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0 Teams: Roles of Group Members. 1 What is a team? Two or more people ……….

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1 0 Teams: Roles of Group Members

2 1 What is a team? Two or more people ……….

3 2 Teams Can be large (30) like the district leadership team Can be small (3) like the club membership committee

4 3 Teams Can be short term like an event committee Can be long term like a standing committee for Public Relations

5 4 Team Definition “A team is a group of people working toward a common goal.”

6 5 Successful Teams Work together toward common goals Perceive relevance of the group tasks Mutual respect for members Diversity of member skills/experience Individual communication style

7 6 Group Dynamics: Roles people play in groups Constructive Roles Supportive Roles Non - productive Roles

8 7 Constructive Roles

9 8 Information or opinion seeker Information or opinion giver Clarifier

10 9 Constructive Roles (Cont.) Initiator – proposes ideas, processes and direction Elaborator – develops concepts more fully Orienter – familiarizes group with new ideas, or a new group member

11 10 Constructive roles (Cont.) Summarizer – summarizes actions and points out departure from goals Brings group back to priority issues

12 11 Constructive roles (Cont.) Evaluator – Compares the accomplishments of the group to standards Questions the practicality, the logic or the facts.

13 12 Supportive Roles

14 13 Supportive Roles Harmonizer – Mediates differences among members, resolves disagreements and relieves tension of conflicts

15 14 Supportive Roles Compromiser or mediator – Proposes possible solutions Encourager – encourages others to continue to be involved.

16 15 Supportive Roles Supporter – praises everyone Gatekeeper – keeps communication channels open

17 16 Non-productive Roles

18 17 Non-productive Roles Aggression Blocking Self confessing

19 18 Non-productive Roles (Cont.) Competing Recognition seeking Special pleading

20 19 Non-productive Roles (Cont.) Clowning Seeking sympathy

21 20 Non-productive Roles (Cont.) Withdrawing Degrading

22 21 How’s your Team? Do team members play constructive task roles? Do team members play supportive group maintenance roles? Do you have any members playing non- productive roles?

23 22 Assess your Team Activity: Assessment handout

24 23 Correct answers? There are many correct answers The correct answer for your group is the combination of roles that are needed to accomplish the team goals and work together harmoniously.

25 24 Summary Roles members play in groups can be: Constructive - focused on accomplishing the task Supportive - focused on improving how the group works together Negative (non-productive) - focused on personal needs

26 25 Group Dynamics: Roles Are dynamic, interactive between group members Are flexible, members will play more than one role and may change due to situation Are necessary for effective communication and achieving goals

27 26 Conclusion When people come together as a team, share a dream, and focus on reaching their goals together, there’s a very good chance they’ll accomplish what they set out to do!

28 27 Quote Never underestimate the ability of a small group of committed individuals to change the world. Indeed, they are the only ones who ever have. Margaret Mead, anthropologist, scientist, and author

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