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SINUMERIK 808D on PC 04/2012.

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1 SINUMERIK 808D on PC 04/2012

2 SINUMERIK 808D on PC Overview
Like a real SINUMERIK 808D: Identical behavior in CNC operation and CNC programming Featuring the real SINUMERIK CNC kernel ! A perfect tool for: Easy learning and professional training CNC identical offline programming and testing Professional CNC-presentations And the best … Free of charge download of the SINUMERIK 808D on PC software SINUMERIK 808D on PC offers learning, training and offline part programming fully identical to a real SINUMERIK 808D on a Windows PC – free of charge! Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

3 Identical behavior in CNC programming and operation
808D on PC is a real SINUMERIK: The real SINUMERIK 808D CNC system is implemented G codes, Cycles, Tools, … just like a real machine SINUMERIK Operate BASIC: Programming just like on the machine Tool Management, Alarm messages just like on the machine Software MCP: No additional hardware needed thanks to the included software MCP Override, Referencing, NC Start/Reset 808D on PC is build using the real SINUMERIK CNC system and the SINUMERIK Operate BASIC HMI system

4 Milling and Turning Technology in one application
One central launch application: Easy selection of Machine type during start-up Different machines can be set up to represent real tool configuration Turning and Milling Machine Template: Lathe with 2 Axis / 1 Spindle inclined bed configuration Milling machine with 3 Axis / 1 Spindle configuration 808D on PC contains machine templates for a lathe and a milling machine which can be used to mirror your workshop

5 CNC identical offline programming and testing Faster from the drawing to the program
Part Programming – two styles available programGuide BASIC: Graphical guided SINUMERIK CNC-programming ISO code: programming with canned cycles Powerful and easy to use: PC-style CNC text editor with Chinese character support Mouse and keyboard support Testing of the program using the onboard simulation Transfer part programs to the machine using a USB stick More time for machining of parts at the machine. Part Programs can be created and tested on the PC with the full support of Mouse and Keyboard.

6 Professional CNC-presentations
SINUMERIK Operate BASIC: Chinese character support for operation, comments, part programs and directories 8/8 soft-key arrangement for faster navigation Real operation instead of static pictures: Powerful tool management function Comprehensive work-piece setup functionality Part program management Simulation Context sensitive help system included Easily demonstrate the advantages of your machine thanks to the powerful SINUMERIK Operate BASIC. 808D on PC – every sales must have it with him

7 Learn how easy it is to operate thanks to 808D on PC and the operation and programming guides
Tool handling: Well structured display of tool data Easy to understand tool icons All parameters in one screen Input of tool width for grooving tools Part program generation and testing: Graphical support for the parameter input of technology cycles Simulation shows every movement with actual tool offsets Comprehensive training guides Learning to operate a CNC machine has not been easier before. Thanks to the free of charge 808D on PC everybody can take the “machine” with him for self-study. Comprehensive training documents support the user on top.

8 How to get it Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise (32- and 64-Bit) Free of charge download: Unlimited license after registration DVD: 6FC5548-0YC20-0YA0 SINUMERIK 808D on PC can be easily obtained by download and installed on typical Windows PCs. You want it, you get it and can use it for unlimited* time at zero cost. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. *) latest after 60 days a free of charge registration is necessary to obtain a license code

9 SINUMERIK 808D on PC Thank you for your attention! SINUMERIK 808D
SIEMENS Ltd. China Industry Sector, Motion Control SINUMERIK_808D_on_PC.ppt

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