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Vending machine re-design.

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1 Vending machine re-design.
What to keep, what to toss? Felipe Ribeiro & Lucas Longo

2 Guiding questions: How can we improve the Metro Card buying experience for individual users? Less time required to complete a transaction. Less clicks on the screen to get what you want. Faster understanding of each screen’s function. Greater customer satisfaction. Create a ‘smart’ interface that remembers users to speed up recurring purchases.

3 Current usage: Interaction constitutes a series of screens displayed pending on user input. Screen options are text based buttons. Machine is color coded to separate/distinguish each action area. 3 types of interfaces/interactions: Touch screen Card readers Number input pad Screens occur sequentially, and require the user to input all information each and every time he wants to buy a Metro Card. AUDIO option available - not analyzed

4 General sequence: START LANGUAGE
TYPE (Buy 5 Get 6, MetroCard, SingleRide) TRANSACTION (Refill, Info, New card) PAYMENT METHOD (Cash, Credit Card, ATM) PAYMENT AMOUNT INPUT (insert cash or card) CONFIRMATION (you have selected…) RECEIPT

5 Some Examples of usage

6 Some Examples of usage

7 Must-see screens Transaction screens Common payment screens

Time taken for users to understand a particular frame and make a decision. ACTION: Time required for users to respond (touch the screen) to communicate their decision. SPEED: Reduce total time of completing each transaction Reduce errors (go back/restart) LAG TIME: The sum of the time taken to understand and respond to each frame is the time taken to complete a whole transaction.

Rearrange logic/mapping of the screens to shorten path to final desired option. Reduce number of screens and touches/clicks NOT complicate/clutter individual screens making them less legible or less translatable NEW FEATURES: FastBuy & more short-cut options Subway map/schedule printout option VENDING MACHINE LAYOUT: Use Metro Card, Credit Card, or ATM as inputs. Improve card readers placement next to screen.

10 Screen Redesign Proposals
Start & Language screens Use Language Selection screen as start screen Use flags instead of text Add more languages Metro Card Type screen Include more short-cuts Include icons Payment Method & Amount screens Unify screens - method and amounts in one screen ALL screens Simplify phrases Show past options to be able to go back faster Basic vs. Advanced user options

11 Start/language screen
English Español Italiano Français Start screen removed Flags inserted More language options Deutsch 日本(国) 中国 대한민국

12 MetroCard type? MetroCard Type screen New Refill Fast Refill $10 $20
Single Ride Valid for 2 hours. More options Icons inserted More shortcuts Regular Metro Card Regular Metro Card Fast Refill $10 Unlimited Ride Unlimited Ride + $2 BONUS $20 + $4 BONUS

13 Payment Method & Amount Screens
Amount and method? $10 + $2 BONUS $20 + $4 BONUS $40 + $8 BONUS Other amount OK $ 0.00 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Cash Credit Card ATM PIN Code OK XXXX 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Unified payment method, amounts screen, value input screens Show ‘history’ of selection

14 Machine Redesign Proposals
Card Readers: Place card readers next to the screen so that screen can indicate where to insert/remove cards. Lights to indicate where to insert/remove cards. Number pad: Remove Credit Card/ATM number pad - use screen to input data. May not be allowed by the banks. Start process: Allow users to insert Cash, Credit Card, ATM, or Metro Card before making any selection. Reduces number of screen selections necessary.

15 Machine Redesign Proposals
TO START: Touch screen, insert MetroCard, Cash, ATM, or Credit Card (light) Place card readers next to the screen Lights to indicate where to insert/remove cards. Removed number pad Start by inserting Cash, Credit Card, ATM, or Metro Card (light) (light) (light) (light)

16 FastBuy option: Persistent identity saves time
Verify identity via Credit Card/ATM - issue Metro Card according to stored preferences (web): Type of MetroCard to be renewed (weekly, monthly, etc…) Payment source to be used - could be different credit card than one used for identification for corporate accounts for example

17 FastBuy option:

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