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Re- Imagine through Animation

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1 Re- Imagine through Animation

2 What is Animation? What does animation mean? Why do we animate?
Can you think of examples of animation?

3 Animation Animation - The technique of making inanimate objects or drawings appear to move in motion pictures or computer graphics Something to think about. . . Synonyms (words with similar meanings) Aliveness, living, and life

4 Our artist: William Kentridge
Contemporary South American artist Make small changes to art and photographs each change In the end each change is put together and made into a film Next up: Let’s listen to William Kentridge speak about his process

5 Different Types of Animation
While there are many ways to “animate” objects, animators often use one of two techniques. With two dimensional art like drawings or cartoons, multiple drawings are made with small changes made in sequence. Each drawing is photographed and put together to create the illusion of movement. If animators use sculptural figures, the movements of the objects are photographed in a technique called stop motion.

6 Different types of Animation
Stop motion This process involves moving an object in small increments, photographing or filming each change. When the pictures are put together and played back in sequence, the object appears to be animated. Do you recognize this?

7 Stop Motion Animation Animators use many different materials to create their figures such as found objects or clay Let’s look at some examples . . . “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” Tim Burton, “The Corpse Bride”

8 What will we be doing? Create your clay character
Your character should: Be an animal, person, or object Be original. . . (No superman!) Use a mixture of clay and objects provided in the class Creations should be movable and durable After we have characters, your group will create a background for your scene. Be imaginative with your background. Draw your setting and feel free to use any props that you would like.

9 The Filming Process Question: What filming process do you think we are doing? Stop motion You are going to create the “illusion” of movement by photographing the changes you make to your characters and then putting them together like a puzzle and showing them rapidly in sequence

10 It’s showtime . . . Remember the most important thing is
USE Your IMAGINATION and HAVE FUN ! Next week we will view our “movies” and discuss the process and your experiences.

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