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Guide to Conducting Meetings and RAP sessions

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1 Guide to Conducting Meetings and RAP sessions

2 Contents Conducting meetings Planning the meeting Running the meeting
After the meeting What is a RAP sessions? Why hold a RAP session? Main principles of RAP When to hold RAP sessions Guidelines for holding a RAP session

3 Conducting meetings There are three stages to conducting meetings:
planning the meeting running the meeting after the meeting

4 Planning the meeting Guidelines to planning effective meetings:
determine the outcomes that are wanted from the meeting identify who needs to attend prepare an agenda to satisfy the outcomes ensure all the agenda items can be realistically covered in the allotted time for the meeting book the meeting room notify the participants of the meeting (why, where, when, how long, agenda)

5 Running the meeting Guidelines to running effective meetings:
arrive early and make sure the meeting room is set up start on time, do not wait for late arrivals as it encourages lateness identify a chairperson to coordinate the meeting identify someone to take minutes state the purpose of the meeting at the start Review the agenda, get agreement and then stick to the agenda allocate time on each agenda item and do not run over time for each item avoid getting bogged down in too much detail or in side issues. If more information or a solution needs to be worked through make this an action item to be addressed prior to the next meeting.

6 Running the meeting (cont.)…
Guidelines to running effective meetings: chairperson must control the meeting and not let individuals dominate record minutes identify action items, assign to one owner and specify when to be actioned by finish on time if some agenda items are not covered agree to reconvene If it is a regular meeting, or a follow up meeting is required, state when the next meeting will be

7 After the meeting tidy the meeting room so it is left as you found it (clean whiteboards, remove papers, cups etc) file a record of the meeting (minutes and action items) in the project folder and add actions to the project action items log distribute minutes and action items to all participants of the meeting. follow up with people assigned action items near to the “action by” date.

8 What is a RAP* session? RAP is an abbreviation for Rapid Planning.
RAP is collaborative planning for a project. the common principle of RAP is to engage the stakeholders of the project in the activities of the planning phase to gain their contribution and commitment to the project plan. *Source: Rob Thomsett, Radical Project Management, Yourdon Press, 2002.

9 Why hold a RAP session? A RAP session:
increases the involvement of stakeholders in the project plan. gains input to the plan from a greater audience than traditional project planning. may reduce the time taken to develop the project plan. may increase the overall effort taken to produce the project plan (because of the number of people involved) improves communication facilitates team building develops team commitment to the project plan ensures the key players in the project are on the same page

10 Main principles of RAP A RAP session is:
Participative: all attendees are encouraged to contribute to the session Facilitative: format is interactive rather than formal and prescriptive Proactive: style is creative (similar to brainstorming) Open and trusting: information is shared, individual views are respected

11 When to hold RAP sessions
Type of meetings where a RAP session is useful: project kick-off meetings determining requirements determining costs and benefits work breakdown sessions estimating sessions resourcing and scheduling sessions

12 Guidelines for holding a RAP session
A RAP session is a meeting, and as such should follow the basic guidelines for meetings RAP sessions are normally longer sessions (2-4 hours) than meetings (1 hour) In identifying the agenda for the RAP session ensure this can be achieved within the time allowed for the session RAP sessions involve more discussion and development of ideas rather than meetings where action items are used to reduce the discussion time Can be held over a series of days if necessary See for more details.

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