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1 & Educational Mobility mLearning is not about a device

2 & Trickle Down Effectively …mobile is not just a device, its all the digital environments the students live in… Copyright 2004 Creators Syndicate, Inc.

3 & A torrent of opportunity Smart phones iPods and Generally anything other than your formal learning environment… … if Ive not named a device forgive me there are so many and counting music devices What about laptops & PCs (in distracted environments): -Web 2.0 tools -Social networks Gaming devices Net PCs (there is convergence, people)

4 & Seek and ye shall receive… 4-walls Brick and Mortar (traditional ILT) Home, office (e-Learning) Downtime = Found Time Bus, back of parents car, on the shop floor, in a waiting room, at the airport, etc (mLearning)

5 & The promise of now… Imposed or own schedule? Just-in-Time Education Teachable Moments Promise… Open to everyone, anytime, anywhere Web 2.0 Tools

6 & Imposed or own schedule? Just-in-Time Education Teachable Moments 6 CONTENT PEDAGOGY -Formal curriculum -Textbooks and educational content -Online courseware - Assessments - Mandated content LEARNER CONTEXT -Formal learning -Prepared for the environment -Minimal distraction ACCESSIBILITY All are measured and driven by standards -In classroom & blended classrooms -LMS/VLE, moderated environments -Web portals and Web 2.0 tools that are a part of measured success Extended Learning Environments {unique pedagogy}+ {multiple access points} = Adaptive Mobility TM Formal Learning Environments ACCESSIBILITY Multiple devices and environments -Mobile devices -PC & Online in distracted learning environments (all times except when in class or in formal systems) -Social networks CONTENT PEDAGOGY Environment / Content Aware -Review, Reinforce & Self-assess -Learning accompaniment, not replication of formal content -Smaller nuggets of learning consumption -Utilize device and environmental features LEARNER CONTEXT -Inherently distracted environments -Learning Moments are small and grabbed as possible -Use as needed to learn better Square peg round hole…

7 & A question of need… Location aware learning and collaborative opportunities, e.g. local history mapped to location Hyperlocal Augmented Information (reality) Overlay information on location specific data, e.g. campus services on maps Participative Polls PTA and other social (& formal) Informative Reference and freewheeling research Specific Learning material that is specific to classes containing educator and student driven material that is relevant

8 & Adaptive Mobility Sign up for a free pre-BETA trial version The combination of the unique pedagogy of mobility relevant content and the accessibility of multiple touch points

9 & Knowledge- like sand on a beach The Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop publication Pockets of Potential Mlearnopedia From Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Learning The MindWire: GoldenSwamp Classroom 2.0 … there are great online resources and people doing exciting things look for them by being active in the learning community (live and digital). Go to and set-up a content stream…

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