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Interline Archeology A Lost Revenue Recovery Service

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1 Interline Archeology A Lost Revenue Recovery Service
Provided by An AvGroup Company

2 Interline Archeology The Plain Truth
Even with agreements in place, inward interline billings are historically over- charged by an average of 15 to 30%. In an industry seeking to lower costs and improve revenues, plugging this leak with a 2nd review is a “no-brainer.”

3 Interline Archeology What’s the Problem?
Whether it’s SPA complexity, system/human error, or just sheer volume, the causes are systemic and deep-rooted. InterArc’s monthly reporting will fully document and categorize the factors that lead to millions of your hard-earned interline dollars falling through the cracks.

4 A Successful Track Record
Interline Archeology A Successful Track Record InterArc has recovered in excess of $100 million on behalf of clients! Just one coupon, billed (and accepted) at $48,261, had a true value of $482.61

5 Archeology Services are…
Interline Archeology Archeology Services are… - Risk-free for InterArc clients - Finder’s-fee based (No recovery – No fees!) - Rapid-start, with zero up-front costs ……truly a “Win-Win”

6 to improve efficiencies
Interline Archeology Sample Report InterArc offers reports and statistics to help find the problems with over-billings to improve efficiencies and revenues.

7 Schedule a commitment-free Test Drive.
Interline Archeology Schedule a commitment-free Test Drive. Let us demonstrate how InterArc’s proprietary service recovers lost revenue like no other. Sample InterArc’s comprehensive reports, broken out by carrier, transaction, and reason class.

8 Interline Archeology Credentials
InterArc’s parent, AvGroup, was formed in 1988 as a full service aviation consultancy Highly experienced in all facets of airline management and operations InterArc’s current clients cover three continents Headquartered in Miami, Florida with branch offices in Lima, Peru and Rome, Italy.

9 Your Revenue Recovery Partner
Interline Archeology Your Revenue Recovery Partner Contacts: Guy Booth - Mauricio Fernandez - 6355 NW 36th Street, Suite 600 Miami, Florida 33166, U.S.A. Tel.: Please visit us at:

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