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Chronic disease management systems

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1 Chronic disease management systems
Presented by: John Kelly

2 One in every three adults in the UK has high blood pressure.
(Source: Blood Pressure Association)

3 350 people every day have a stroke or heart attack caused by BP.

4 50% of strokes could be prevented
If Hypertension was controlled ... 50% of strokes could be prevented


6 BP fluctuates over 24 hours

7 Validated ABPM devices

8 Traditional ABPM reports

9 Integrates with all validated ABPM devices

10 dabl® one page report Interpreted text report

11 Tailor treatment to the pattern
Drug combination to control day and night-time BP

12 Clinical Applications

13 Trend report improves compliance

14 About dabl® (
Over a decade of Product advancement. Available in 10 countries & 5 languages Expert systems for diagnosis and management of chronic diseases: ABPM Cardiovascular risk Anticoagulant Stroke Assessment of older persons Heart Failure Founded in 2000, dabl is a wholly Irish owned company, which has developed an online expert chronic disease management systems in collaboration with a number of international centres of excellence. Enterprise Ireland have taken an equity stake in the Company. The dabl® organisation evolved out of specialist care and research.  Over the years it has moved out to primary care and in 2008 launched diagnostic and management services to pharmacy, recognising their increasing importance in chronic disease management.  The dabl system is in use in 9 countries, available in 4 languages. In Ireland, our system is currently in use in many hospitals including your cardiology department, primary care clinics, approximately 30% of GP practices and since 2009 in pharmacies. It is widely recognised as the best system available for diagnosis, management and research of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD).

15 dab® Medical Advisory Board
Member Institution Prof Eoin O'Brien (Chairman) Professor of Cardiovasular Pharmacology The Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research, University College Dublin, Prof David Bouchier-Hayes Professor and Chairman Department of Surgery Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Education & Research Centre, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin Dr John Graves Division of Hypertension & Nephrology Mayo Medical School , The Mayo Clinic, Minnesota Dr Martin G Myers Division of Cardiology Sunnybrook & Women's College Health Sciences Centre, Ontario Prof Paul Padfield Department of Medicine, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh Prof Gianfranco Parati Dept of Cardiology St Luca Hospital, Milan Dr Jan Staessen Hypertension & Cardiovascular Rehabi Unit Catholic University of Leuven, Internal Medicine-Cardiology, Leuven Dr George Stergiou Hypertension Center Third University Dept of Medicine, Sotiria Hospital Athens Product development is overseen by an international medical advisory board which is chaired by Professor Eoin O’Brien and comprises some of the most eminent cardiology experts in the world. Use for own patients as well as for research.

16 Chronic disease management systems
Presented by: John Kelly

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