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How to look for a bright future in ER. M. H. Moustafa, MD, FACEP Associate Clinical Professor David Geffen School of Medicine At UCLA.

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1 How to look for a bright future in ER

2 M. H. Moustafa, MD, FACEP Associate Clinical Professor David Geffen School of Medicine At UCLA

3 Joke of the day !


5 Bright future in ER A- Tips for medical students B- Recommendations for postgraduates C- How to get your dream job D- How to change failure to success E- Dealing with burnout F- Other: Finance, family and your wellness

6 A- Tips for Medical Students 1- Attend your didactics; lectures, labs, and all other presentations 2- Do not be afraid to ask questions 3- Get a standard text book 4- Get clinical exposure


8 A- Tips for Medical Students 5- Clinical Shadowing 6- Get a mentor! 7- Attend Local and National Conferences 8- Join EM Interest Group

9 A-Tips for Medical Students The INTERNET!! Lectures Very updated Pictorials Educational videos and Power Point presentations Useful links


11 B-Recommendations for the Postgraduates 1- Enroll in EM residency program 2- Read about your daily clinical encounters 3- Get a standard Text Book ( Tintinalli or Peter Rosen) 4- Shadow with your senior 5- Get a mentor

12 B- Recommendations for the Postgraduates 6- Read one EM topic and teach it to the new interns the next day ( Mini Talk) 7- Read about procedures. Learn and teach! 8- Join EM Interest Groups




16 B- Recommendations for the postgraduates 9- Subscribe to EM peer review journals. Bring articles to your Journal Club 10-With your peers: Build up your ER Library; books, journals, CD and DVD

17 Emergency Medicine Journals

18 B- Recommendations for the Postgraduates 11- Invite outside speakers 12- attend local and international conferences 13- Consider overseas rotation in EM 14- ATLS, ACLS, PALS and neonatal resusciation

19 Acquire a New Skill! Ultrasound Mechanical ventilation Noninvasive ventilation Management of the difficult airway Wound management Splint and cast




23 Acquire a New Skill Research Teaching Clinical photography Publishing Consider a subspecialty ; peds, tox, hyperbaric medicine, observation medicine, sports medicine etc.

24 Find someone who is successful and ask yourself why he/she is successful?

25 Successful? Nice character Helpful Compassionate Down to earth Creative Knowledgeable Has unique skills Uses Technology His/her clinic is very well kept Professional Has more qualifications

26 C- How to get Your Dream Job? Case:You have sent your resume with a cover letter to employer and you have been rejected!

27 What went wrong? What to do ?


29 D- How to Change Failure to Success Sit down and write down the main reasons you think your application has been rejected and correct your deficiencies

30 Some known deficiencies C.V. not professionally written Lack of information in the Personal statement I do not have the required experience (Example: USA local experience) I am under qualified I am over qualified

31 Some known deficiencies I do not have a good letter of recommendation My referees are not known to the Selecting Committee My referee cannot be reached I am not proficient in English Language

32 Interview problems Arriving late Arriving too early Attire Language Did not show interest and enthusiasm Did not ask good questions Did not answer to the questions

33 Remember the interview is about you, NOT your C.V.!

34 E-Dealing with Burnout Causes: Patient overload Same job for years Long hours Night shifts No time off Politics Other causes




38 Consider the following Urgent Care Medicine Administration Research Teaching Publishing Offering a consulting service Acquire new skill; US, Mechanical ventilation, peds, tox etc


40 Ask yourself, what are my weaknesses and strengths ? Example: Weaknesses: nights shifts, politics, administration Strengths: Teaching, publishing, clinical photography

41 Solution Take clinical pictures, XR, CT etc. Design your lecture series using the pictorials Submit some to Peer Review Journals Publish your own book Publish on the Internet





46 Finance Secure your future! Retirement plan Real Estate Set up a business Be a partner in a business Convert a hobby into business

47 Family Consider your familys desire when you make a career decisions Involve them in the thinking process

48 Your Wellness Get a physical Check your cholesterol and your BP Quit smoking Exercise Take time off with family and friends !!

49 I wish you all good luck in life and career!

50 Please send your questions to: Visit my Web Site:

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