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Bitrix Intranet: Introduction

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1 Bitrix Intranet: Introduction
Bitrix® Intranet is a highly secure, turnkey intranet solution for small and medium-sized businesses designed for effective collaboration, communication, social networking, workflow and knowledge management. The product enables increased employee productivity, motivation and awareness, and smoother internal operations.

2 Enterprise2.0 Benefits Broadcast important corporate news and announcements to employees, raise staff awareness and advance corporate culture Convert alienated employees and improve team spirit with internal social networking technology Synchronize employees, provide insight about staff availability Automate routine interaction between the HR department and employees, reduce staffing costs and speed up internal business processes Speed up orientation of new employees

3 Bitrix Intranet: Editions
Bitrix Intranet solution is divided into three editions. Each of them corresponds with the organization’s maturity and readiness to implement intranet collaboration and communication features. InfoPace Edition $ 499 TeamPace Edition $ 2,299 BizPace Edition $ 3,299 InfoPace provides organizations with a centralized corporate directory for fast and easy business-related information discovery. Everything contained in the InfoPace Edition plus a whole spectrum of collaboration and communication features that streamline internal work processes. Everything contained in the TeamPace Edition plus a business-driven framework with advanced workflow and project management tools.

4 Front Page A true multi-functional dashboard with logo and color scheme gives a snapshot of all levels of the intranet - corporate, workgroups, and personal items, as well external information via RSS. Links to personal page Bitrix Intranet provides out-of-the-box portal structure and content that can be easily modified Add new gadgets with information from any part of the portal, RSS’s, Google gadgets, etc. Company news and important information can be placed prominently, with complete details on a separate portal page Launch custom polls and surveys to get valuable feedback from employees Drag-and-drop applets in this dashboard as needed. A similar dashboard is provided for each user and workgroup

5 3 Types of target audiences:
Broadcasting An intranet should have several tools for ‘broadcasting’: News feeds, RSS, web pages, blasts to specified groups, internal mass messages, banners, etc. In practice everything from broadcasting to narrowcasting is covered by these features. 3 Types of target audiences: User Groups Departments Work Groups Keep your team updated about the latest news, familiarize with adopted rules, procedures and official instructions, and create a unified view on corporate values, history and market positioning. And new employees get their quick orientation! Strengthen team spirit and increase employee involvement and awareness with a hall of fame, best performers, birthdays and announcements. Broadcast media content, publish photos and videos, all wrapped in customizable page layouts reflecting your branding.

6 Company Structure Find and connect with the right person and department quickly with the visual company structure, which is created automatically after employee database is completed Departments, their heads and employees are shown in the visual company structure Send an , instant message or make a video call in one click

7 Telephone Directory The telephone directory is not only about telephones. It provides an extensive list of contacts to allow employees to save time, locating the right people immediately. The list contacts typical contact details that can be easily extended with company-specific data Add new employees, manage employee accounts, import employees from AD/LDAP or export to Outlook and Excel Search employees by their names, s, phones, departments or presence status

8 Workgroups Workgroups provide a secure zone for project development with a wide range of tools. Groups may be open to all, by invitation only, or invisible to non-members Customize the appearance of the workgroup dashboard with intranet applets and external feeds Shortcuts to reporting, discussions, files, tasks, calendar s, wikis and more. Overview of recent activity

9 Instant Messenger An internal IM system shows who is online, allows multiple recipients at a click and is complemented with XMPP server to support JABBER clients in place of this built-in system. Use recent contacts or the company structure to send to multiple recipients Quick-info: user availability Initiate video calls, view recent messages, open all messages Format text and use smileys Message-notification by optional

10 File Sharing An essential part of collaboration, file sharing in the Bitrix Intranet includes versioning, recovery, comments, tags and a sophisticated workflow tool. Content is indexed immediately for fast searching. Quick-launch buttons let you upload a new document, create a new folder, subscribe to comments made on documents Map this folder as a local drive File storage areas at the general level, workgroup level, and in each user profile Action button gives options to view, modify, comment, download, view history, roll-back, delete, or set business processes. Batch processing is also available!

11 Forums & Blogs Discussions / Blogs are available at 3 levels: from the portals main page; in each workgroup; for each user. The ease of posting to a discussion facilitates participation in the group Discussion posts may include smileys, links, photos, video files, etc. Each topic is a section in the table; each post is an element in the section Participation in discussions may be done through , and the topic can specify the thread – does not require login to participate Subscribe to a thread by

12 Wiki Wiki lets you create an unlimited number of public and workgroup-specific knowledge bases for better team collaboration Wiki allows teams to collaborate on shared knowledge bases with content versioning, changes history and roll-back features

13 Calendar Calendars for the entire organization, each workgroup, and each user can be shared easily and integrated with Outlook and through iCal Themed personal calendars and imported calendars can be shown on a single grid Integrate with Outlook without using MS Exchange Schedule a new event by clicking on the day. Click-away invitations to other users and the Event Scheduler Marking Availability as “Away” will add the event to the company Absence Chart

14 Event Scheduler From any calendar, an event can be initiated using scheduling conflict resolution. Guests can be invited and a meeting room can be book all within this window. Schedule of each participant and the meeting room is shown Move this bar to the time slot desired and adjust its width for quick scheduling with multiple persons What happens next? Invitations are sent out to participants The meeting room is reserved Notifications of accepted invitations are sent to organizer; the event is marked on the participant’s calendar Participants can see who is invited and who has confirmed

15 Absence Chart The Absence Chart shows who is out of the office in Day, Week, and Month regimes. Entries can be made from any user’s personal calendar Show for individual departments, branches Absence types may be added or removed easily Absences of less than a day are shown in the Week and Day views Certain persons (CEO, etc.) may be excluded from the Absence Chart

16 Service Orders Web forms allow simple management of basic service tasks in the company. Modification and customization of these tasks is simple and convenient Click an icon to specify the service issue; the system initiates and tracks your request Expedite courier pick-up, printing, ordering of office supplies or maintenance. And of course you can add your specific e-orders! Simple forms for each type of service call send messages to appropriate service providers

17 Helpdesk For more complex services, especially IT support, an interactive ticketing system with messaging and reminders, and the ability to attach files (such as screenshots) smoothly handles support issues Tickets may be searched using various filters Each user can see all the tickets which he submitted and, if applicable, is responsible for. Status and history are included. A red indicator means that the user needs to respond Tickets may be closed at any time by the issuer

18 Task Management Create a task
Set fields for tasks and add attached files. Trackers monitor the progress of the task Synchronize with Outlook No MS Exchange is required View your tasks and those which you have assigned Task progress Task assigned by User A but not yet accepted by User B

19 Business Processes = Integrated Workflow
Business processes may be based on documents or events and start when prerequisite data is entered into a form. This powerful tool can draw data from virtually any part of the portal and be integrated with other applications Business Processes = Integrated Workflow Draws from Sends to Starting forms Documents User profile data Records from a list External resources via php Approval / Publication Calendar events Tasks notifications Internal messages External outputs via php

20 Business Process Editor
Business processes may be based on documents or events and start when prerequisite data is entered into a form. This powerful tool can draw data from virtually any part of the portal and integrated with other applications Sample: a two-stage approval process for a document to be published Properties determine the targets and specifics of the actions Operations concerning documents, logic, communications and other utilities can be dragged and dropped into the process. No coding skills are required

21 E-Learning A powerful and flexible module allows the importing of SCORM training courses with testing directly into the intranet. Voluntary or mandatory training is easily monitored by supervisors A real intranet training course is included Make training for new employees available in the intranet Add and manage training modules, with any content you like (videos, etc.) Easily connect SCORM-compatible courses A supervisor can check the personal test results of any employee, retake tests if applicable, and improve the training

22 Enterprise Search True enterprise search returns results to which the user has access. MS Office, PDF and Open Office formats are supported, indexing is instant, and additional libraries may be added for other formats. Instant search delivers real-time search tips drawn from intranet content for more effective discovery of data, personnel and expertise . Search covers texts of documents, comments, blogs, tags, forums, tasks, and all other parts of the portal Choose which sections of the portal you wish to search Documents are indexed in real time and available for immediate search Sort by date or relevance

23 Thank You Download our white papers at:
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