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ChemOrbis Launch Hyatt Regency, Istanbul April 30, 2001 Mustafa Say.

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1 ChemOrbis Launch Hyatt Regency, Istanbul April 30, 2001 Mustafa Say

2 iLab Holding DigilaneYTMNoktakom TradeOrbis ChemOrbis SteelOrbis OfficeOrbis TextileOrbis FoodOrbis ConstructionOrbis GiftOrbis ServiceOrbis

3 WHY CHEMICALS INDUSTRY Source: Goldman Sachs Forecasted Share of the Internet B2B Economy by Industry in 2004

4 Opportunity in Chemical B2B Market (in $billions) Source: Bank of America Securities LLC estimates

5 Reduce costs of marketing, selling and procurement Reach larger Supplier/Buyer base Better Price Discovery Shorten Business Processes Increase Customer Satisfaction EXPECTATIONS FROM E-MARKETPLACES

6 GE Plastics GE Plastics makes 15-20 % of sales through its site, Polymerland. Enichem Enichem announced its 2001 e-business budget as EURO 2003 million. (Wall Street Journal, 26 April 2001) Bayer Bayer established e-commerce company to shift all its operations to an e- platform. Eastman Chemicals Eastman Chemicals makes strategic investment in Chemconnect in addition to own site. Dow Chemicals Besides its own site, Dow Chemicals is also a founder of Omnexus and a regular user of SciQuest. BASF BASF has an e-business director reporting directly to the CEO and also plans to transfer its operations to an e-platform. Du Pont Du Pont invested in CheMatch and cooperates with various e-marketplaces. B2B IS INEVITABLE (A few examples..)

7 Private e-marketplaces Private e-marketplaces Dow Chemicals GE Polymerland Eastman Chemicals OxyChem(Occidental Chemical Corporation) Public e-marketplaces (Global/Regional) Public e-marketplaces (Global/Regional) Chemconnect CheMatch ChemOrbis Consortia e-marketplaces Omnexus (Dow, Du Pont, BASF, Bayer, DSM, Solvay) Service Provider e-marketplaces Service Provider e-marketplaces Elemica cc-markets/Chemplorer B2B APPLICATIONS

8 Private e-marketplaces Dow GE Polymerland Omnexus Public e-marketplaces Chemconnect Chematch ChemOrbis End-user e-marketplaces Unilever P & G Plastic processors 1 B2B IN THE FUTURE Local offices Agencies Traders Distributors Digitized traditional sales channels 2 4 4 4 4 Service Provider e-marketplaces Elemica Chemplorer Myplant 3

9 2000 20012002 2003 2000 1000 3000 4000 5000 100 Number of E-marketplaces Year THE FUTURE OF E-MARKETPLACES

10 Your needs are our priority Independent thinking and original business models Serious value-added services for users Competitive Long-term approach Knowledge, determination and financial power Continuous product development WHY CHEMORBIS?

11 CHEMORBIS: NEXT STEPS Content New trading models/features Cooperation with other sites Integration of services like finance, logistics and insurance ERP to ERP

12 THANKS ChemOrbis Employees Petkim Industry

13 Lets support ChemOrbis and make it an example worldwide.


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