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Healing Touch Using Hearts and Hands To Heal Our Little Ones Wendy Rolf, RN, MSN, CHTP/I, AHN-BC.

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1 Healing Touch Using Hearts and Hands To Heal Our Little Ones Wendy Rolf, RN, MSN, CHTP/I, AHN-BC

2 What Is Energy MedicineBiofield Medicine ?

3 The Human Energetic Systems Have 3 components: auric field, chakras, meridians How does the human process the information in these fields?

4 Auras



7 Chakras

8 The chakras exist through the body into the aura They are ports for energy exchange with the environment They bring in energy, broadcast emotions, thoughts before they are spoken



11 Meridians Parallel pathways that are low voltage electrical conduits. Conducts chi/universal energy Permeates body and organs

12 Meridians


14 Goal of Healing Touch Goal restore harmony and balance Healing Touch complements conventional health care

15 Healing Touch A Sacred Healing Art

16 Healing Touch We use our hands, our hearts, our whole selves.

17 Healing– Haelen: to make whole to make holy.. Physically Emotionally Mentally Spiritually

18 It is NOT about the Technique Person being healed is most important part of the equation Expert healers use self as instrument to change energy flow in patients system

19 Requirements for Doing Healing Touch Intentionality for the highest health of the healee Motivation to help another Openness of mind Openness of heart-- unconditional love Letting go of expectations for outcome

20 Then energy system is affected by: environment thoughts emotions actions intentionality Family Centered Care

21 Three sources of understanding: cultural tradition personal experience physics Understanding energy requires knowledge of: electricity electo-magnetism quantum mechanics

22 Energy Medicine Spiritual Experiences

23 Image of a Universal Master Healer….










33 "Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven." Henry Ward Beecher



36 Healing Touch Where Science and the Sacred Meet

37 Biofield Theory

38 Quantum Physics

39 Dr. Quantum:

40 Quantum Physics Observer affects outcomes. –Quantum particles change as soon as observed or measured. Consciousness of observer brought the observed object into being. We are all made up of the same basic material, resonating with the world

41 Fujiwara Dam before offering a prayer Fujiwara Dam after offering a prayer You Make Me Sick, I Will Kill You Love and Appreciation Untreated Distilled Water Hadothe energy of water



44 No vacuum or nothingness Space between is a hive of activity Zero point fieldan ocean of microscopic vibrations in the space between thingsone vast quantum field. If this is true everything is connected like some invisible web Zero Point Field

45 The Matrix Zero-point energy Energetic continuum –Without form or vibration –Moves faster than speed of light Slows into Tachyon- a vertical stream Interacts with Subtle Organizing Energy fields and begins creating the energetic matrix from which all physical forms are structured.

46 The Holoverse Quantum theory states that each part of the universe contains all the information present in the entire cosmos itself. The entire universe has to be thought of as an unbroken whole. David Bohm The part contains the whole.

47 We are all made of the same basic material at the most fundamental level. –Living beings are packets of quantum energy constantly exchanging energy information in this energy sea. –Thinking, feeling = quantum information –We resonate with the world/universe

48 Non Locality Strange property in subatomic world –Individual electrons influence another quantum particle instantaneously over any distance despite there being no exchange of force or energy –Suggests that quantum particles once in contact retain connection even when separated So the actions of one will always influence the other no matter how far they get separated THIS HAS BEEN DECISEVELY VERIFIED BY PYSICIST SINCE 1982

49 Coherence

50 We are Light Beings The body emits photons

51 Healing Touch Zero point In their energy- magic Coherence Centering & Connecting –Matching their energy –Connecting with their matrix –Setting Intention –Quantum changes

52 NIH considers Healing Touch and other types of energy medicine among the most controversial of complementary and alternative medicine practices.

53 BIOFIELD RESEARCH Research is about learning and unlearning, about building on new foundations and about changing thoughts, feelings and attitudes in light of new evidence and in light of new experience.

54 Early Studies

55 PICO Question: P (population) Pediatric Post Operative T&A Patients I (intervention) Healing Touch C (comparison) No Healing Touch O (outcome) Decrease post op anxiety Decrease post op pain Decrease emergence delirium / emergence agitation Decrease time to meet PACU departure criteria

56 Surgery

57 Emotional 65% of all children undergoing anesthesia and surgery develop extreme anxiety and fear during the perioperative period 88% of all children undergoing anesthesia and surgery develop new-onset postoperative maladaptive behavioral changes

58 Review of Literature Weight of the Evidence CINAHL, MEDLINE, Cochrane, EBSCO, PUBMED, OVID, Centre for Reviews & Dissemination, Healing Touch International, Healing Touch Program, Dissertations, & NACHRI 1960-PRESENT TERMS: –Healing touch –Reiki –Bioenergy –Energy medicine –Energy therapies –Energy healing –Children –Anxiety –Anxiety in hospitalized children –Relaxation –Pain –Surgery –Emergence delirium –Length of stay

59 Findings: 62 articles reviewed 10 most recent & highest level that addressed PICO question 3 Meta-analysis & Systematic Reviews 3 Randomized Controlled Trials 3 descriptive studies 1 Qualitative 3 CCHMC PACU staff surveys 1 CCHMC Retrospective Study (Unpublished) 2 NACHRI Responses

60 Systematic Review (Jain & Mills 2010) 66 clinical studies -- Biofield Therapies, TT, HT, Reiki. Quantitative studies---RCT & within subjects designs

61 Findings Biofield therapies show: strong evidence for reducing pain intensity in pain populations moderate evidence for reducing pain intensity in hospitalized populations moderate evidence for decreasing anxiety for hospitalized populations

62 Meta Analysis So, Jiang, Qin, (2008) To evaluate the effectiveness of touch therapies including HT, TT, & Reiki Effectiveness acute and chronic pain Determine adverse effects Evaluate analgesic use. RCT, CCT 24 studies, 1153 participants

63 Findings Evidence supports the use of touch therapies for pain relief No adverse effects identified.

64 Anxiety, Surgery, & Length of Stay (MacIntyre, 2008) The efficacy of Healing Touch in coronary artery bypass surgery recovery: A randomized clinical trial. 3 groups, control, visitors, HT (N-237) Measured Post operative length of stay Anxiety

65 Findings All HT patients showed a greater decrease in anxiety scores than 2 other groups HT-- significant decrease length of stay, out patient. Reports: relaxed or relaxing, energized, peaceful.

66 Studies with Children Premature Infants Whitley (2008) Double-blind RCT Pilot Trial Examining The Safety And Efficacy Of TT In Premature Infants Can non contact TT reduce stress and is it safe to use in preterm infants –20 infants less than 29 weeks –Evaluated Oxygen saturation, –Heart period variability (HPV)used to evaluate stress –Adverse events, bradycardic and hypoxic events

67 Results Significant greater variability in low-to-high frequency ratio (supports increased relaxation) No adverse effects

68 Children/ Infants Effect of 2 different forms of energy work (Yakson and Gentle Human Touch) versus usual care on urine stress hormones and behaviors in preterm infants: A quasi-experimental study (Im, 2009) 3 groups 59 infants 26-34 weeks gestational age measured urine stress hormones, behavioral indicators, sleeping & awake states.

69 Results Significantly lower stress hormone levels Increased percentage of sleep states and decreased percentage of awake and fussy states

70 Qualitative Study with Children Hanley (2008) Goal elicit descriptions of how TT is used with preterm infants, and evaluation of TT with neonates. Findings: –The TT treatment is logical and dynamic –Practitioners use strategies to self-monitor their emotional and physical states during treatment to remain centered –Practitioners reported infants responses increases: Respiratory functioning and oxygenation, Feeding and nutritional status Weight over time Time in deep sleep Relaxation: being settled

71 Practitioners reported neonates had decreases in: Heart rate and respirations Seizure activity Practitioners reported behavioral changes Infants better able to organize complex tasks Infant ability to attend to situations and learn Improved developmental patterns Changes in energy fields patterns– smoothed out, more integrated, more coherent

72 The Impact of Healing Touch on Pediatric Oncology Outpatients: Pilot Study (Kemper, 2009) N-9 VAS to assess relaxation, vitality, overall well-being, stress, anxiety, and depression Compared HT & rest period Stress decreased significantly in HT group

73 Descriptive Study: Comparison of TT and casual touch in stress reduction of hospitalized children Kramer (1990) Early study, evaluated stress reduction children aged 2 weeks to 2 years. Measures used were pulse Galvanic skin response and peripheral skin temperature. Results TT had significant changes in values and needed less time to calm children after stressful experiences.

74 Healing Touch In our PACU 97% somewhat or strongly agree that patients feel more comfortable when receiving Healing Touch 94.5 somewhat or strongly feel the patients are calmer when they awaken from anesthesia 94.5% somewhat or strongly feel Healing Touch/Holistic Health enhances patient and family coping.

75 A Retrospective Database Review Of Pre-post Pain And Comfort Scores In Post Operative Patients At CCHMC Clinical records of 1613 patients 0-21 years old who received post operative healing touch therapy from October 2004-September 2007

76 Impact of Healing Touch on Pain in Post-Op Children at CCHMC

77 Impact of Healing Touch on Comfort in Post- Op Children at CCHMC

78 Leveling the Evidence Today Energy Therapys Effect on Pain, Anxiety, Emergence Delirium, and Length of Stay in Children Having Surgery

79 Synthesis of Evidence High grade of evidence to support the safety of Healing Touch with adults and children (Jain,2010 [1a]; Lee, (2008) [1a]; So, 2008 [1a]; Whitley, 2008 [1a]). High grade of evidence to support Healing Touch for pain and anxiety with adults (Jain,2010 [1a]; Lee, 2008 [1a]; So, 2008 [1a]). High grade of evidence to support the use of HT to decrease stress with premature infants (Hanley, 2008 [2a]; Im, 2009[2b]; Whitley, 2008 [2a]). Moderate evidence that Healing Touch may decrease the length of stay (MacIntyre, 2008 [2a]). Moderate evidence to support the use of Healing Touch with childrens stress & anxiety (Kramer, 1990 [4b]; Kemper, 2009 [4a]; Zimmer, 2008 [Unpublished]).

80 Do the Work Connect with children Connect with the families Our work is our blessing & joy.

81 A Sacred Time and Place for Healing

82 Therapeutic Presence

83 Healing Touch Lets Do It Center Connect Assess Magnetic Passes Treat Evaluate

84 Infants

85 Perry, B., 2006 The young child's undeveloped brain organizes in a "use- dependent" way, mirroring the pattern, timing, nature, frequency, and quality of experience.

86 Hospital environments, what do these infants experience?


88 The primary infant relationship has been shown to be the best predictor of improved developmental outcomes for infants Bondurant & Brinkman, 2003

89 Healing Touch in the Perioperative Area


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