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A Capital Opportunity 1. Disclaimer 2 © 2012 TSX Inc. All rights reserved. Do not sell or modify without the prior written consent of TSX Inc. This document.

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1 A Capital Opportunity 1

2 Disclaimer 2 © 2012 TSX Inc. All rights reserved. Do not sell or modify without the prior written consent of TSX Inc. This document is for information purposes only. While the information herein is collected and compiled with care, neither TMX Group Limited nor any of its affiliated companies represents, warrants or guarantees the accuracy or the completeness of the information. You agree not to rely on the information contained herein for any trading, legal, accounting, tax, investment, business, financial or other purpose. This information is provided with the express condition, to which by making use thereof you expressly consent, that no liability shall be incurred by TMX Group Limited and/or any of its affiliates as a result of any errors or omissions herein or any use or reliance upon this information.

3 Two-Tiered Market Structure Provides Service at All Stages of Growth 3 Serving all Market CapsA Unique Market Structure with Strong Feeder System 563 graduates +128 M&A* * Market Capitalization, December 31, 2012*From January 1, 2000 – December 31, 2012 530 Issuers 2089 Issuers 484 Issuers 147 555 Issuers 22

4 Global Exchange Leader for New Listings in 2012 4 *NASDAQ Information does not include secondary financings Source: World Federation of Exchanges, December 2012 TSX/TSXV LSE/ AIM NYSE/MKT Euronext (US) NasdaqASX Hong Kong Exchanges Number of Issuers Listed3,8272,7672,3392,5772,0561,547 Quoted Market Value (US$ Billions) 2,058.83,396.5 14,085.94,582.41,386.92,831.9 New Listings International New Listings 372 31 115 33 146 32 N/A 73 12 64 2 Equity Capital Raised (US$ Billions) 56.335.7124.223.8*43.839.2 Value Traded (US$ Billions) 1,357.32,194.313,422.79,784.2936.01,106.1

5 The World Lists on TSX and TSXV (picture of globe) TSX and TSXV International Listings by Country/Region 5 Total International Listings as at December 31, 2012 = 339 TSX = 183 listings QMV = $178.7 B TSXV = 156 listings QMV = $3.4 B

6 The World Trades on TSX and TSXV ~40 % of daily trading originates from international brokers Toronto Stock Exchange Volume & Transactions (2004-2011) 6

7 Leading a Growing Real Estate Sector 7

8 Real Estate Sector Performance (3 Yr) S&P/TSX Composite : 5.85% S&P/TSX Capped REIT : 47.12% S&P/TSX Capped Real Estate : 47.12% $7.2 billion equity capital raised 6 IPOs (1 headquartered in the U.S.) 15.2% of total IPO issuance on TSX/V 2012 Activity on TSX/V © TSX Inc. 2013 All rights reserved. Do not copy, distribute, sell or modify this document without TSX Inc.'s prior written consent

9 An Ideal Equity Marketplace for Real Estate 31 $100 Million + Deals in 2012 $7.2B In Equity Capital Raised on TSX and TSXV for Real Estate Companies in 2012 $5.5 B Raised in 2011 * As of or December 31, 2012 $75B Market Capitalization 84 Real Estate Companies on TSX (52) and TSXV (32) 9 Number of Real Estate Companies by Market Cap Average Number of Analysts Covering Real Estate Cos: 3

10 Top 10 Real Estate Issuers on TSX 10 Company Market Cap December 31, 2012 SectorInterlisted 1Brookfield Office Properties Inc.$10.9BOfficeNYSE 2Riocan REIT$8.5BRetail- 3H&R REIT$5.1BDiversified- 4First Capital Realty Inc.$4.2BRetail- 5Dundee REIT$3.7BDiversified- 6Calloway REIT$3.3BRetail- 7Cominar REIT$3.1BDiversified- 8Boardwalk REIT$3.1BResidential- 9Canadian REIT$3.0BDiversified- 10Primaris Retail REIT$2.7BRetail- * As of December 31, 2012

11 Top 10 Real Estate Issuers on TSX Venture Company Market Cap December 31, 2012 Sector 1Plazacorp Retail Properties Ltd.$317MRetail 2True North Apartment REIT$120MResidential 3BPO Properties Ltd.$109MDiversified 4NorthWest International Healthcare Properties REIT$86MResidential 5Pure Multi-Family REIT LP$85MIndustrial 6C2C Industrial Properties Inc.$67MDevelopment & Services 7Coopers Park Corporation$57MSpecialized 8360 VOX Corporation$35MSpecialized 9Imperial Equities Inc.$28MDiversified 10Firm Capital Property Trust$22MDiversified * As of December 31, 2012 11

12 Real Estate is Raising Equity Capital on TSX 12 Top 10 Financings by Real Estate Companies on TSX in 2012 CompanyDate of FinancingType of Financing Equity Raised (C$) 1Dundee REITJune 2012Secondary Offering$373 M 2Cominar REITAugust 2012Secondary Offering$288 M 3Brookfield Office Properties Inc.September 2012Secondary Offering$250 M 4First Capital Realty Inc.September 2012Secondary Offering$240 M 5Dundee REITMarch 2012Secondary Offering$232 M 6Riocan REITApril 2012Secondary Offering$230 M 7Dundee Industrial REITOctober 2012IPO$203 M 8Cominar REITFebruary 2012Secondary Offering$201 M 9Riocan REITSeptember 2012Secondary Offering$193 M 10Chartwell Seniors Housing REITMarch 2012Secondary Offering$190 M Top Financings on Toronto Stock Exchange in 2012 as measured by Gross Proceeds (C$)

13 Top 10 IPOs on TSX in 2011 and 2012 includes three Real Estate Issuers 13 CompanySectorDate of Financing Equity Raised (C$) 1Gibson Energy Inc.Diversified IndustriesJune 2011$500 M 2Hudsons Bay CompanyDiversified IndustriesNovember 2012$365 M 2Dundee International REITReal EstateAugust 2011$472 M 3Parallel Energy TrustOil & GasApril 2011$342 M 4Ivanplats LimitedMiningOctober 2012$300 M 5Argent Energy TrustOil & GasAugust 2012$250 M 6Dundee Industrial REITReal EstateOctober 2012$203 M 7Lone Pine Resources Inc.Oil & GasJune 2011$190 M 8Longview Oil Corp.Oil & GasApril 2011$173 M 9Regal Lifestyle Communities Inc.Real EstateOctober 2012$166 M 10KP Tissue Inc.Forest ProductsDecember 2012$140 M

14 Real Estate IPOs on TSX/V in 2012 14 ExchangeCompanyReal Estate Sector Date of Financing IPO Gross Proceeds (C$) Over- Allotment Option Exercised? Syndicate Lead TSXFAM Real Estate Investment Trust Industrial/Office/ Retail December 2012 $59 MN/ATD and National Bank Financial TSXRegal Lifestyle Communities Inc. SpecializedOctober 2012$166 MYesCIBC and BMO TSXDundee Industrial REITIndustrialOctober 2012$178 MYesTD TSXVPure Multi-Family REIT LP Multi-Family Residential July 2012$58 MYesDundee Securities and Canaccord Genuity TSXHealthLease Properties REIT SpecializedJune 2012$110 MYesCanaccord Genuity and National Bank Financial TSXMorguard North American Residential REIT ResidentialApril 2012$83 MYesRBC and TD

15 A Competitive Equity Marketplace for Real Estate 15 Real Estate Equity Capital Raised (C$M) Source: Capital IQ, YTD December 31 2012 6 IPOs 86 Follow-on 0 IPOs 16 Follow-on 8 IPOs 113 Follow-on Financings

16 Contact our Business Development Team to learn more about your Capital Opportunity A Capital Opportunity Diversified Industries Justin Canivet 416 947-4710 Mining Orlee Wertheim (416) 947-4477 Mining Americas Carlos Espinosa (416) 814-8861 Oil & Gas Monica Rovers 403 218-2805 Innovation Michael Kousaie 416 947-6626 Asia George Gao (8610) 6505 5811 Europe · 44 20 3194 2529 China · (+86 10) 6505-8011 North America · 1 888 873 8392

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