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How To Use the PPG Industries Foundation Online Application A Brief Tutorial.

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1 How To Use the PPG Industries Foundation Online Application A Brief Tutorial

2 Log In Page When you click on the URL link you will be taken to the log in page. If you are a new grantee, enter your e-mail address and select the option that you are a new applicant and create a password. If you are an existing grantee or have submitted an application previously, use the URL link you were sent via e-mail, then enter the e-mail address you used when creating an account and enter your password.

3 Account Page If you are an existing grantee, once you have logged in to your account page you will be able to see all applications submitted (submitted) or those in which you have yet to finish (open.)

4 Application- Tax ID Here is where you will enter your US Tax ID. (EIN #)

5 Unrecognized Tax ID You will receive this message if the Tax ID entered was not recognized by the IRS. To enter an application you must have a recognized Tax ID.

6 Eligibility Quiz Once you have entered your Tax ID, you will be prompted to complete the eligibility quiz to ensure that you meet the funding guidelines of PPG Industries Foundation Answer all questions accurately by clicking on the drop down menus

7 Failing the Quiz If your answers to the Eligibility Quiz do not reflect the guidelines of the application, you will fail the quiz and receive this message.

8 Application Page Once you have passed the eligibility quiz, you will be taken to the actual application page(s.) It is here you enter information to complete the application. Note that each required filed in denoted by a red asterisk. Required Field

9 Application Page Parts Continued To navigate to the different pages of the application, click on the page numbers here. To review your application or when youre done, click here. If you want to print your application, click here.

10 Application Page Parts Continued At any time during your application submission, if you wish to save and continue at a later time, click the link Save & Finish Later. When you have completed each field and added all required attachments, click on Review & Submit to review your application before submission. You are also able to make any needed changes.

11 Officer/Director Information This application page is where all Officer/Director contact information at your organization must be entered. The first contacts added should be those with a known relationship to PPG, which you can indicate by the drop down box.

12 Attachments Page Attachment Title. Click on the browse button to search your computer for where the document needing uploading resides. Then click on upload.

13 Application Review When you click on the Review & Submit button, if any of the required fields/documents are missing you will receive this message. The system will then indicate the fields/attachments that are missing and required before submission.

14 Save & Finish When you click on Save & Finish Later this is the page you will see. You will have the ability to log back into your account and continue working on your application. Account Log-In Web Address:

15 After Submission PPG Industries Foundation will review applications on a regular basis. PPG Industries Foundation will contact all grantseekers with proposals of interest. If you do not hear from us, your proposal does not meet the strategic interests of the PPG Industries Foundation. Please direct all questions to Foundation@

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