with 5 key brands – Smirnoff Cocktails, JC Authentics/Golden Margaritas, TGIF, Club Cocktails Prepared Cocktails represents nearly $70mm in Nielsen volume sales Why the Pouch? Innovative new packaging for pre-mixed cocktails Perfect for refrigerator/cooler Ideal for on-the-go occasions BBQ/Picnic Boat Beach/Pool Camping/fishing

4 Consumers are Excited about Malibu Cocktails in the Pouch
A natural extension of Malibu Differentiated from other cocktails currently available Source: Malibu Pre-mixed Cocktail Research

5 Introducing Malibu Cocktails
A line of quality, pre-made Caribbean cocktails that taste just like the favorite island drinks you order when you’re on a tropical vacation. Perfect for any occasion, whether you’re having a get-together, BBQ, or simply on-the-go. Just pour over ice for a perfectly mixed cocktail every time. Available in three flavors: Caribbean Cosmo Rum Punch Tropical Mojito Tropical Seabreeze *Not shown Price: Parity to Smirnoff Cocktails $19.99 (1.75 L) 30 Proof (15% alc/vol)

6 Launch Detail: Package Design
Innovative, unique design with shelf stand-out and premium cues New Malibu Cocktails logo. Incorporates Malibu “white” of master brand Soft plastic pouch with leak proof dispenser nozzle Reduced environmental impact. 85% reduced carbon footprint compared to glass Quick chilling time and stays fresh once opened Refreshing graphics increase taste appeal. (non see-through plastic material) # of drinks equivalency on front of package

7 Launch Detail: PR & Social Media
Building the Buzz Build awareness and consumer interest through Facebook interaction - Details TBD Trade & Consumer Press Announcement through key media outlets Details TBD

8 Cocktails Product Description
Rum Punch Blend of Malibu Coconut, pineapple, banana, passion fruit, and mango flavors Caribbean Cosmo Blend of Malibu Coconut, lime, orange and cranberry flavors Tropical Mojito Blend of Malibu Coconut, mango, mint, and kaffir lime flavors Tropical Seabreeze *Not shown Malibu Coconut, Cranberry, Pineapple and Grapefruit

9 Malibu Cocktails: Top Five Things to Know
Malibu Cocktails is a new product line of pre-mixed cocktails from Malibu Three flavors: Rum Punch* - lead cocktail Caribbean Cosmo Tropical Mojito Malibu Cocktails offer consumers convenience for on-the-go occasions Pouch format is ideal for: BBQ/Picnic Boat Beach Camping/fishing Malibu Cocktails are only offered in the uniquely designed, environment friendly 1.75L plastic pouch. (Currently no other spirits in pouch format in market) Malibu Cocktails (30 proof) contain Malibu Coconut along with other flavors (same proof as Smirnoff Flavors) 100% off-premise distribution with primary focus on building presence and awareness via permanent displays


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