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Part 4 Writing greatcopy.

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1 http://www.destinies.com1 Part 4 Writing greatcopy

2 http://www.destinies.com2 The 2 MOST Critical Parts of Successful Online Marketing Your Partners Your Copy

3 http://www.destinies.com3 Types of Copy Short copy/ads Tag lines eMail partners send out eMail YOU send out to your list Landing Page/Special Offer Page (web page URL) aka Sales Letter/Page aka Promotional Page

4 Be Aware Copying may be the highest form of flattery but it is also illegal! Know your copyright laws! http://www.destinies.com4

5 Most Important Copy Required for a Campaign eMail for your affiliates to send (two emails are even better – sometimes doubles the sales) Landing Page/Sales Page/Special Offer Page (a page on a website) http://www.destinies.com5

6 Flow of the Sales Copy STEP #1: An email lands in a prospects inbox and it contains a link to a special offer page (sample to follow on the next slide) STEP #2: The prospective/interested person goes over to the sales page and either scans it, reads it, and they make a decision = LEAVE of BUY http://www.destinies.com6

7 Yanik Silver - eMail Subject: Peggy $15,000 for 1 sheet of paper? Hmmmm.... Hi Peggy, This is might sound completely off-the-wall. And maybe it is - but see if I'm even semi-right... ---- Update: If you haven't picked this up yet - you've got until 3 PM, ET today for the best extra goodies ---- http://www.destinies.com7

8 Here's the back story... You see, last January, I led a 6-day Epic business adventure in Baja, Mexico. You had to qualify to attend (meaning: be ultra successful and have the right adventurous attitude). I've was out to combine business building sessions while creating lifetime memories blasting 80mph through the Baja peninsula in Porsche-powered Dune buggies. And on the 3rd day of their trek - they came to "Scorpion Bay". http://www.destinies.com8

9 Pretty much in the middle of nowhere but most famous for the world's second longest surf break. It was here that I had to give, quite possibly, the presentation of my life... What's more, I had no PowerPoint, no mic, no workbooks...pretty much nothing but one single sheet of paper stuffed deep into his backpack at the beginning of the trip. http://www.destinies.com9

10 Looking out into the audience there was everyone from one-man Internet superstars raking in multiple 7- figures in their flip flops to $900M International Resort developers and $100M Manufacturing conglomerates. These 26 top-gun entrepreneurs and business leaders had each paid about $15,000.00 between membership fees and trip costs to be here (if they met the strict criteria to attend). So why was I sweating it? What could he say to such a wide ranging group that would create more profits for each of them no matter what business or product they sold? http://www.destinies.com10

11 The answer: That single, 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. That page held my simple MindMap detailing all the little tweaks, hacks and immediate profit opportunities in any business...that are pretty much being overlooked 98% of time. (Or, if you don't have a business already – this was a blueprint for wringing the most revenue out of one when you do start it.) Want to see what I covered? You can check it out here - Not only will you be able to get your hands on the single sheet of paper but also get a pretty crazy lopsided deal in your favor when you say "Maybe". http://www.destinies.com11

12 All the best, Yanik Silver, P.S. We had to put the entire site on 'pause' because of big-time technical gremlins last Thursday. Now the good news is because of the snafus - I'm going to extend all the FAST-ACTION bonuses *way* beyond what they originally intended. (Fact is, they would have got snapped up in a few minutes during the intended Thursday release but now it's available until 3 PM, ET. *Today*) http://www.destinies.com12

13 http://www.destinies.com13 There is plenty more when you scroll down this page

14 Strongly Suggest Look at other great copy and follow the flow/style Is it visually appealing? Does it have a great heading? Does it have all of the components of great copy? Is the flow throughout? (like a chain link cant be broken) Is there a call to action? Are there testimonials/social proof? Is it truly benefit oriented? http://www.destinies.com14

15 http://www.destinies.com15 Writing Sales Copy Guidelines Set Limits (# of people or Quantities or Time Limited) Until 3pm Today! Available until Midnight Tonight Available for a Limited Time Only...Buy This Now…...and You'll Be Handsomely Rewarded...

16 http://www.destinies.com16 ** An Urgent Message just for you from Peggy McColl ** (Please read this now! I don't want you to miss out on an irresistible offer that expires at midnight E.S.T. Thursday July 25th) Heres another example: ** A Time-sensitive Message from Peggy McColl** If you do just one thing today, you can receive a staggering amount of freebies within minutes. Heres another example: …… you can buy this any time, but it is only in the next 24 hours that youll get this precious bonus gifts – take a look at what Ive lined up for you….

17 http://www.destinies.com17 Attention Grabbers = Great Subject Line in eMails A Great Heading on a Landing Page And Deck Copy America's Success Coach Reveals The Master Secrets -- Those That Give You The Power to Change...Everything This was deck copy on a sales page

18 http://www.destinies.com18 Use Supercharged Words Discover Easy Free New Proven Save Results Its here Introducing At Last Guarantee Bargain Quick Sale Why How To Just Arrived Now Announcing Imagine What if

19 http://www.destinies.com19 Attention Grabbers contd Subject line from an email: Living Life On Your Own Terms First line in the email was: I will share my billion dollar secrets with only 22 people

20 http://www.destinies.com20 Joe Vitales subject lines A gift from Joe Vitale Invite from Joe Vitale News Alert from Joe Vitale A Special Message from Joe Vitale Top 10 Destructive Money Beliefs WOW from Joe Announcing – New Web Add Magic Im Looking for 10 People Have You Ever Had These Thoughts Ask Yourself An Urgent-Time Sensitive Message from Dr. Joe Vitale I just got this FYI Heard This Yet Something New I Think Youll Appreciate Well, how much do you want? Got a book?

21 http://www.destinies.com21 Put the offer right in the subject SUBJECT: Announcing – New Web Ad Magic SUBJECT: A time limited offer – good for today only $197 of bonus gifts when you buy this

22 http://www.destinies.com22 Other samples Are you in the top 1% A Monday morning gift for you Before you leave for the weekend Whats in it for ME? Financial Success Secrets revealed How to make a fortune with a fool idea The Amazing Secret of 161 New Ways to a Mans Heart How to Write a Business Letter That Demands Attention Add $10K to Your Estate For the Price of a New Hat You Really Must Hear This Guy Greatest GoldMine of Wisdom Ever Packed Into One Product Manifesting So Easy a Child Can Understand How to Accomplish Your Greatest Goal…even if it is too big. What Younger People Can Teach Us About Living Rich and Happy Whats More Important Than Wealth and Success?

23 http://www.destinies.com23 Personalize in the Subject Diane, check this out, its great – Bob Billy – Read this right now! Go here: Its great! (from Phyllis)

24 24 Storytelling So, what's my story? Over 20 years ago I was in a prison. What's worse? I didn't even know it. My prison had bars, chains and shackles. A tiny window let a little light through, but I rarely noticed it. The food tasted bland and boring. I can still feel the cold, damp floor and hear the empty echoes. I wasn't in a physical prison, but I was in a prison of my own mind. A prison that I had created. And while I didn't like it there, I sure didn't try very hard to get out. (I don't think I knew that I could.)

25 http://www.destinies.com25 Ask a Question If you knew that doing just one thing today would instantly increase your personal power to blast through to your goals, receive more than $350 worth of free bonuses, and, at the same time helping me achieve something that couldn't be done without your help.....would you do it? To find out immediately, click here: What if that one simple thing cost you less in time and money than you'll probably spend at the pizza place or the coffee shop next week?

26 http://www.destinies.com26 Tell them what they get I am giving away some of my most precious resources - yours FREE - if you do just one thing today. First, here are the gifts that I am waiting (like a child on her birthday) to give to you:

27 http://www.destinies.com27 Benefits, benefits, benefits Woven throughout So what? This benefits the prospect how? WIIFM

28 http://www.destinies.com28 Keep in Mind Grab their attention Benefit-oriented Its all about the prospect/visitor/viewer/reader Be Creative Inspiring/Curious/Enthusiastic

29 http://www.destinies.com29 Have Social Proof "Yanik, I was blown away by your "Instant Leverage Points" presentation. It contained a "secret weapons stash" of actionable ideas, strategies and tactics that even the most experienced marketer can instantly apply to explode his/her profits. One concept I implemented easily paid for my entire Maverick Business Adventure..." - Drew Kossoff, CEO, Rainmaker Ad Ventures, Inc. "Just one of the Instant Leverage points Yanik mentions made one of my clients another $300-400K in profit per month! These techniques can be used to make millions. Just being 5% better gets you top traffic, imagine what happens when your 50% better because you use all the techniques..." -- Mike Hill, Chico, CA, MyMediaBuyer (One of the world's premier media buyers) "Hey Yanik, I think there are infinite ways you can increase profits. The important thing is to identify the biggest opportunities. When I saw this presentation I jotted down 3 ways I never dreamed about that made instant changes in my business. I recommend anyone, with any size business, to get this information from you. It made a big difference in my bottom line this year." - Mike Filsaime,

30 http://www.destinies.com30 Have Simple & Clear Instructions Heres What You Need to Do Right Away to Reserve Your Spot To apply for a spot in my Quantum Leap Publicity & Marketing Program click here now to apply online and let's get started on the path to making your dream come here now to apply online

31 http://www.destinies.com31 Include Bonus Gifts or Bonuses (benefit oriented descriptions) Free health and fitness guide! (priceless) Get a free health and fitness guide! Peak performance expert and wellness coach Gerry Morton has made available his health and fitness guide as a free download. It's the perfect way to get started with a high energy lifestyle. Go get yours today! Gerry Morton, founder of

32 http://www.destinies.com32 Sample Bonuses Three Quantum Leap Meetings in Philadelphia over the next year - Each will last two to three days. The group meetings are scheduled for December 2-4, 2008, June 10-11, 2009 and December 3-4, 2009. Each meeting will be limited to 75 members, their guests (at no extra charge you're encouraged to bring a partner, co-author or key staff member - proof of business relationship is required) and up to 25 returning Quantum Leap alumni. If you cant make one or more of the sessions, well be happy to provide you with audio recordings and all written materials. Meet face-to-face with key decision-makers at every meeting - At each group meeting, we'll have 6-12 major journalists, producers, literary agents or other influentials in attendance for you to meet with one-on-one to discuss your particular project. For instance, at the first meeting we'll have four top literary agents as well as four radio/TV producers or journalists.

33 http://www.destinies.com33 Give the Buyer a Reason WHY Why am I willing to give away $259 worth of Robin's most valuable resources for F-R-E-E? Today, September 24th, I have a personal goal to help Robin reach the #1 position on and I really need your help. And, for helping me, I'm going to reward you in a big, no make that HUGE way!

34 http://www.destinies.com34 OR On Wednesday, November 20th, 2002 I intend to raise $10,000 in one day for The Ronald McDonald Children's Charities and I need your help to do so. OR PS -- You may be wondering how I can make an offer like this. This series has been so wildly successful that my Manager printed almost 3,000 extra copies - just because she believes in my message and has witnessed - firsthand, the difference it has made in the lives of thousands. I am ready to run another edition so this offer will never be available again. This means you can get your hands on this limited first edition! So please take advantage of this offer. It won't be around next week.

35 Handle ALL Objections (before) What makes this different from the others? What results can I expect? What is the value? Are there any guarantees that this will work? Why should I get this now? What if I dont like it? Who else has benefited and how? Is this person credible? 35

36 Part 1 of 5 – sample email http://www.destinies.com36 Subject: Please take a serious look at this and take some action now! Dear Friend: Last fall, world-renowned New York Times Bestselling Author Peggy McColl let me offer you the basics of her now-famous Magnet for Money course at a huge discount, due to our longstanding friendship. So many of you jumped on this amazing deal, and the positive feedback was so overwhelming, that I went back to her for more. I said: why not let me offer my private list your complete Intensive Course – not just the basics – and by the way, could you give them another gigantic discount, as a favor to me?

37 Part 2 of 5 – Sample eMail Well, she said yes. And you just wont believe the deal – she threw in everything but the kitchen sink! If you purchased the basic downloadable version in the fall, this is a chance for you to get Peggys complete new Platinum Edition Intensive Course on 6 jam-packed CDs, PLUS over $250 worth of FREE BONUSES* -- a total value of over $750, and youll pay only $95! And theres even a money back guarantee! If youre one of the ones who didnt take advantage of last falls offer, well, dont miss this one.... Why you should not miss this offer. Peggy McColls revolutionary wealth-attraction principles are changing the lives – and fortunes – of thousands of people around the world. http://www.destinies.com37

38 Part 3 of 5 – Sample eMail Peggys 5 published books have been sold in over 30 countries and translated into 9 languages, and shes a highly sought- after international speaker. Her renowned Magnet for Money Intensive Course is an extended, 3-month-long, $495 course in which she personally trains people in her celebrated Magnet for Money wealth- attraction principles. Recently, Peggy put the entire contents of this life-changing course on a jam-packed, 6-CD set called the Magnet for Money Platinum Edition. And because of my special relationship with Peggy, I was able to convince her to reserve a limited number of copies for my private list, for only $95! http://www.destinies.com38

39 Part 4 of 5 – Sample eMail The Platinum Edition is the complete, unabridged contents of Peggy McColls $495, 3-month Intensive course, on SIX JAM-PACKED CDs, plus the 94-page Workbook and 6 fantastic FREE BONUSES.* Only $95, if you act immediately! CLICK HERE NOW TO LEARN MORE! %20Platinum%20Edition We have long admired Peggys work, and she has been praised and recommended by some of the worlds most influential life- improvement coaches, including Neal Donald Walsch, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Debbie Ford, Caroline Myss, Gregg Braden and many others. With her program, you will: Tear down the shield youve put up between you and wealth Create an irresistible and undeniable force for attracting money Become richer emotionally and spiritually as well as financially http://www.destinies.com39

40 Part 5 of 5 – Sample eMail With this amazing program, you will begin experiencing huge changes within DAYS, not weeks or months! This is a very exclusive, limited-time special offer just for you. Please click the link below NOW to learn more! Dont let this remarkable opportunity pass you by! CLICK HERE NOW TO LEARN MORE! 20Platinum%20Edition * P.S. As a special bonus, weve made arrangements for Peggy to throw in FREE the complete downloadable version of her blockbuster Turn Fear Into Faith Shell teach you step by step exactly how to transform the fears and insecurities that hold you back into empowering faith -- as she herself did, many years ago, when she was down and out, lacking confidence, money, or anything to hold on to. Plus youll get 5 ADDITIONAL valuable free bonuses! http://www.destinies.com40

41 http://www.destinies.com41

42 Sample Special Offer Pages http://www.destinies.com42

43 Your Checklist Does my offer have a sense of urgency or a reason to buy immediately? Is the copy compelling? Am I captivated by this offer? Does it make me want to read on? Would it cause others to keep reading? Would I buy if I received this? Is it easy to understand and follow? Do you have bonuses or gifts or does it show extra value? Have you included a value for the total offer? Can I clearly see what I need to do to get this deal? Do I have social proof or endorsements that are credible? Have I clearly outlined the benefits? Have I checked the email content through the spam filters? Have I tested this offer with other people to see if they find it captivating? Is the heading truly catchy? 43

44 Videos (Scripts are Copy) Keep them short Trigger words Script it first Be natural, compelling Benefit oriented http://www.destinies.com44

45 Viral Video http://www.destinies.com45

46 Social Media Copy Link to longer copy Engage the reader Create Curiosity Make it interesting How and why cleansing should be a part of your routine wellness plan @ Great news! You are NOT toxic! Check it out, hot off the press: @ A new life A new job A new body, now! This will make your fresh and ready @ Panchakarma for the Eastern Yogi! The 7 Day Total Cleanse is the ideal yogi cleanse @ If you want to get your shine back try this: @ Ready for a TOTALLY fresh start? @ http://thetotalcleanse.com Lose weight faster, healthier with life long results with this revolutionary new take on cleansing @ http://www.destinies.com46

47 Check for Spam Content esources-cckr 47

48 Great Copywriters Gary Halbert - John Reese Ted Nicholas – Dan Kennedy – Jay Abraham – David Garfinkel – Robert Bly – Joe Sugarman - Joe Vitale – Janet Switzer – 48

49 Another Resource for YOU Headline Analyzer Create a headline and run it through the analyzer for feedback! http://www.destinies.com49

50 Write Your Copy or Hire a Copywriter? When you invest time to learn how to write copy it will come back to you a hundredfold OR You can hire a copywriter, but be very careful….they can be VERY expensive (ask for referrals)! http://www.destinies.com50

51 What to do next Study copywriting - Watch for sales type of emails that you find to be effective (emotionally move you) Create a folder and keep copies of great sales copy Practice writing your own copy OR hire someone – Al Henderson (someone I use and highly recommend) Mention MY name! e-mail: or... phone: 250-992-6445 Remember the IMPORTANCE of copywriting – make or break Skill you can use forever! http://www.destinies.com51

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