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VeriSTAR-HLC (Hull Life Cycle) overview

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1 VeriSTAR-HLC (Hull Life Cycle) overview
Philippe Renard

2 VeriSTAR-HLC Interface

3 Ships in service today have no 3D model

4 Manual processing Today, manual processing of :
Thickness measurement reports Repairs preparation Structural condition assessment « at sea, steel is life »

5 How to get ships 3D models ?

6 3D models could be exported from shipyard
- Model exported from Tribon, Foran, Catia, Intergraph, etc - This is the best solution, cheaper and more accurate than class-made CAD file OpenHCM - 3D model VeriSTAR-HLC Shipyard

7 3D models could be built from scratch
If the model cannot be exported from shipyard, it can be built from the main drawings 3D model 3D Model editor VeriSTAR-HLC

8 V-HLC is based on the OpenHCM standard
European project CAS ( ) created the OpenHCM standard Phase n°3 Geometrical model (not F.E.M.) OpenHCM Phase n°2 Condition Assessment System Partners - Bureau Veritas (initiator and coordinator) Germanischer Lloyd Russian Register of Shipping Materiaal Metingen Europe LISNAVE SENER Cybernétix Instituto Superior Tecnico INTERTANKO TOTAL Automatic entry of measurement data Phase n°1 Measurement Operator

9 OpenHCM consortium The OpenHCM consortium manages the evolution of the standard, taking into account the feed-back from implementations

10 VeriSTAR-HLC functions

11 Thickness measurement company "TMCo" interface module

12 Rules assessment - generation of IACS tables

13 Search for inspection data
Crack layer Picture layer Warning layer Report layer Bracket in bad condition Web-frame 72 Tank 6P L42

14 Means of access For inspection manual module Means of access:
ladders, railings, etc. manholes, Condition of means of access

15 Condition forecast

16 Finite Element Model (under development)
V-HLC is automatically interfaced with the finite element model V-HLC V-HULL

17 References: pilot operations and contracts

18 Spanish shipyard - OpenHCM export
Export from SENER Foran CAD - May 2009 Bahia Uno 04301C (BV Class, oil tanker, Loa 71 m) Delivered - Sept 2004 at Astilleros de Murueta, Vizcaya OpenHCM of DECK in V-HLC

19 UTM campaign on board LNG carrier
Test of software on board in real conditions CAP - February 2010 Bachir Chihani 32Y705 LNG carrier, Loa m Delivered 1979

20 Ultrasonic thickness measurements "UTM" campaign on board LNG vessel
Preparation of the 3D model Input of UTM directly into the model using V-HLC Feedback from TM company Improvements of software

21 DSME (alias Daewoo, Korea) - OpenHCM export
EXMAR LNG vessels

22 Pilot operation with EXMAR / Excalibur
Taking thickness measurements "UTM" on board Entry of UTM into V-HLC model while on board Courtesy from DSME Instant display of thickness measurements results

23 Other uses

24 VeriSTAR-SIM (Structural Integrity Management)
Structural Integrity Management for Topsides Structures of fixed offshore platforms and jackets Is a module of V-HLC Input of inspection results Performs risk assessment of each component and inspection program scheduling

25 VeriSTAR SIM - Fixed Topsides Structures

26 VeriSTAR SIM - Jackets

27 Related cooperative projects
European Union projects FLAGSHIP RISPECT HLC-AIMS Life cycle management JIP (hull of FPSOs) Participants are Exxon Mobil, oil majors and all main class societies

28 Owner’s benefits

29 Data remains in database forever
Easy access to history of all ships 20 years ago 5 years ago 15 years ago Today

30 Hull monitoring capabilities
For managers of superintendents office, to check quickly the hull condition of their ships Increase of chartering opportunities

31 Easy preparation of steel repairs
Today’s preparation is done on paper drawings

32 Easy preparation of steel repairs
Tomorrow, with V-HLC, scope of repairs will be shown as 3D views + renewal steel tons + repainted surface


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