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EM Resource Overview Presented by Terry Stagg, HDS, SEM, CHSO.

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1 EM Resource Overview Presented by Terry Stagg, HDS, SEM, CHSO

2 Main Log in Page Enter User Name JDoe Enter Password ******** Click on Log in

3 Basic View Screen This is the default screen view you will see after you log in Hospitals are listed hereStatus of the ERFacility CommentsLast Updated

4 Keys indicate that you have permissions to edit the status and make changes for this facility Icons after the name of the facility indicate that there is a report that needs information from you

5 When you click on the name of the facility, this is the screen you will see. This will display your information, the status of the facility and the bed status information for your facility

6 You should always ensure that your information is up to date Notice any blanks in information

7 Click on edit resources to add information to your profile

8 Add the missing information Then click save

9 Now your information has been updated Next click on back to view

10 Then click on the ED Status On this screen you can indicate if your ED is Closed, Open or if there is a resource alert. You should indicate any resource alerts in the comment section. Next click save.

11 Next click on the icon after the hospital name A screen will open with spaces for you to put in bed numbers and other needed information *Monitored means the staffed

12 Continue clicking on each section until you have filled in all of the information needed. Next click save

13 Updating any information will change the date last updated on each section

14 Click on the preferences tab on the main view This is where you can edit information about how you are contacted of alerts and events

15 Click Event Notification

16 This will list all events that notifications are sent out for. Click on the ones you want to be notified of and how you want to be notified. *Web Page will only work if you are logged on to EM Resource at the time Make changes then hit save. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE

17 Next click user info

18 On this screen, make sure that all of your contact information is correct. If you indicated to receive notifications via text message, you MUST have your text information in the text pager address box. Make changes then click save.

19 When there is an event, you will get a pop up window like this After you read the message, click Acknowledge All Notifications

20 Events will show up as tabs across the top of the regional view *Events that are ongoing may not show up on the status bar but instead they will show up as icons beside facilities that need to report information for them.

21 When you click on an event tab, it will take you to the event status page which will contain additional information such as links, attachments or other information that is associated with the event. Ongoing events are also listed on this screen

22 Advanced EM Resources presentation will be available soon for those who want to become super users or facility administrators of EM Resources. Questions or comments, E-mail

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