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La prononciation du « R » français

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1 La prononciation du « R » français
Gargling your way to clearly speaking French

2 Two kinds of « R » Hard « R »  rolled Soft « R »  swallowed
This is the hardest sound for English speakers to make in French Soft « R »  swallowed Once you can make a hard « R », the soft « R » is easy to master © 2005 Elise Robillard

3 Tongue Placement You must learn to place the tongue and vibrate or roll the tongue at the back of the throat, as you would when gargling. This requires concentration, practice, and repetition! © 2005 Elise Robillard

4 Tongue Placement I sound good in Italian and Spanish, but not French!
Diagrams from © 2005 Elise Robillard

5 Three Quick Drills Gargle! GGG – GrGrGr – RRR Bach Barre
Le gargarisme est essentiel! GGG – GrGrGr – RRR Bach Barre © 2005 Elise Robillard

6 Le gargarisme Gather saliva at the back of your throat
Look up to the ceiling and gargle As you do this, you are employing the same muscles and parts of your speech mechanism that you need to pronounce the French « R » Move your head down so you are looking forward while gently converting the gargle into a deeply rolled « R » sound © 2005 Elise Robillard

7 La démonstration du gargarisme
Graphics/gargle.gif © 2005 Elise Robillard

8 GGG – GrGrGr – RRR Make repeated hard “G” sounds
Then, convert the hard “G” sound into a repetition of the “Gr” growling sound, paying careful attention to the rolling of the “R” Note: Making the hard “G” sound before the rolled “R” makes it easier to roll the “R” because the hard “G” gets your tongue in position to clearly pronounce a French hard “R” Finally, drop the hard “G” sound so that the only sound you are making is the French hard “R” Do this repeatedly until you can form the French hard “R” with ease. © 2005 Elise Robillard

9 La démonstration du GG-GrGr-RR
alpha_G.jpg © 2005 Elise Robillard

10 Bach Barre English speakers can easily learn the correct German pronunciation of the name “BACH” This exercise transitions from “BACH” to “BARRE” , well-known to ballet dancers! The German rolled hard “H” in “BACH” is very close to the French rolled hard “R” Practice this drill repeatedly, avoiding allowing too much air to “blow through” the French “R” © 2005 Elise Robillard

11 La démonstration du Bach Barre
images/barre.JPG ~fabio/Bach.jpeg © 2005 Elise Robillard

12 Word Drills with « R » Radar Raton Rivière Ruelle Rognon Revenir Rime
Rôle Crayon Gris Trop Prix Brie Cru Grue Fruit Ra Ri Ro Ru Rare Rire Ruhr © 2005 Elise Robillard

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