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Land And Water Use Part 4. URBAN LAND DEVELOPMENT.

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1 Land And Water Use Part 4


3 Urban Development Planned Development – 76 million residential buildings and 5 million commercial buildings in the US – Use 1/3 of all energy and 2/3 of all electricity consumed in US

4 Urban Development The Green Approach

5 Urbanization Pros Cons


7 Federal Highway System 160,000 miles of roadway Federal highways receive substantial federal funding but state owned, built, operated Federal highway tax – 18¢ gas tax – 25¢ diesel tax – Tax on heavy vehicles

8 Federal Highway System Benefits Impacts on Environment


10 National Parks 1,100 national parks in world – Largely unprotected due to cost 84 million acres in US – Alaska = 16% of entire system

11 Threats to National Parks

12 Reducing the Threat

13 Relevant Laws National Park Service Act 1916 – Establishes national park service Wild and Scenic Rivers Act 1968 – Ensures protection of river’s unique environment – Preserves select rivers – 4 rivers in NC

14 Wildlife Refuges Developed to protect wildlife during times of crisis Managed by US Fish and Wildlife Service

15 Wetlands High plant productivity High biodiversity 50% of US wetlands have been altered or destroyed – Urbanization – 10% – Agriculture – 90% 1/3 of all endangered species spend part of lifecycle in wetlands

16 Wetlands Types of wetlands – Fen: – Bog: – Marsh: – Swamp:

17 Wetlands Wetland Services


19 Conservation Options Preservation Remediation Mitigation Restoration

20 Principles in Land Conservation Protect biodiversity, habitats, and function through monitoring Adopt a user pay approach Require responsibility of any user who damages or alters public lands

21 Principles in Land Conservation Reduce road building Rely on more sustainable tree-cutting methods Reduce fragmentation

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