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2 Main Functions of Stores Deptt.:- Procurement of Stores (Stock & Non-stock) Storage of stores (stock) – Depot Mgmt. Disposal of scrap

3 Purchase Powers:- Direct Acceptance: - AMM – 2 L, SMM – 5 L, Dy.CMM – 10 L Tender Committee:- SMM – 10-30 L, JAG: 30 – 1 Cr. & 1 Cr. To 2 Cr. JAG (F) CMM: 2 – 15 Cr. COS: 15 – 25 Cr. & 25 – 50 Cr. CO-SAG(F) Above 50 Cr. – Rly. Board

4 Methods of Purchase:- Tendering System:- OT/AT – (Two-packet bid) OT for items restricted from appd. firms? Spl. LT (precautions) LT/BT; (precautions in LT) Spot Purchase Single Tender/PAC/Single offer

5 PAC TENDER :- Description of Articles: ……………………………… Quantity : ……………………………… Approximate Cost, if known: ……………………………… Makers name and address: ……………………………… Name of local Agent: ……………………………… I approve the above purchase and I certify that:- (a) no other make/brand will be suitable (b) This is the only firm who is manufacturing/stocking this item. (c) A similar article is not manufacture/sold by any other firm which could be used in lieu. Note: Delete (a) or (c) whichever is not necessary.

6 Issue of Tenders :- Specifications Tender Conditions Eligibility Criteria Tender by Sample

7 Issue of Tenders Contd. :- Notification of Tenders Corrigendum EMDs/DDs (Recent guidelines) EMD @ 2%. Upper limit-5 L (upto 10 Cr.); 10 L (above 10 Cr.). Exemption – NSIC, Appd. Firms, Mfrs. & their authorised agents. SD @ 10%. Upper limit – 10 L (upto 10 Cr.); 20 L (above 10 Cr.). Exemption – Safety items NSIC appd. Other than safety NSIC, Appd. Firms.

8 Opening of Tenders :- OT & Spl. LT cases BT & LT cases Brief Note Tabulation vetting Finance observations in TC cases

9 Handling of Tenders :- Tech. Suitability Seeking Clarification from the firms Sanctity of Tenders Cases Studies:- Multi destination requirement vis-à-vis item offered at single point.

10 Handling of Tenders Contd. :- Rate Reasonability:- Indent Rate Foreign Rly. Rate Rate Analysis Counter Offer

11 Handling of Tenders Contd. :- Negotiations – When rates are not reasonable Negotiations with L1 Only What is L1? If L1 withdraws the offer - Re-tender. (Case Study) Cartel-formation (Case Study – SIL Vs Sabwabco)

12 Handling of Tenders Contd. :- Issue of Advance acceptance Issue of PO (at differential rates?) Post-Contract Issues:- a) Extension of DP b) Levy of L.D. c) Risk Purchase (stands deleted since Sep. 07; linked with SD).

13 Role of Finance Member in TC :- (Bd.s ltr. No.74/AC/III/30/6 dt.29.06.78) To ensure that financial interests are not lost sight of by the Commtt. To advise and ensure that various codal provisions/rules are being complied and any deviation if there is suitably advised for appropriate sanction. Being an independent person expected to look at the transactions in a dispassionate & objective manner.

14 CVC Guidelines on Tenders :- Putting of Tender on website with down- loadable facility. Details of the contracts finalized above certain limit also to be placed in the website. Eligibility Criteria in the Tender Schedule Splitting of quantity if pre-decided to be mentioned in the Tender Conditions. E-Payment

15 CVCs Directive on use of Website:- There are instances in which allegations have been made regarding inadequate/no publicity/non-availability of tender documents. Therefore, in order to bring about greater transparency and curb the mal-practices, it has been made mandatory to publish the complete bid documents along with application form on the website of the organization (Rly.Bd.s ltr.No.2003/V-1/CVC/1/21Dt.19-07-2004). (contd.)

16 CVCs Directive on use of Website:- Post on the website, summary every month, of all the tenders/works contracts of value more than One Crore Rupees of Engg./Mech/Elec/S&T/ Medical department, Rs.50 Lakhs for Commercial Dept. and all the purchases of value more than Rs.20 Lakhs done through Stores contract (Rly.Bds Lr. No.2004/V-1/CVC/1/18 Dt.13-04-2005).

17 Thank you

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