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Vibrational & Energy Medicine

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1 Vibrational & Energy Medicine
Margie M. Mulligan, Ph.D. What You Will, LLC & Energetic Healing, LLC

2 Purpose of 1st Tele-Seminar
Introduce people to the new/old vibrational and energy medicine field – practical demonstrations Provide a range of definitions for what is included from two top experts Richard Gerber, the author of Vibrational Medicine Donna Eden, the co-author of Energy Medicine (with husband David Feinstein) Provide general explanations about the components included in each definition of the field Provide highlights of scientific evidence for effectiveness (depending on timing) Answer Questions

3 Experience with Energy & Vibration It isn’t all just a placebo effect.
Hands together (20 sec) and rub as if trying to warm them (aura) Then move hands out to width of shoulders, facing each other Close eyes and move hands toward each other slowly until you can feel the energy of the other hand Winter Holiday – Religious or Spiritual celebration – Christmas, Hanuakka, Solstice, Buddhist’s Bodhi Day, Incan’s Inti Raymi, Zoastrian’s Shabe-Yalda, Islam’s Ramadan, Egyptian’s Osiris’s death. Chant, sing or recite together (sound and thoughts - emotions)? Listen to Acid Rock or Heavy Metal vs. Classical orchestra or mellow Jazz Go to sporting event (boxing, football, hockey) or Bruce Willis movie Self or Auto Hypnosis CD or tape? Meditation or creative visualization Watch Television – watch 1 hr show vs. 3-4? Depressed after news (CNN,PBS) Walk or sit in nature (go hiking or camping or stay in cabin in mountains)

4 Can we heal with energy? Einstein’s theory (E=MC2) is now being proven by research from the Hubble Space Telescope; everything in the universe is energy, matter, light, sound. Protons are a frequency; electrons are a frequency. Albert Einstein, “The field (energy from everything in the universe) is the sole governing agent of the particle (matter).”

5 What is Vibrational Medicine?
According to Richard Gerber, MD, Vibrational Medicine, “Instead of conventional drug and surgical approaches, vibrational medicine attempts to treat people with pure energy. …the molecular arrangement of the physical body is actually a complex network of interwoven energy fields. The energetic network…is organized and nourished by “subtle” energetic systems which coordinate the life-force within the body. There is a hierarchy of subtle energetic systems that coordinate electrophysiologic and hormonal function as well as cellular structure within the physical body. It is primarily from these subtle levels that health and illness originate.” (p. 43)

6 What is Vibrational Medicine?
Vibrational medicine usually includes: Homeopathic remedies Acupuncture and acupressure Energy healing – Reiki, Quantum Touch, Healing Touch Bach Flower Remedies Gem and Crystal Elixirs or Stones Chromotherapy – color therapy Sound healing – chanting, singing or music Bio-Electric or Physio-acoustic (vibrational) devices Magnetic healing Radionics Psychic and shamanistic healing Some Western medicine techniques that fall into vibrational medicine are: X-rays, CAT Scanners, MRIs, EEGs, ECGs, EMGs Electrotherapy EMR scanning and electrography Heart pace makers Pulsed magnetic stimulation for kidney stones Magnets for tendonitis, facial paralysis and optic nerve atrophy

7 What is Energy Medicine?
According to Donna Eden and David Feinstein, Energy Medicine, is “The art and science of fostering physical, psychological and spiritual health and well being. It combines a rational knowledge and intuitive understanding of the energies in the body and in the environment…. The term energy medicine is itself a double-entendre. Energy gives life to the body. Medicine is an agent that is used to heal or prevent disease. In energy medicine, energy is the medicine…this medicine is applied to the body’s energies. Energy heals and energy systems are healed.” (p.2) Energy healing practitioners “read” the body’s energy and provide energy “boosts” to dissolve dense energy or raise low vibrations.

8 There is scientific evidence!
David Feinstein, Ph.D., and Donna Eden’s “Six Pillars of Energy Medicine”, 2006, to be published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, reviews evidence of the benefits for Energy Medicine: Influences fundamental biological processes in ways a biochemical model cannot (biofields, local fields, energy pathways) Methodological precision and flexibility through link to quantum physics (bioenergetic model rather than biochemical model) Speed, efficiency and lack of side effects of energy interventions Energy medicine is readily, economically and non-invasively used Suitable to use by client/patient at home for self-help/healing Focuses on the person as a whole system – body, mind and spirit

9 What is Energy Medicine?
The anatomy of your energy body includes eight subtle energy systems: Meridians – the energy transportation system bringing energy to all organs and acupuncture/acupressure points (Chinese Medicine)  Chakras – the energy stations for electromagnetic and vital energy (India)  Aura – multi-layer sphere of energy of individual, container for subtle energies that interacts with the environment (protect)   Celtic weave – knits energies of all energy systems together and creates resonance among them (weave) The Basic Grid – provides foundation for energies of chakras (support) The Five Rhythms – seasonal energies, elements that overlay all systems   Triple Warmer  - energetic arms of immune system, a meridian that connects in a “strange flow” with other meridians for immune support Radiant Circuits – precursor to meridians, fluid fields that redistribute energy among meridians as needed, uses spontaneous intelligence

10 There is scientific evidence!
Every week some book, magazine, news report or peer reviewed journal publishes another piece of the puzzle about Vibrational and Energy Healing…. And we still have to educate so that people know and accept these results.

11 There is scientific evidence!
Summary from “Six Pillars of Energy Medicine”, Eden and Feinstein, 06 Research evidence exists demonstrating the efficacy of: Acupuncture, NIH consensus development panel on acupuncture, JAMA, 98 Acupressure, Natural Standard and Harvard Medical School, 06 Therapeutic Touch, Alternative Therapies in Health & Medicine, 99 Reiki, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, 03 Qi Gong, Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 01 Intentional Healing, Spiritual Healing: Scientific Validation…, 00 other forms of energy medicine, Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance, 03 but their clash with conventional medicine’s paradigm usually has prevented these modalities from being integrated into mainstream health care. [also economic competition???]

12 There is scientific evidence!
Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., Biology of Belief, 2006 (Best science book of 06) Electroencephalographs and magnetoencephalographs show that: The operation of the brain generates energy "fields“ which can influence cell behavior and gene expression. The mind's field is responsible for the release and dissemination of neuropeptides and other neurotransmitters that control cell and gene activity. The new physics and new medicine clearly establish the important role of the mind in controlling our biology, psychology and genetic activity, The cell membrane is the “brain” in each cell; cell memory is stored inside each cell, not just in the brain.

13 There is scientific evidence!
More research results and evidence: Chinese, Japanese and Korean acupuncture and herbal medicines represent strong cultural and social evidence of effectiveness for the acupuncture points and meridians in healing. There is now MRI research (Gerber, Vibrational Medicine) showing that several meridians flow as anticipated 1960s research by Dr. Bernard Grad, McGill University in Canada, conducted a double blind plant research study showing barley seeds treated with energy had: greater sprout rate, were taller and leafier and had higher chlorophyll levels Therapeutic Touch and Reiki energy sessions increased hemoglobin levels in hospital patients (Gerber, Practical Vibrational Medicine, and Journal of Holistic Nursing)

14 There is scientific evidence!
More research findings: An equal and opposite wave or frequency neutralizes any frequency. Noise Reduction Headphone sensors generate a match to every frequency and cancel out all the noise. All disease, if you look at its chemical basis, has a certain frequency and can be treated with an opposite frequency to neutralize it. Royal R. Rife Instrument was a variable frequency pulsed radio transmitter; Ron Rockwell, current owner {Very hotly contested in 30s, is still controversial now in US}

15 Pocket Slides

16 Vibrational Healing by H-w-E
Pyradym Instrument – Sound, vibrational, crystal and color therapy synchronized to balance energy systems Quantum Touch – “Hands-on” energy healing to raise vibration of cells in body to heal themselves The Healing Codes and The Success Codes – Spiritual, emotional, mental energy healing system to clear out blocks to healing and success

17 Pyradym Instrument The Pyradym™ is a Class 1 Medical Device, approved by the FDA for pain and stress relief, and improved circulation It is used to stimulate and boost the human bodies’ innate self-healing mechanisms It is a NEW class of vibrational healing instrument using a synergistic combination of 4 modalities for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balancing, using: Sound – for relaxing, sounds like Tibetan bowls, Vibration – for clearing destructive cellular memories, sounds like a Didgeridoo (Australian tribal musical instrument) Crystal therapy – generated by low grade ultrasonic pulse Color therapy - colors associated with each energy center

18 Pyradym Instrument PyradymTM is excellent as a stand-alone healing instrument or a complimentary healing modality: For sufferers of chronic pain, it relieves discomfort quickly without the “hung over” feeling associated with most drugs. It stimulates the endocrine and lymphatic systems, building the human immune system for greater resistance to viral and bacterial infection. Tuning the physical, emotional and mental energy bodies improves alignment with the spiritual body for a more profound connection to Source. Improves the speed and effectiveness of other modalities

19 Is there scientific evidence?
The physioacoustics component has FDA approved claims for pain and stress relief and improved circulation (Class 1 Medical Device, durable medical equipment has CPT codes for insc. billing), Osteoporosis – High frequency, low magnitude stimuli are capable of augmenting bone mass and morphology, improving bone quantity and quality: Department of Biomedical Engineering and Center for Biotechnology, SUNY at Stonybrook, NY, Aug 2000, Physioacoustics componitor generates vibrations within ranges identified. Alzheimer’s – Decrease in levels of 40 Hz magnetic oscillation in thalmo-cortical loop in clients can be reset by sensory stimuli, and this resonance may help offset the pathology of Alzeimer’s: Center for Magnetism, Department of Physiology and BioPhysics, New York University Medical Center, 1991, 2006, 40 Hz is a dominant frequency in the physioacoustics component output.

20 Is there scientific evidence?
 The healing power of red and blue colored lights were tested in NASA research on plants. Humans tending plants unexpectedly healed minor wounds quickly and maintained more bone density and muscle mass than other astronauts. Light Force Therapy technology is based on research indicating that bio-vibrations from light, sound and color benefit cells by: Accelerating the repair process, Reducing pain, Modifying mood swings, and Increasing the production of collagen and the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). 

21 Quantum Touch Quantum-Touch is an energy healing modality that applies the principles of resonance and entrainment to facilitate healing,  Practitioners learn to focus and amplify life-force energy by combining various breathing and body awareness exercises,   When the practitioner’s hands resonate at a high frequency, the client entrains to, or matches, the higher frequency, to facilitate healing using the body's biological intelligence,  Life-force energy affects matter on the quantum, subatomic level and works its way up through atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, and structure to create healing, Both the practitioner and client are “healed” by the high vibration (no exhaustion after a full day of sessions for the practitioner).

22 Quantum Touch What testimonials have reported about from Quantum Touch: Extremely fast and profound pain relief for a wide range of conditions, Acceleration of the healing process, Spontaneous adjustment of bones into their correct alignment with only a light touch: Even cranial bones will adjust back into alignment, Scoliosis reduced and the spine straightens. Healing deformed or broken bones, Rapid reduction of inflammation due to injury, Excellent results with babies, animals and people under general anesthesia, Emotional and psychological conditions respond well to Quantum-Touch, Induction of sleep or deep meditation, Distant Healing.

23 Quantum Touch Alternative Medicine Magazine says, “Quantum-Touch is a significant breakthrough in hands-on healing… an essential and invaluable skill for every lay person and professional practitioner…. Whether you are a complete novice, a physician, chiropractor, acupuncturist, reflexologist, Qigong practitioner, massage therapist, or other health-care professional, Quantum-Touch offers a dimension of healing that, until now, has not seemed possible.” “Quantum-Touch appears to be the first technique that may truly allow us all to become healers.” Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. “Quantum-Touch is a remarkably effective and easily learned method of generating powerful healing energy.” Dr. William S. Eidelman, M.D.

24 There is scientific evidence!
Longstanding (10-18 yrs) symptoms of Fibromyalgia reduced with 4 weekly sessions. Pain relief extended over longer time with future sessions at longer intervals. Kjol Lahti, massage therapist and certified QT practitioner and instructor. Sports injuries with U. California at Santa Cruz men’s basketball team over 6 weekly sessions: pain and inflammation relief, swelling reduced, returned to athletic play sooner, Richard Gordon, QT Founder. Evidence of healing verified by M.D.s reported by clients to practitioners - cancer, aids, pneumonia, broken bones, bunions, etc (From the Quantum Touch website and newsletters).

25 -- Joanne R Boyer, RN, BSN, CRNA, MEd
Quantum Touch I can name people who have been 'cured' of serious illness. Utilizing [QT] in the operating room as a nurse anesthetist, with physiologic monitoring in place, I can give you oodles of documentation of the effectiveness of Quantum-Touch. I was giving a fellow anesthetist a break recently, and the surgeon was 2 hours into trying to fix a tibial fracture that would not reduce. The OR nurses know first hand of my abilities, and smiled when I went into my 'voodoo' mode.  While doing a vector analysis, I noted that the femur was also affected by the tibial fracture. By utilizing Quantum-Touch, the tibia realigned itself under fluoroscopic visualization to the amazement of the surgeon and the radiology technician. The returning anesthetist just smiled and nicknamed me 'Dr. Bombay' after the character in Bewitched." -- Joanne R Boyer, RN, BSN, CRNA, MEd

26 Quantum Touch "Quantum-Touch has become integrated into my practice of surgery for breast cancer patients. Pain is reduced, scars heal faster, spasms relax, depression and fear turn to hope and healing, and patients are aware that they are loved as well as receiving quality surgical care. Thank you for making this available!" George R Webber, MD, FACS, Breast surgeon Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center, Knoxville, TN

27 Certified QT Practitioner and Instructor
Quantum Touch “I fell off my bike and hurt my left knee. My shin bone was out of alignment by ½ inch from the line of my leg, but the skin wasn’t broken. As I sat waiting for the emergency vehicle, I called a QT student on my cell phone and asked him to do “remote” QT while I put my hands on my knee. We worked on my knee for minutes before the ambulance arrived: the shin bone had moved back into alignment with my leg, and the pain was completely gone. I ultimately had surgery to repair damage inside the knee joint and used QT in the hospital, rehab facility and at home. After 5 days, I was completely off pain meds and only used homeopathic remedies for pain, My orthopedic surgeon was amazed at how fast I healed, how little pain I had and how quickly my scar cleared up. “ Margie M. Mulligan, Ph.D. Certified QT Practitioner and Instructor

28 The Healing and Success Codes
The Healing Codes – The spiritual, mental and emotional energy healing focused on health, using 4 centers in the head and neck which allow each individual to: Remove physiological stress completely (VHR monitor), Clear out the destructive cellular memories stored in “the heart”, mind and body, Boost the energy of the body’s systems compromised by stress (e.g., the immune system, prefrontal cortex, digestion, etc.), This is a method that can be used by a practitioner, but is designed to be used by an individual at home, in 15 min a day, On line support and discussion, weekly tele-conference.

29 The Healing and Success Codes
The Success Codes - The spiritual, mental and emotional focused on success and abundance which uses the four centers but different combinations of hand positions from The Healing Codes to: Clear out unconscious, sabotaging beliefs that keep you from achieving your goals, Unleashes a force that is beyond "will power" to manifest your dreams,  This is a method that is designed to be used by an individual at home, in 15 min a day, Includes an 8 week Success Unlimited Coaching Program.

30 There is scientific evidence!
“HeartMath research has shown that emotions are reflected in our heart rhythm patterns,” “The analysis of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), or heart rhythms, is recognized as a powerful, non-invasive measure” of stress, “HRV reflects heart-brain interactions and autonomic nervous system dynamics, which are particularly sensitive to changes in the emotional state.” emWave PC Stress Relief System, “The heart is a sensory organ….The electrical signals the heart is sending to the brain have times more amplitude than the brain.” It sends signals to the higher brain that inhibits or facilitates cortical function. Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., Research Director, Institute of HeartMath.

31 There is scientific evidence!
“The brain is not the master controller. The heart is the mainframe…. The heart sets the emotions, responses, perceptions and physiology.” Bruce C. Wilson, M.D., Division Chief of Cardiology, Wilson Heart Care Associates Heart Math research demonstrated that reactivation of stored memories can have a healing or damaging effect on human DNA stored in a test tube at a distance from the person activating the destructive or healing memory. Quoted by The Healing Codes in DVD

32 There is scientific evidence!
More research findings: Heart Rate Variability (HRV) expert at Harvard Medical School says, “We really do not know how to improve HRV.” Goldberg, 2004 AND YET, from energy healing methods… HRV results from The Healing Codes field studies of over 400 students showed reduction of HRV to 0 after one session. ( ) Thought Field Therapy results show statistically significant improvement in HRV and other symptoms for malaria patients in Africa (TFT report, Roger Callahan, Ph.D., La Quinta, CA)

33 There is scientific evidence!
Cellular memories appear to be the “healing control mechanism” of every cell in the body. Southwestern University Medical School in a study released Sept 05. “Our best hope for healing incurable illness and disease in the future may very well lie in finding a way to heal cellular memory. “ They studied humans, animals and plants. The difference between health and lack of health was the cellular memories of the plant, animal or human. Stanford University Medical School, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., says everything is caused by stress. Stress is caused 100% of the time by a wrong belief imbedded in cellular memories. If you can heal the wrong belief, even genetic illnesses and diseases can heal. New York University Medical School, Dr. John Sarna, says that adult chronic pain and illness is caused by destructive memories. They create constant stress inside of us until eventually something breaks. If you can heal the destructive memory, you can heal just about anything.

34 There is scientific evidence!
Building on Bruce Lipton’s cell membrane insights: Hugo Rodier, M.D. says that our cell membranes are not able to perform at the level they are capable of performing, The cell membrane has become rigid and is Toxic, Oxidized, Inflamed, and Lacking in Energy Boosting the energy of the cells directly, helps make the cell membranes more flexible so they can use their “intelligence”

35 There is scientific evidence!
Dr. R.G. Harner, a Spanish doctor, reports after 4-5 years that 6,000 out of 6,500 advanced cancer patients were still alive, verified by CT scans. He focuses on healing the conflict-shock experience [cell memories] that causes the stress underlying the cancer. Siemens Corporation and research at the University of Tranava in Slovakia ’98. The cellular memories are stored as pictures or images. According to Pierce Howard, Ph.D., in his book, The Owner’s Manual for the Brain, “All incoming data is encoded in the form of images.” According to Richard Glenn, Ph.D., Transform, “ All data is encoded and recalled in the form of images…..Those images either create health or illness.”

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