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Spend smarter. Start here.. Your business deserves a closer look You work hard to make your company more efficient There are still more opportunities.

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1 Spend smarter. Start here.

2 Your business deserves a closer look You work hard to make your company more efficient There are still more opportunities to: – Save costs – Reduce unnecessary paperwork

3 See where the moneys going Gain more control over expenditures of every kind within your company: –From business travel to oil changes to office equipment Streamline and simplify processes associated with each transaction

4 Take command of the way your company spends Set limits on how much is spent, where and by whom Exercise your spending controls automatically Access online transaction data to negotiate better deals with vendors Earn rewards for your company

5 The solution MasterCard ® Middle Market Focus TM Introducing a payment program that zeroes in on productivity and cost savings: –Based on extensive research into the needs of midsized companies –Built exclusively for companies like yours –Fully customizable

6 A powerful business tool More control –Transaction tracking and reporting New savings – Substantial discounts at select vendors Greater flexibility –Streamlined payment process

7 One program rich with features Spending controls and rich data reporting –Contain costs better by monitoring how the card is used –Reinvigorate efforts to streamline and save Analyze your spending patterns right from your PC Get enhanced card acceptance, no matter where you are in the world –Accepted at over 22 million locations and over 900,000 ATMs

8 A card for every kind of spending Travel & Entertainment –Makes it easy to pay for air, hotels, car rentals and client entertainment Purchasing –Makes it more convenient to buy routine supplies and reduce costs of paper-based invoice methods Fleet –Makes fuel and vehicle maintenance easier to pay for

9 Set up the program right online MasterCard ® QuickLaunch TM provides maximum control and flexibility Establish spending controls right online Reduce setup paperwork and calls with your financial institution Enjoy password-protected, 24/7 access

10 Easy to administer Set up employees and establish preset spending limits/ merchant category blocks

11 Analyze your spending patterns MasterCard ® Smart Data TM OnLine * Integrate transaction data into existing accounting systems Monitor spending at cardholder or company levels Generate standard reports or export custom files Manage suppliers more efficiently *Offers and capabilities may vary by Issuer.

12 Automate T&E expense reporting MasterCard ® ExpenSys TM Provides access to electronic data More control over the reporting process Ability to isolate spending trends and use them to drive cost control Greater productivity and efficiency with fewer processing errors MasterCard ExpenSys supports several expense management partners, allowing companies to choose the right solution to fit their needs.

13 Avoid the hassle of writing cheques MasterCard ® Automatic Bill Payment Allows regularly occurring bills to be paid automatically each period for fixed or variable amounts Streamlines accounts payable processes Improve relationships by reducing late payments to vendors Earn valuable rewards on regular spending

14 MasterCard ® Offers for Business Significant discounts and seasonal offers * Savings at select merchants from a range of categories, such as: –Office supplies: NEBS –Business travel: Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Boston Coach and VIA Rail –Plus, additional savings in other leading categories Take advantage of discounts on everyday needs *Offers may vary based on availability.

15 Card-based services and features that can be of significant value Extra protection, reassurance and assistance whenever your employees use their cards Useful extras to help you do business smarter Master RoadAssist ® Roadside Service Travel Services Medical Protection 1 Travel Assistance Services MasterLegal ® Referral Service MasterRental ® Insurance Coverage 2 MasterCoverage ® International 2 1 Benefits may vary. Please consult your financial institution for more details. 2 MasterCoverage International is provided subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the master policy issued by the third-party insurer. 3 Core program funded by MasterCard Purchase Assurance ®1 Extended Warranty 1 MasterCard Special Services ®1 Value-Added Tax (VAT) Reclaim Service 3 MasterCard Global Service ®

16 Getting started MasterCard ® QuickLaunch TM makes it easy Manage your program efficiently with MasterCard Smart Data TM OnLine

17 A powerful program awaits you More than a card. Greater power. Tighter control. Peace of mind. Only from MasterCard ®

18 Contact your financial institution to get started.

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