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Positive Behavior Management and Discipline

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1 Positive Behavior Management and Discipline
Oak Knoll Elementary School Adrienne Grainger Smith

2 School Wide-Discipline Plan School Rules
“Owl” show courtesy and respect for others. “Owl” support and participate in the learning process. “Owl” show respect for property. “Owl” be prepared, ready to work an don task until finished. “Owl” use safe and responsible conduct at all times.

3 Owl Behavior Color Coding
This system is used in the classrooms and the cafeteria. Owl Card- Excellent Behavior Blue Card- Warning Green Card- Time Out Yellow Card- Loss of Privilege Red Card- Phone call or note home

4 Link System Students/classes can earn links by exhibiting appropriate behavior and receiving compliments. Teachers give rewards once the class has reached a specified number of links (25). The rewards should be created by the teacher and class. Examples of Places where links can be earned Hallway Specials Cafeteria

5 Owl Behavior Incentive Program
Students can earn Positive Behavior Point slips for exhibiting appropriate behavior. Each slip equals 1 point. Points can be saved and turned in for prizes/rewards. Slips will double or triple in value during high traffic times (ex. week before or after a holiday)

6 Oak Knoll Elementary School Positive Behavior Matrix
Behavioral Expectations Everywhere Classroom Playground Cafeteria Hallways Bathrooms Bus Computer/ Mobile Lab Be Respectful Use kind words and actions Participate appropriately in classroom activities. Respect the differences and opinions of others. Follow game rules and demonstrate positive sportsmanship Respect equipment Practice good table and line manners Calm behavior at all times Use inside voices Use appropriate tone of voice Keep hands/feet off walls and student work Give people privacy Be in your own space Use appropriate language and gestures Respect the driver Respect property Listen to and follow directions given by the teacher Maintain set preferences Be Responsible Own your actions Be attentive and prepared. Complete your work. Use respectful methods to solve problems Return equipment Clean your seating area Know what you ordered and take that item Calm, quiet behavior at all times Flush toilet Observe time limits (be quick) Place towels in garbage Keep bathrooms clean Board your own bus unless you have a pass Be on time Keep the area clean Log off your account when finished Be Safe Keep hands, feet, objects to self Get adult help when you need it Follow adult directions. Keep to your own space. Use materials/ equipment appropriately. Be aware of games and activities around you No wrestling, play fighting, football, or rough play Stay seated until dismissed Keep food on your plate. Clean up your spills. Walk single file to allow others to pass Walk directly to your destination. Use soap and water for washing hands Keep water in sink Line up in single file to enter/exit the bus Remain seated Know your own space Sit appropriately in your seat Only use designated internet site Be There and Care Lend a helping hand Put things where they belong. Take care of the room. Invite others to participate in games and activities Share equipment and space Help clean around you Hold the door open for others Inform adult of low supplies and other bathroom concerns Keep the bus clean Quietly assist the person next to you

7 “Owl”standing Behavior Point Form
Oak Knoll Elementary School ‘Owl’tstanding Behavior Points (Student Name) showed ‘Owl’tstanding Behavior in/on the (Location) by ____________________________________, which is an example of being : ______ Respectful ______ Responsible ______Safe ______ Caring ___________________________________ (Staff member who witnessed behavior) _________________ ___________ Date Points Earned

8 Prizes 1-3 points 5 points 10 points Pull from treasure box
$1.oo credit at school store Interest based free activity 10 points 10 minutes extra recess/computer time Raise and take down flag for two days Choose mystery envelope/package

9 More Prizes 15 points 20 points Help with Student of the Month Program
Help during PE 20 points Guest appearance on OK Live Lunch with staff member If everyone in the class puts in 5 points, the class can play a kickball/basketball/volleyball game (coordinated by teacher and Coach Sanders)

10 Where are we going from here?
Any feedback or suggestions for improving the program are welcomed and appreciated.

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