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2 Definition: Patient Satisfaction
Patient – One who receives medical attention, care, or treatment. Satisfaction – The fulfillment or gratification of a desire, need, or appetite. How do you define patient satisfaction?

3 What is Patient Satisfaction?
“As a patient-centered emergency department, we believe we ought to place the patients’ best interests above all else. Our efforts should be not only genuine and well meaning, but should be also measurable, and patient satisfaction responses are effective ways to assess this.”

4 Why Patient Satisfaction ?
JCAHO, College of Medicine, & Hospital Administration intensely focused Monthly Emergency Department QA meeting Risk Management Focus Fiscal Considerations Stronger emphasis in private sector

5 How is Satisfaction Measured?
Press Ganey Patient Safety Net (variance reports) Patient Personal Letters Patient Calls to Administration Patient Advocate Office

6 What is Not Measured?? Quality of Care is not measured
“Many patient surveys intentionally avoid asking patients how they feel about the quality of their care, presumably because patient are not in position to judge their physician’s technical skill” C. Thiedke MD Author “What we know about patient satisfaction”

7 Press Ganey Survey Sent to every ED patient discharged home
Admitted patients receive Hospital survey (not counted) Not sent to repeats visit in 60 days, psychiatric patients, or deaths Weekly vs Monthly vs Quarterly Reports

8 Patient Satisfaction Team
ED RN’s ED Techs ED Clerks ED Patient Advocates YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ED Physicians)

9 Patient Advocacy “Clarifications”
No..they are not trying to tell you how to practice Yes..they are here to help the patient No..they are not secret agents for Administration Yes.. they are here to help the physician They are focused on patients & staff Ultimate focus is patient outcomes

10 ED Patient Satisfaction Advocates Initiatives
Liaison between Patient & Staff Nourishment ED Brochure Reading & Video Materials Personal Warmth & Touch

11 EM MD Considerations Ultimately, the patient is here to see YOU!
Patient Advocacy, RN’s, bells & whistles only go so far Empathy COMMUNICATION!!!!!!

12 Effect Of Physician-Patient Relationship
Cornerstone of good medical practice and risk management Often more crucial than outcome Negative perceptions based on health care providers’ attitudes Establish good rapport, concern, and trust Establish open communication and effective listening skills Be aware of limitations

13 Barriers to Patient Satisfaction
Wait Times ED Overcrowding ED Interruptions (code blue, trauma, etc) Consultants Radiology Over reads Laboratory Turn around times Call ins Patient expects something from you

14 Common Patient Complaints
Too little time for patient interaction Does not listen Does not explain well Shows no sympathy Does not understand Incompetent

15 Demographics affecting satisfaction
Age—older pts more satisfied Ethnicity—minorities less satisfied Gender—females less satisfied Socioecominc—lower socioecomic less satisfied Heath status—Chronic illness less satisfied

16 Increasing Patient Satisfaction Pearls
Greet the patient with a hand shake & a smile Sit down to do your H & P TALK to your patient, not at them Listen to what they have to say Give them the opportunity to ask questions Don’t be afraid to apologize & tell patient why they had to wait for x, y, and z. Listen to your support staff

17 How can you affect satisfaction?
COMMUNICATE Utilize as well as listen to Patient Advocates Put yourself in the patient’s shoes Push the survey, particularly when you have had a positive patient interaction

18 Patient Satisfaction Dependent upon:
Arrival to physician time (door to Dr.) *Boudreaux AEM(s)10/03 (High acuity more satisfied) Turn-around-time Caring, comforting and informing

19 “Degree to which staff cared about you as a person”
The number patient survey item for recommending a ED (sign of patient loyalty) Influenced by intangibles Warm Blankets Providing nourishment Celebrating a patient’s birthday

20 Patient is Royalty

21 Author Credit – Patient Satisfaction David Cheng MD

22 Postresidency Tools of the Trade CD
13) Negotiation – Ramundo 14) ABEM Certifications – Cheng 15) Patient Satisfaction – Cheng 16) Billing, Coding & Documenting – Cheng/Hall 17) Financial Planning – Hevia 18) Time Management – Promes 19) Balancing Work & Family – Promes & Datner 20) Physician Wellness & Burnout – Conrad /Wadman 21) Professionalism – Fredrick 22) Cases for professionalism & ethics – SAEM 23) Medical Directorship – Proctor 24) Academic Career Guide Chapter 1-8 – Nottingham 25) Academic career Guide Chapter 9-16 – Noeller 1) Career Planning – Garmel 2) Careers in Academic EM – Sokolove 3) Private Practice Career Options - Holliman 4) Fellowship/EM Organizations – Coates/Cheng 5) CV – Garmel 6) Interviewing – Garmel 7) Contracts for Emergency Physicians – Franks 8) Salary & Benefits – Hevia 9) Malpractice – Derse/Cheng 10) Clinical Teaching in the ED – Wald 11) Teaching Tips – Ankel 12) Mentoring - Ramundo


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